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Past Examination Question Papers

Past examination question papers are available from 1998 up to and including the most recent completed examination session.

Please ensure that you scroll down to the end of the section as some past examination question papers may be out of sequence.

MCQ past examination question papers are not normally published.

Other papers may be witheld from publication at the request of the school. If you wish to access these papers, you should contact the relevant School.

In the event of a past examination question paper not appearing, please contact the relevant School or email

The past examination question papers system is available both on campus and from outside the UCD domain to current UCD students only.

To access past examination question papers, you must log into SIS Student Web


I am looking for a past exam paper, but when I search for it on the past paper website it says 'No past papers found'?

I am looking for a past exam paper but when I search for it on the past paper website it says 'withheld’?

Are there solutions available to past papers?

I am a UCD Graduate and I would like to access past papers?

Can you send me a copy of a past exam paper?

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