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Grade Approvals Process FAQ (Frequently asked questions for Students)


Provisional Results released will include: Semester GPA and Stage GPA.
Final Approved Results will include: Semester GPA, Stage GPA, and, where applicable, Degree GPA and Award Classification.


What are provisional results?

When will my provisional results be made available?

How do I access my provisional results?

What do I do if a grade is missing for one of my modules?

How do I find contact details for the School or module co-ordinator?

Why can't I see my results on SIS Student Web?

When will the final results be published?

Where can I get an official printed copy of my results?

What if my final published grade is different from my provisional grade?

I would like to view my script for a particular module, what do I need to do?

If I want to appeal any of my grades, how do I go about it?

What do I do if I have failed a module?

I submitted an Extenuating Circumstances application for my exams, how do I know that this was taken into account?

I had Extenuating Circumstances at the time of the examination but I did not submit a form. What should I do?

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The end of semester 1 examinations will take place from Monday, 10 December 2012 until Friday, 21 December 2012 (including Saturday 15 December).

Click here for the end of semester 1 examination timetable

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