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Last updated July 2018

UCD processes your data in a number of ways. Please see our Privacy statement for further details

Rules of the University

Please make yourself familiar with the Rules, Policies and Regulations of University College Dublin and with any further regulations or policies relating to your Programme. Read the Academic Regulations, Student Code & Policies or ask your Programme.
Programmes that lead to a professional qualification and/or licence to practise that require students to undertake practical training in a professional environment with patients, clients or other service users may be subject to the University’s Student Fitness to Practise Policy. Students registered to such programmes should be aware of the policy and their programme’s fitness to practise requirements.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The University is entrusted with students' personal information on the understanding that it is treated in strict confidence. The use of student information is consistent with the teaching, learning, research and administrative functions of the University and is used in an appropriate manner by staff in carrying out their duties relating to the operations and mission of the University. Students' personal information is made available to Colleges and Schools only where such access is appropriate to the process or task in question.
The University processes student information and data generated through individual use of services over the lifespan of the student (admission, registration, assessment and graduation) to deliver and develop specific and shared services. These services are provided by UCD and by outsourced service providers contracted to process data on behalf of the University, such as Blackboard, Google, career service providers, library service providers, targeted communications services.

Your personal email address and SSPR

It is important that you provide a correct personal email address as it will be used to communicate with you when using the Self Service Password Recovery tool (SSPR) in UCD Connect. If you do not wish to allow SSPR to use your personal email address then you must delete it.
You can add, change or delete your personal email address by following these instructions.

Third party disclosures of personal data

In addition to cases where UCD is by law required or permitted to disclose your details to others, third party disclosure may take place to:

Protecting your personal data

UCD login credentials (eg usernames and passwords) are provided to you for your own information. You are responsible for all activity originating from your login credentials. In order to enable the University to treat your information in confidence please ensure that you:
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