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Dr Lorraine Brennan

Dr Brennan is developing metabolmics/metabonomics approaches to investigate drug action, disease state, novel biomarkers and nutrition. She uses 1H NMR, LC-MS, multivariate data analysis and flux analysis using 13C tracer molecules.

Dr Giuliano Elia

Dr Elia's research centers on the identification of molecular targets for novel therapeutic approaches in cancer and other pathologies by functional genomics and also the development of new high-throughput proteomic methodologies.

Dr Carmel Hensey

Dr Carmel Hensey's research focuses on embryonic development in the vertebrate model Xenopus laevis. Her studies on gene function focus on aspects of cell cycle regulation and checkpoints, activation of a developmental checkpoint activation, in addition to organogenesis.

Dr Jane Irwin

Dr Irwin's research focuses on the secretion of glycosidases by cells and their function in mucin degradation as this applies to the adhesion of microorganisms to mucosal surfaces.

Dr Monica Mihm

Dr Mihm's research interests are in dominant follicle maturation in heifers and postpartum cows. She uses functional genomics techniques (microarray, SAGE and siRNA in cell culture systems) combined with in vivo animal models to study follicle cell differentiation and the relationship of dominant follicle function with oocyte health/fertility.

Dr Colm Reid

Dr Reid's research interests are focused on developing platform in vitro expression systems for epithelial mucins for the study of mucins in defensive mucosal barriers and microbial binding, for the processing and secretion of mucins.

Prof Pauline Rudd

The scope of Prof Rudd's research group includes development of robust glycotechnology for quantative, detailed structural N- and O-glycan analysis, modulation of IgG glycosylation and glycosylation changes in diseases.