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Principal Investigators

Prof Alexander Evans (Director)

Professor Evans is currently the Director of the Reproductive Biology Research Cluster.Professor Evans' research focuses on ovarian follicle development and consequences for fertility. Studies involve whole animal models, in vitro cell culture and numerous laboratory measurements including microarray analysis of gene expression.

Prof Pat Lonergan

Prof Lonergan has an extensive research programme in in vivo and in vitro production of bovine embryos. He is particularly interested in gene expression in the oocyte and embryo and consequences for development and establishment of pregnancy.

Prof Mark Crowe

Prof Crowe's research interests are in reproductive endocrinlogy, stress physiology and the roles of the uterus and ovaries in the regulation of fertility in cattle. He has a particular interest in the development of laboratory assays for endocrine hormones in domestic farm animals.

Prof Stephen Carrington

Prof Carrington is Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and conducts research in epithelial mucin biosynthesis and turnover. He is particularly interested in the composition and barrier functions of mucins in epithelial pathologies and host pathogen interactions.

Dr Trudee Fair

Dr Fair's interests are in morphological, genomic and proteomic analysis of mammalian oocyte growth and their aquisition of developmental competence. She is also interested in early preimplantation embryo development and has practical skills in molecular and cell biology techniques.

Prof Michael Diskin

Dr Diskin's interests are on nutrition and cattle reproduction including embryo mortality, embryo evaluation and embryo transfer. His specific skills are in the areas of endocrinology and physiology, and in statisitcal analysis and data modeling.

Prof Brendan Loftus

Prof Loftus is an expert in comparative genomics, systems biology and the study of networks in host-pathogen interactions. He worked for 9 years in one of the worlds foremost genome institutes, The Institute for Genome Research (TIGR), Maryland, USA and Prof Loftus has an excellent track record in the area of genomics and bioinformatics in general and has published papers on diverse topics including human, microbial parasites, fungal and vector genomics.

Prof James Roche

Prof Roche is well recognised for his research on follicular development, anoestrus, the control of ovulation and reproductive efficiency with particular emphasis on the post partum period in cattle.

Prof Maurice Boland

Prof Boland's research focuses on fertility in cattle and sheep using well established in vivo and in vitro models of embryo development and survival. His interest is to understand better the components that contribute to high embryo/foetal losses in farm animals.