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Solving the Problem

Solving the Problem Low fertility is caused by a range of different conditions including poor expression and detection of heat, mistiming of insemination, poor egg and embryo quality, and an inadequate uterine environment preventing the establishment of pregnancy.

The RBRC is focused on investigating specific aspects of female infertility primarily concentrating on events in the days immediately before and after fertilization.

The overall objective is to identify molecules (e.g. genes, proteins and metabolites) in ovarianfollicles, oocytes, embryos and the cervix and uterus that are responsible for, or are markers of, infertility.This is achieved by using established large animals of fertility/infertility, in vitro cell culture techniques and the latest technological advances in the biosciences to study the structure and function of complex molecules. In cooperation with our industrial partners, the knowledge generated will provide opportunities to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics to improve reproductive efficiency in cattle.

These studies are directed at solving infertility problems in cattle but the results will also form the basis for new applications for assisted human reproduction.

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