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Conor O'Reilly

Associate Professor

School Of Agriculture & Food Science
Agriculture and Food Science
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167191


2004- Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin

1995-2004 Lecturer, University College Dublin



Book Chapters

Colombo, S. J., Menzies, M.I., and O'Reilly, C.; (2001) 'Influence of nursery cultural practices on cold hardiness of coniferous forest tree seedlings' In: Bigras, F.J. and Colombo, S.J (eds). Conifer Cold Hardiness. , pp.223-252 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

De Atrip, N. & O'Reilly, C. ; (2006) 'Effect of seed coverings and seed pretreatments on the germination response of Alnus glutinosa and Betula pubescens seeds'. European Journal of Forest Research, 36 :749-760. [Details]
O'Reilly, C., Doody, C., Morrissey, N., Özbingöl, N. O'Leary, D. & Thompson, B.; (2005) 'Birch seedlings can be grown to plantable size in one year using cloches in the nursery'. IRISH FORESTRY, 62 :35-43. [Details]
Doody, P. & O'Reilly, C. ; (2005) 'Effect of moist prechilling and priming treatments on the germination of Douglas-fir and noble fir seeds'. SEED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 33 :63-76. [Details]
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O' Reilly, C., C.P. Harper, and M. Keane; (2001) 'The field performance of bare-root stock compared with container stock of western hemlock and western red cedar under Irish conditions'. Irish Forestry, 58 :15-29. [Details]
O'Reilly, C., C.P. Harper, N. McCarthy, and M. Keane.; (2001) 'Seasonal changes in physiological status, cold storage tolerance and field performance of hybrid larch seedlings in Ireland'. Forestry, (74):407-421. [Details]
O' Reilly, C, N.McCarthy, M. Keane and C. Harper; (2000) 'Proposed dates for lifting Sitka spruce planting stock for fresh planting or cold storage, based on physiological indicators'. New Forests, (19):117-141. [Details]
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Harper, C.P. and O'Reilly, C. ; (2000) 'Effect of warm storage and date of lifting on the quality of Douglas fir'. NEW FORESTS, 20 :1-13. [Details]
Harper, C.P., and C. O'Reilly; (2000) 'Effect of warm storage and date of lifting on the quality of Douglas-fir seedlings'. New Forests, 20 :1-13. [Details]


Research Interests

Applied aspects of tree physiology and tree improvement - plant handling and storage practices on forest planting stock quality.
Seed biology- seed dormancy and implications for handling and storage.
Physiological basis of tree vigour, mostly from tree breeding viewpoint.



Internal Collaborators

Dr Kevin Black

Dr Paul McCabe

External Collaborators

Coillte Teo., Tree improvement and nurseries sections

FERS, Forest Environmental Research & Services Ltd.   

Prof Douglass Jacobs, Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center,Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, Indiana, USA.


Prof. Anders Mattsson, Dalarna University, Sweden