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Andrew McCullagh

Postdoc Research Fellow Lvl Ii

School Of Agriculture & Food Science
Agriculture and Food Science
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167360


My interests are forestry, mathematics and data.

Working as a post doc researcher, producing forecast models for forestry using python and R and working with different kinds of data could not make me happier.

Originally studying maths, I obtained several years of experience in the financial sector. Developing an interest in forestry, I worked as a tree surgeon before moving to Scotland to obtain an MSc in Forestry.



Peer Reviewed Journals

McCullagh, A; Nieuwenhuis, M (2015) 'Review of tools for growth forecasting and productivity assessment in forestry in Ireland'. Irish Forestry, 72 :78-86. [Details]
McCullagh, A; Black, K; Nieuwenhuis, M (2017) 'Evaluation of tree and stand-level growth models using national forest inventory data'. European Journal of Forest Research, 136 (2):251-28. [DOI] [Details]
McCullagh, A; Hawkins, M; Broad, L; Nieuwenhuis, M (2013) 'A comparison of two yield forecasting methods used in Ireland'. Irish Forestry, 70 :7-17. [Details]


Research Interests

My PhD was in the area of growth models for Irish forestry. Working on dynamic state space models I investigated their applicability to mixed species stands.

I am currently working as a post doctoral researcher and continuing to develop these models using National Forest Inventory data while also refining the single tree models behind the carbon reporting software Carbware.




External Collaborators

Dr Kevin Black, FERS Ltd
Dr Jennifer Grace, SCION, New Zealand
Dr Lance Broad, Technical Forestry Services, New Zealand