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Chenguang (Franci) Li


School Of Agriculture & Food Science
Agriculture and Food Science
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167765


Dr. Li grew up in China and has a BS degree in Investment Economics. She had worked in commercial banking and international economic consulting for six years before pursuing advanced degree (MA and Ph.D.) in Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Li has expertise in applied microeconomics, industrial organization, and agribusiness marketing. She is interested in the research of explaining the market structure and behavior mechanism for agricultural and food product, international food marketing, retail pricing behaviors, etc. She currently teaches International Food Marketing at UCD. 

Besides research and teaching, Dr. Li has interests in tennis, horse-riding, contemporary dancing, and cooking. Having lived in different cultural environments, Dr. Li enjoys and values very much the active interactions with people from different backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2013.
Title: Outstanding Journal Article Award
Year: 2010.
Title: Gordon A. King Outstanding Dissertation Award
Year: 2009.
Title: International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) Travel Grant
Year: 2009.
Title: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Travel Grant
Year: 2008.
Title: Jastro and Shields Research Scholarship


Association: International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) , Function/Role: member
Association: American Economics Association (AEA), Function/Role: Member
Association: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Function/Role: member


Committee : Agriculture & Food Science Internationalisation Group (AFIG)


Year 2010 Institution: University of California, Davis
Qualification: Ph.D. Subject: Agricultural Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Year 2005 Institution: Uni of California, Davis, CA
Qualification: MS Subject:
Year 1996 Institution: Ren Min University of China
Qualification: BA Subject:



Other Activities

Professional Training:
  • 2014, July, Cambridge, UK
  1. Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Time Series Modeling and Analysis
  • 2014, September, Cambridge, UK
  1. NonLinear Models
EU project collaboration:
Erasmus+ Strategy Partnership: Mobilizing Agro-Food Expertise

Ireland project:
China Dairy Consumer Study; SFI subaward under the ISCA (Int. Strategic Collaboration Award) scheme




Peer Reviewed Journals

Richard Volpe, Chenguang Li (2012) 'On the Frequency, Depth, and Duration of Sales at High¿Low Pricing Supermarkets'. Agribusiness, . [Details]
Chenguang Li, Richard Sexton (2013) 'Grocery-Retailer Pricing Behavior with Implications for Farmer Welfare'. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (JARE), . [Details]

Conference Publications

Chenguang Li, Richard Volpe (2014) New Categorization of Retailer Pricing Behavior Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference Paris, , 09-APR-14 - 11-APR-14 [Details]
Chenguang Li, Richard Volpe (2013) What Do We Know about Retailer Pricing Behaviors Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland (AESI) [Details]
Chenguang Li, Richard Volpe (2013) Retail Pricing Patterns and Driving Factors of Price Variation Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference [Details]
Chenguang Li and Richard Sexton (2009) Retail Pricing Behavior for Produce Products in the US with Implications for Farmer Welfare Agricultural & Applied Economics Association & ACCI Joint Annual Meeting [Details]
(2009) Impacts of Retailers¿ Pricing Strategies for Produce Commodities on Farmer Welfare International Association of Agricultural Economists Annual Conference [Details]


Junfei Bai, Chenguang Li (2015) Chinese consumer dairy consumption and purchasing habits. Reports [Details]

Research Papers

Chenguang Li, Richard Volpe (2015) Driving Factors of Retail Price Variation: Evidence from Agricultural Products. Research Papers [Details]
Cian Keogh; Chenguang Li; Zhifeng Gao (2015) Evolving Consumer Trend for Whey Protein Sports Supplements. Research Papers [Details]
Zhifeng Gao; Chenguang Li; Junfei Bai (2015) Chinese Consumers' Quality Perception and Preference of Sustainable Food. Research Papers [Details]
Liran Christine Shan; Áine Regan; Frank J Monahan; Chenguang Li; Celine Murrin; Fiona Lalor; Patrick Wall; Áine McConnon (2015) Consumer Views on Healthier Processed Meat. Research Papers [Details]


Research Interests

My current research interests include, but not limited to, the following:
1. Retail pricing strategies for food products and their implication to consumer welfare and producer welfare.
2. Consumer behavior, attitude, and WTP for food and agricultural products
3. Vertical market structure, innovative marketing channel, and their application to international food marketing.
4. Food safety issue, marketing innovation, and food exporting in China

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Chenguang Li start up Grant
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUL-14 / 31-DEC-15


Teaching Philosophy

Modules Coordinated

201500   AERD40020     Agribus Extension & Rural Dev: International Food Marketing
201500   AERD20060     Agribus Extension & Rural Dev: Food & Agribusiness Marketing
201500   FDSC40570     Food Science: Food Marketing (O/L)



External Collaborators

Richard Sexton
Professor, Department Chair
Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Davis 

Richard (Ricky) Volpe

research economist in the Food Markets Branch of the Food Economics Division.
United States Department of Agriculture, Economics Research Services
Zhifeng Gao 
Associate Professor
Food and Resource Economics Department,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Junfei Bai

College of Economics & Management
China Agricultural University
Beijing, China