Researchers at UCD


Fiona Lalor

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl I

School Of Public Hlth, Physio & Pop Sc
Woodview House
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7163431


Fiona joined the National Nutrition Surveillance Centre in the School of Public Health and Population Science in February 2007.  Prior to that she worked as Regulatory Affairs Manager for Food and Drink Industry Ireland in IBEC, representing the interests of the food and drink manufacturing industry to government, media, state agencies etc. Before that, Fiona worked as a Technical Executive for the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. While there, she worked in the division responsible for nutrition, genetically modified foods, and general food safety. 




Committee : NSAI¿s Food Industry Standards Committee (FISC)
Committee : Food Safety Authority¿s Food Safety Consultative Council
Committee : Department of Agriculture¿s Irish Codex Advisory Committee
Committee : National Obesity Task Force
Committee : Food and Drink Industry Ireland¿s Technical and Legislation Committee
Committee : FDII¿s Consumer Complaints Group
Committee : Petfood Manufacturers Association of Ireland (PFMAI)




Research Interests

Fiona's principle area of research interest is functional foods.  Her current work is a study looking at the existence of functional foods or products with nutrition and health claims, on the Irish retail market.  She is exploring the reactions or interpretations of consumers to these claims with a view to ascertaining what claims consumers are most likely to accept and what is likely to influence their intention to buy these products.  Given the nature of these products and their potential to affect health, this project will also be exploring the views and opinions of health professionals.
This project will address the following questions:

Nutrition and Health Claims
Can functional foods help consumers' have better diets?
Prevalence of nutrition and health claims on the marketplace
Consumers' views of Nutrition and Health Claims - qualitative and quantitative work