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Dr. Karen Keaveney is a Lecturer in Rural Development in the School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin (since March 2014). Previously, Karen was Lecturer in Rural Spatial Planning in the Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning (ISEP) in the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen¿s University Belfast. She has held a number of visiting appointments internationally, including Visiting Research Fellow in the Joint Centre for Housing Studies, Harvard University, and Visiting Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Toronto. She has been a member of both the Social Science and Geographical Sciences Committees in the Royal Irish Academy. She is a qualified Urban and Regional Planner (UCD) with an undergraduate degree in Human and Physical Geography (NUI Galway) and PhD in Geography (NUIM).

Karen¿s key areas of interest are rural planning, rural housing and rural development. She has expertise in local decision-making and governance, rural power relations and socio-economic change in the countryside. Her publications and research include the areas of policy responses to rural change, cross-border and inter-jurisdictional planning, local government reform, and planning on the island of Ireland.



Book Chapters

Murtagh, B; Murray, M; Keaveney, K (2007) 'Participatory citizenship through cultural dialogue' In: Neill, WJV; Schwedler, HU (eds). Cultural Inclusion in the European City. London: Palgrave. [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Kitchin, R; O'Callaghan, C; Gleeson, J; Keaveney, K; Boyle, M (2012) 'Placing neoliberalism: the rise and fall of Ireland's Celtic Tiger'. Environment and Planning A, 44 (6):1302-1326. [Details]
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Murtagh, B; Keaveney, K (2006) 'Policy and conflict transformation in the ethnocratic city'. Space and Polity, 10 (2):187-202. [Details]

Other Journals

Keaveney, K (2012) 'Two Systems ¿ One Island: Examining the Linkages between Housing, Data and Planning on the Island of Ireland' Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning on the Island of Ireland . [Details]
Creamer, C; Keaveney, K; Blair, N; Driscoll, J (2011) 'Governance and Planning Reform: Implications, If Any, For Inter-Jurisdictional Planning on the Island of Ireland' Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning on the Island of Ireland . [Details]
Keaveney, Karen (2011) 'Reflection: Delving into the Relationship Between Planning and Housing in Ireland' Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning on the Island of Ireland 1 (1) :85-88. [Details]

Published Reports

Peel, D; O'Keeffe, B; Shi, L; Leith, K; Keaveney, K (2012) Shared Services Across Local Government: Sharing International Experiences. ICLRD, Armagh. [Details]
Kitchin, R; Gleeson, J; Keaveney, K; O'Callaghan, C (2010) A haunted landscape: housing and ghost estates in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. NIRSA, NUIM, Maynooth. [Details]
Creamer, C; Keaveney, K; Blair, N; Driscoll, J (2010) All Change But Any Alignment? The Impact of the Proposed Governance and Planning ReformsAcross the Island of Ireland on Inter-Jurisdictional Planning. ICLRD, Armagh. [Details]
Creamer, C; Blair, N; O'Keeffe, B; Keaveney, K; Driscoll, J (2009) Rural Restructuring: Local Sustainable Solutions to the Rural Challenge. ICLRD, Armagh. [Details]
Keaveney, Karen, Duffy, Patrick J, Walsh, Jim, Pitts, Eamonn (2007) Contested Ruralities: Housing in the Irish Countryside. Teagasc, . [Details]