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Monica Gorman

Lecturer In Agricultural Extension and Innovation

School of Agriculture & Food Science

Tel: +353 1 7167768


Dr Monica Gorman is lecturer in Agricultural Extension and Innovation in the School of Agriculture and Food Science since September 2013. From a farming background in Co Wicklow, Dr Gorman has held senior management roles for a range of organisations in Ireland and in Africa including Oxfam, Self Help Africa, APSO, IUCN, Irish Aid and Concern Worldwide. She has done extensive consultancy work for a range of clients in the area of rural development, adult education, communcations and organisational change management.




Association: Member of the Agricultural Science Association, Function/Role: *

Conference Contributions

Gorman, M.; J. Mannion, J. Kinsella, S. Wilson, and D. O'Connor; (2002) The Socio-Economic Impact of Rural Development on Farm Households. [Oral Presentation], Agricultural Economics Society, 2002, * , 13-MAY-02.
Gorman, M. and D. O'Connor; `Ireland's Overseas Aid Programme and Agenda 21'2002. [N/A], *, * .
O'Connor, D., M. Gorman and J. Mannion () -.; Environmental Management and Farm Household Livelihoods. [Oral Presentation], 2002 `- Contribution of the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme (REPS) and Organic Agriculture in Ireland', * .


Employer: Oxfam
Position: Country Director Tanzania
Employer: Self Help Africa
Position: Programme Manager
Employer: Natural Resources for Concern Sudan
Position: Field Officer
Employer: Ireland Aid
Position: Rural Development Advisor
Employer: IUCN
Position: Community Development Adviser
Employer: APSO (Agency for Personal Service Overseas), Ireland
Position: Training Officer
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Research Assistant
Employer: Concern
Position: Project Manager


Year 1995 Institution: UCD
Qualification: PhD Subject: --none--
Year 1989 Institution:
Qualification: MAgrSc Subject:
Year 1987 Institution:
Qualification: BAgrSc Subject:



O Connor, D,. Gorman, M., Renting, H. and Kinsella, J. (eds) (pp. 152); (2006) Driving Rural Development: Policy and Practice in Seven EU Countries. Assen:: Van Gorcum. [Details]

Book Chapters

Gorman, M., J. Mannion and J. Kinsella; (2002) '`Agri-tourism in Ireland: Ballyhoura Area of South West Ireland'' In: J.D. van der Ploeg, A. Long and J. banks (eds), Elsevier (eds). Living Countrysides: Rural Development Processes in Europe - the State of the Art. , pp.30-31 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Mannion, J., M. Gorman, and J. Kinsella; (2001) '`Connecting Farming, the Environment and Society: A Living Countryside Perspective''. The Irish Journal of Agri-Environmental Research, 1 (1):11-18. [Details]
Gorman, M., J. Mannion, J. Kinsella and P. Bogue; (2001) '`Connecting Environ- mental Management and Farm Household Livelihoods: The Rural Environment Protection Scheme''. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 3 (2):137-148. [Details]


Research Interests

Agricultural Extension and Innovation - Rural Development Policy - Rural communications - Gender issues in rural development