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Olga Grant

Research Manager

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering



Following a PhD in Plant Biology, I obtained extensive further research experience in universities and both public and private research institutes, in several European countries. I investigated ecophysiology and genetics of both crops and natural vegetation. My experience includes managing a team of staff and students, supervising or contributing to the supervision of many students, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and visiting students, and leading several projects. I now support the research teams led by Professor Madeleine Lowery (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and Professor Lorraine Brennan (Food Science).


Honours and Awards

Year: 2010.
Title: Marie Curie intra-European fellowship
Year: 1997.
Title: University of Leeds Scholarship for postgraduate studies


Association: Society of Experimental Biology, Function/Role: Member
Association: Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology, Function/Role: Member
Association: Marie Curie Fellows Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: Environmental Science Association of Ireland, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Olga M. Grant; David Thompson; Conor O'Reilly (2015) Contrasting ecophysiology and growth of genetically diverse Sitka spruce seedlings grown under limited vs. optimal water availabiity. [Oral Presentation], Advances in Genetic Resources Management for an Uncertain Future, University of Washington, Seattle , 23-JUN-15 - 24-JUN-15.
Glombik, P; Grant, O.M.; O'Reilly, C. (2015) Juvenile vigour of diverse Sitka spruce fullsibling families in a changing environment. [Oral Presentation], IPSAM 2015, Maynooth , 11-MAY-15 - 12-JUL-15.
Glombik, P.; Grant, O.M.; O'Reilly, C. (2014) Growth characteristics of improved Sitka spruce seedlings and implications for early selection and tree breeding. [Poster Presentation], Science & Solutions for a Sustainable Environment, Dublin , 11-DEC-14 - 12-DEC-14.
Donnelly, L.; Grant, O.M.; Thompson, D; O'Reilly, C. (2014) Can Advanced Selection of Elite Genotypes Lead to More Sustainable Forestry?. [Poster Presentation], Science and Solutions for a Sustainable Environment Conference 2014, Dublin , 11-DEC-14 - 12-DEC-14.
Lynch, T.M.H.; Grant, O.M.; Dix, P.J.; Barth, S. (2014) Detecting differences in stomatal conductance of perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne using thermal imaging. [Poster Presentation], Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO Congress, Dublin , 22-JUN-14 - 26-JUN-14.
Sevillano, I.; Short, I.; O'Reilly, C.; Grant, O.M. (2014) Physiological responses of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus robur seedlings to light intensity. [Poster Presentation], Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO 2014 Congress, Dublin , 22-JUN-14 - 26-JUN-14.
Grant, O.M.; Thompson, D.; O'Reilly, C. (2014) Interaction of genetic origin and water availability on growth and physiology of young Sitka spruce [Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr]. [Oral Presentation], IPSAM 2014, University College Cork , 28-APR-14 - 29-APR-14.
Donnelly, L.; Grant, O.; Thompson, D; O'Reilly, C. (2014) Growth and biomass allocation patterns of eight young Sitka spruce clones. [Poster Presentation], IPSAM 2014, University College Cork , 28-APR-14 - 29-APR-14.
Glombik, P.; O'Reilly, C.; Grant, O.M. (2013) A practical approach to assess early selection traits in forestry, using image analysis and MatLab. [Poster Presentation], UKPPN Photo-phenotyping workshop, Essex , 16-DEC-13 - 17-DEC-13.
Grant, OM; O'Reilly, C; Thompson, D (2013) Genetic and environmental impacts on vigour in Sitka Spruce seedlings. [Oral Presentation], Plant Environmental Physiology Group Annual Symposium, Manchester , 09-SEP-13 - 10-SEP-13.
Grant, OM; Glombik, P; Thompson, D; O'Reilly, C (2013) Determinants of variation in late season growth in genetically diverse Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis). [Oral Presentation], IPSAM 2013, Galway , 16-MAY-13 - 17-MAY-13.
Grant, O.M. (2012) Thermography in viticulture. [Invited Oral Presentation], XII EAT Congress on Thermology, Porto , 05-SEP-12 - 08-SEP-12.
Grant, OM; Brennan, DP; Dix, PJ (2012) Environmental stress tolerance of tobacco chloroplast transformants with enhanced reactive oxygen species scavenging capacity. [Oral Presentation], IPSAM 2012, Dublin , 03-APR-12 - 05-APR-12.
Lynch, T.M.H.; Barth, S.; Charron, L.; Dix, P.J.; Grant, O.M. (2012) Detecting drought stress with thermal imaging in perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne L. genotypes. [Poster Presentation], Ecophysiology Techniques Workshop, Lisbon , 10-SEP-12 - 15-SEP-12.
Grant, OM; Le Martret, B; Poage, M; Dix, PJ (2011) Altered tolerance of high and low temperatures in tobacco chloroplast transformants expressing genes encoding key enzymes involved in scavenging reactive oxygen species. [Oral Presentation], Life in Extreme Environments, Dublin , 18-OCT-11 - 20-OCT-12.
Kajaste, TMH; Barth, S; Dix, PJ; Grogan, D; Grant, OM (2012) Utility of digital imaging in perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne for ground coverage assessments. [Poster Presentation], IPSAM 2012, Dublin , 03-APR-12 - 05-APR-12.
Grant, OM; Ochagavía, H; Baluja, J; Diago, MP; Tardáguila J (2011) Towards aerial thermal imaging for irrigation scheduling. [Oral Presentation], IPSAM 2011, Belfast , 07-JUN-11 - 09-JUN-11.
Surbanovski, N; Grant, OM; Sargent, DJ; Zhang, H (2010) PIP aquaporins and drought stress response of Fragaria vesca. [Oral Presentation], 5th International Rosaceae Genomics Conference, Cape Town , 14-NOV-10 - 17-NOV-10.
Grant, OM; Johnson, AW; Davies, MJ; Sargent, DJ; Simpson, DW (2010) Towards identification of quantitative trait loci associated with water use efficiency of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa). [Poster Presentation], 28th International Horticultural Congress, Lisbon , 22-AUG-10 - 27-AUG-10.
Grant, OM; Davies, MJ; Longbottom, H; Harrison-Murray R (2009) A generic system for establishing crop coefficients across a wide range of hardy nursery stock. [Oral Presentation], VI International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops, Viña del Mar , 02-NOV-10 - 06-NOV-10.
Grant, OM (2008) Thermal imaging in precision irrigation. [Invited Oral Presentation], First International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe, Vienna , 17-FEB-08 - 20-FEB-08.
Tronina, L; Grant, OM; Ortuno, MF; Chaves, MM (2006) Establishing correlations between thermal imaging results and meteorological-ecophysiological variables in a Quercus suber L. stand. [Poster Presentation], SEB Annual Meeting, Canterbury , 04-APR-06 - 07-APR-06.
Grant, OM; Johnson, AW; Simpson, DW (2008) Responses of ten commercial strawberry cultivars to water deficit. [Oral Presentation], Resource Capture by Crops: Integrated Approach, Sutton Bonnington , 10-SEP-08 - 12-SEP-08.
Surbanovski, N; Zhang, H; Grant OM (2008) Establishing a system for monitoring aquaporin expression under drought in strawberry (Fragaria spp). [Poster Presentation], Plants for Life, Toulon , 22-JUN-08 - 26-JUN-08.
Grant, O; Tronina, L; Jones, H; Chaves, MM (2006) Thermal imaging successfully detects stress-related differences between grapevine canopies receiving different irrigation regimes. [Invited Oral Presentation], SEB Annual Meeting, Canterbury , 04-APR-06 - 07-APR-06.
Jones, H; Leinonen, I; Theobold, J; Tagliavia, C; Loveys, B; Grant, O (2006) Dynamic thermal imaging for estimating leaf and boundary layer conductances. [Oral Presentation], SEB Annual Meeting, Canterbury , 04-APR-06 - 07-APR-06.
Ortuño, MF; Costa, JM; Grant, OM; Santos, T; Rodrigues, ML; Lopes, C; Chaves, MM (2006) Stomatal and non-stomatal limitations of photosynthesis in Vitis vinifera growing under different water deficit irrigation regimes. [Poster Presentation], FESPB Congress, Lyon , 07-AUG-06 - 11-AUG-06.
Leinonen, I; Jones, HG; Grant, OM; Tronina, L; Chaves, MM; Tagliavia, CPP (2005) Uncertainty analysis of infrared imagery-based stomatal conductance estimation. [Oral Presentation], SEB Annual Meeting, Barcelona , 11-JUL-05 - 15-JUL-05.
Tronina, L; Grant, OM; Vale, RL; Almeida, P; Ramalho, JC; Chaves, MM (2005) Multivariable approach to monitoring stress in cork oak stands. [Poster Presentation], Interdrought II, Rome , 26-SEP-05 - 30-SEP-05.
Grant, OM; Chaves, MM (2004) Investigating the potential of thermal imaging in monitoring stress in grapevines. [Oral Presentation], 7th international symposium on grapevine physiology and biotechnology, Davis , 21-JUN-04 - 25-JUN-04.
Grant, OM; Tronina, L; Chaves MM (2004) Investigating the potential of thermal imaging in monitoring stress in crops and ecosystems. [Oral Presentation], SEB Annual Meeting, Edinburgh , 09-MAR-04 - 12-MAR-04.
Tronina, L; Grant, OM; Ramalho, JC; Chaves, MM (2004) Use of thermal imaging techniques and xanthophylls content for determination of stress in cork oak (Quercus suber L.). [Poster Presentation], FESPB Congress, Krakow , 06-JUL-04 - 09-JUL-04.
Jones, HG; Grant, O; Stoll, M; de Sousa, C; Santos, T; Chaves, MM (2002) Thermal imaging for the study of plant stress and stomatal closure. [Oral Presentation], European Workshop on Environmental Stress and Sustainable Agriculture, Varna , 07-SEP-02 - 12-SEP-02.
Grant, OM; Incoll, LD; McNeilly T (1999) Ecophysiology of Cistus albidus populations along a climatic gradient. [Poster Presentation], British Ecological Society winter meeting, Leeds , 13-DEC-99 - 17-DEC-99.


Committee : COST Action FA1306 (The quest for tolerant varieties - phenotyping at plant and cellular level)
Committee : COST Action FP1106 (Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS)


Employer: University of Dundee
Position: Post-doctoral research assistant
Employer: Instituto de Tecnología Química e Biológica
Position: Post-doctoral research fellow
Employer: East Malling Research
Position: Applied plant scientist
Employer: NUI Maynooth
Position: Marie Curie research fellow
Employer: UCD
Position: Research Fellow


Year 2001 Institution: University of Leeds
Qualification: PhD Subject: PhD in Plant Sciences, Dept of Biology



Journals Edited

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America: Reviewer.
Journal Of Experimental Botany: Reviewer.
Plos One: Reviewer.
Annals Of Botany: Reviewer.
Agricultural And Forest Meteorology: Reviewer.
Environmental And Experimental Botany: Reviewer.
Physiologia Plantarum: Reviewer.
Functional Plant Biology: Reviewer.
Irrigation Science: Reviewer.
Sensors: Reviewer.
Agricultural Water Management: Reviewer.
Plant Physiology And Biochemistry: Reviewer.
Photosynthetica: Reviewer.
Acta Horticulturae: Reviewer.

Other Activities

Current research student supervision

Co-supervisor of Tiina Lynch, Teagasc and NUI Maynooth.

On supervisory panel of Phillip Glombik and Liam Donnelly, UCD Forestry.
Was on supervisory panel of Niall O'Neill, Teagasc and UCD Forestry, who obtained his MSc in 2014.




Book Chapters

Jones, H.G.; Grant, O.M. (2015) 'Remote sensing and other imaging technologies to monitor grapevine performance' In: Gerós, H.; Chaves, M.M.; Medrano, H.; Delrot, S (eds). Grapevine under environmental stress: from ecophysiology to molecular mechanisms. Hoboken, New Jersey, USA: Wiley-Blackwell. , pp.179-201 [Details]
Grant, OM; Surbanovski, N. (2014) 'The emerging role of aquaporins in plant tolerance of abiotic stress' In: Ahmad, P.; Rasool, S (eds). Emerging Technologies and management of crop stress tolerance Volume II A sustainable approach. Amsterdam: Elsevier. , pp.431-447 [DOI] [Details]
Grant, OM (2013) 'Measuring evapotranspiration of hardy ornamental nursery stock: a hurdle for irrigation management' In: Er-Raki, S (eds). Evapotranspiration: processes, sources and environmental implications. New York: Nova Publishers. , pp.49-72 Link to full text [Details]
Grant, OM (2012) 'Understanding and exploiting the impact of drought stress on plant physiology' In: Ahmad P, Prasad MNV (eds). Abiotic stress responses in plants: metabolism, productivity and sustainability. New York: Springer Science+Business Media. , pp.89-104 [DOI] [Details]
Costa, JM; Grant, OM; Chaves, MM (2010) 'Use of thermal imaging in viticulture: current application and future prospects' In: Delrot, S; Medrano, H; Or, E; Bavaresco, L; Grando, S (eds). Methodologies and Results in Grapevine Research. New York: Springer. , pp.135-150 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Grant, O.M.; O'Reilly, C. (2017) 'Impact of genetic variation and long-term limited water availability on the ecophysiology of young Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.)'. Tree Physiology, 37 (4):536-549. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Donnelly, L.; Grant, O.M.; O'Reilly, C. (2017) 'Effect of deployment-type on stem growth, biomass partitioning and crown characteristics of juvenile Sitka spruce clones'. Silva Fennica, 51 (1):i.d. 1714. [DOI] [Details]
Donnelly, L.; Jagodzinski A.M.; Grant O.M.; O'Reilly, C. (2016) 'Above- and below-ground biomass partitioning and fine root morphology in juvenile Sitka spruce clones in monoclonal and polyclonal mixtures'. Forest Ecology and Management, 373 :17-25. [DOI] [Details]
Davies, M.; Harrison-Murray, R.; Atkinson, C.J.; Grant, O.M. (2016) 'Application of deficit irrigation to container-grown hardy ornamental nursery stock via overhead irrigation, compared to drip irrigation'. Agricultural Water Management, 163 :244-254. [DOI] [Details]
Grant, O.M.; Ochagavía, H.; Baluja, J.; Diago, M.P., Tardáguila, J. (2016) 'Thermal imaging to detect spatial and temporal variation in water status of grapevine'. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, 91 (1):44-55. [DOI] [Details]
Lynch, T.M.H.; Barth, S.; Dix, P.; Grogan, D.; Grant, J.; Grant, O.M. (2015) 'Ground cover assessment of perennial ryegrass using digital imaging'. Agronomy Journal, 107 :2347-2352. [DOI] [Details]
Glombik, P.; O'Reilly, C.; Grant, O.M. (2015) 'Early-height variation between full-sibling families of Sitka spruce growing in Ireland'. Irish Forestry, 72 :139-149. [Details]
Grant, O.M.; Tronina, L.; García-Plazaola, F.I.; Esteban, R.; Santos Pereira, J.; Chaves, M.M. (2015) 'Resilience of a semi-deciduous shrub, Cistus salvifolius, to severe summer drought and heat stress'. Functional Plant Biology, 42 :219-228. [DOI] [Details]
Grant, O.M.; Brennan, D.P.; Mellisho Salas, C.D.; Dix, P.J. (2014) 'Impact of enhanced capacity to scavenge reactive oxygen species on cold tolerance of tobacco'. International Journal Of Plant Sciences, 175 (5):544-554. [Details]
Kurz Besson, C; Lobo-do-Vale, R; Rodrigues, ML; Almeida, P; Herd, A; Grant, OM; David, TS; Schmidt, M; Otieno, D; Keenan, TF; Gouveia, C; Mériaux, C; Chaves, MM; Pereira, JS (2014) 'Cork oak physiological responses to manipulation water availability in a Mediterranean woodland'. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 184 :230-242. [Details]
Surbanovski, N; Sargent; DJ; Else, MAE; Simpson, DW; Zhang, H; Grant OM (2013) 'Expression of Fragaria vesca PIP aquaporins in response to drought stress: PIP down-regulation correlates with the decline in substrate moisture content'. PLoS ONE, 8 (9):e74945. [Details]
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Other Journals

Grant, OM (2007) 'Water know-how' HDC News 134 :12-13. [Details]
Grant, OM; Fitzgerald, J (2007) 'Conifers: the brown source' HDC News 137 :28-29. [Details]
Costa, JM; Grant OM; Ortuna MF (2007) 'Strategies to save water in intensive horticulture' Fruit & Veg Tech 7 (3) :12-14. [Details]
Costa, JM; Grant, OM (2005) 'Imaging technology to optimize modern agricultural production systems?' Fruit & Veg Tech 5 :30-32. [Details]

Conference Publications

Lynch, TMH; Grogan, D; Grant, OM; Dix, P; Barth, S (2013) Ground coverage assessments of perennial ryegrass using digital imaging Agricultural Research Forum 2013 Tullamore, , 11-MAR-13 - 12-MAR-13 , pp.77-77 [Details]
Diago, MP; Ochagavía, H; Grant, OM; Baluja, J; Tardaguila, J (2012) Uso de la termografía cenital terrestre y aérea para la evaluación no invasiva y rápida del estado hídrico del viñedo XIII Congreso Nacional de Ciencias Hortículas [Details]
Ochagavía, H; Grant, OM; Baluja, J; Diago, MP; Tardaguila, J (2011) Exploring zenithal and lateral thermography for the assessment of vineyard water status 17th International GiESCO Symposium Asti-Alba, [Details]
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Published Reports

Burgess, C; Harrison-Murray, R; England, J; Grant, OM (2010) Nursery stock propagation: Nursery evaluation and demonstration of the Evaposensor towards its commercial availability. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]
Grant, OM (2010) A summary report of useful information on irrigation gathered for UK growers. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]
Davies, WJ; Bacon, M; Sharp, R; Jones, HG; Schofield, P; Atkinson, CJ; Grant, OM; York, M (2009) Enhancing the quality of hardy nursery stock and sustainability of the industry through novel water-saving techniques. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]
Grant, OM (2008) Container nursery stock irrigation: demonstration and promotion of best practice. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]
Atwood, J; Grant, OM (2007) Manipulation of copper in irrigation water as a component of integrated crop protection. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]
Grant, OM (2007) A desk study to determine the possible causes of tip burn in conifers. Horticultural Development Company, UK. [Details]


Research Interests

I have 18 years experience of research in plant ecophysiology, with a particular interest in plant responses to environmental stress. I now support research teams led by ERC Consolidator Awardees in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Food Science. I am interested in the development of excellent research in STEM.


Recent Postgraduates

Main supervisor of Dr Nada Surbanovski, East Malling Research and University of Leeds, awarded PhD 2011

Co-supervisor of Helga Ochagavía, Universidad de la Rioja, awarded MSc 2011




Developing as a Teacher

Current teaching: Contributing to FOR 20110 Forests, Climate & Carbon; AESC 20040/CPSC 20040 Physiological Plant Ecology; HORT 10020 Plants & People, and FOR 20040 Tree Structure & Function Recent teaching: 2011-2012: 1st year Plant Biology, NUI Maynooth; 2012: 2nd year Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology, NUI Maynooth; 2010: main lecturer on international workshop on 'The Use of Thermal Imaging for Drought Stress Detection', Nov 1-5, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Recent invited seminars: 'Detection, analysis, and exploitation of plant responses to environmental stress', University of Nottingham at Sutton Bonnington, June 2012. Other recent seminars: 'Thermal imaging to screen for drought tolerance in the field', Aberystwyth University, May 2011. I have undertaken several courses run by UCD Teaching & Learning and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, NUI Maynooth, including Introduction to Teaching & Learning, Introduction to Blackboard, Blended Learning for Large First Year Classes, E-Learning, Introduction to Teaching & Learning at Third Level, Large Group Teaching Activities, and ICT in Undergraduate Teaching. I also shadowed Dr Fry's lecturing of Physiological Plant Ecology.



External Collaborators

Prof Phil Dix, NUI Maynooth
Dr Susanne Barth, Teagasc, Oakpark, Co. Carlow