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Sulagna Maitra

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Agriculture & Food Science
Agriculture and Food Science
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167429


Sulagna Maitra is a Lecturer/ Assistant Professor in Humanitarian Action and Director of NOHA Joint Masters in International Humanitarian Action. Her main areas of interest are conflict resolution and reconciliation, especially role of identity in conflict resolution, grassroots level reconciliation and transboundary river water conflicts. 

Sulagna joined the  UCD Humanitarian Action Programme in 2010 as a doctoral researcher and academic coordinator of the NOHA Masters programme. Subsequently, she became a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Humanitarian Action in 2013. Prior to joining UCD, she worked as a researcher at the Global Change Programme in Jadavpur University, India. 

Sulagna received her PhD from UCD in 2013. She has a Masters in International Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA) from Uppsala University, Sweden and a Masters in International Relations from Jadavpur University, India. Sulagna received Erasmus Mundus Scholarships and the Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship  respectively for her Masters. 







Honours and Awards

Year: 2007.
Title: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for NOHA Masters in Humanitarian Assistance
Year: 2005.
Title: Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship
Year: 2012.
Title: Erasmus Mundus III Fellowship for visiting scholars: Bangalore University, India, 2012
Year: 2010.
Title: Doctoral Scholarship, Centre for Humanitarian Action, School of Agriculture and Food Science UCD, (2010- 2013)
Year: 2014.
Title: Erasmus Mundus III Fellowship for visiting scholars:University of Western Cape, South Africa, 2014

Conference Contributions

Sulagna Maitra (2007) Inter-State River Water Disputes in India. [Invited Oral Presentation], 9thAnnual Conference of the West Bengal Political Science Association, Kolkata , 18-AUG-07 - 18-AUG-07.
Sulagna Maitra (2009) Indo-US Cooperation on Climate Change: Future Prospects. [Invited Oral Presentation], Celebrating the Obama Presidency through Print: Texts and Triumphs, The American Library (Public Affairs Office of the US Consulate General) , 24-NOV-09 - 24-NOV-10.
Piquard, B; Maitra, S (2014) The Humanitarian Action Mapping Exercise- Specificities and Potentialities within Europe. [Invited Oral Presentation], European Universities on Professionalization of Humanitarian Action, Brussels , 04-JUN-14 - 04-JUN-14.
Sulagna Maitra (2014) Analysing the Cauvery River Water Conflict Case. [Oral Presentation], Disasters in South Asia, Dublin , 13-OCT-14 - 13-OCT-14.
Sulagna Maitra (2014) Role of Identity in Intra-State Transboundary River Water Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Study of Select Indian Cases. [Invited Oral Presentation], Guest Lecture, University of Western Cape, Cape Town , 28-AUG-14 - 28-AUG-14.


Committee : Network on Humanitarian Action
Committee : Agricultural Sciences Programme Board


Employer: DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO), Brussels
Position: Trainee, Policy Affairs Strategy and Evaluation Unit
Employer: Jadavpur University Global Change Programme
Position: Researcher
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Lecturer in Humanitarian Action


Year 2004 Institution: University of Calcutta
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 2006 Institution: Jadavpur University
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 2009 Institution: Uppsala University, Sweden
Qualification: Master of Studies Subject:
Year 2013 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:





Book Chapters

Maitra S (2015) 'The Indus Water Treaty & Challenges to India- Pakistan Transboundary Water Cooperation' In: Sanjay Kumar, Dhirendra Dwivedi and Mohammad Samir Hussain (eds). India-Pakistan Relations: Issues and Challenges. New Delhi: G. B. Books Publishers and Distributors. [Details]
Sulagna Maitra (2008) 'From Land Locked To Land Linked: India¿s Northeast in the Look East Policy' In: Dr. DebamitraMitra and Dr.MadhuchandaGhosh (eds). India¿s Look East Policy: Emerging Trends. Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press. [Details]
Sulagna Maitra (2009) 'Youth Education and Terrorism: The Challenge Ahead' In: Professor RadharamanChakrabarty and Dr.ImankalyanLahiri (eds). The Challenge of Terrorism. New Delhi: Academic Excellence. [Details]
Dr. Shibashis Chatterjee, Sulagna Maitra (2009) 'Space and Regional Cooperation: The SAARC Story' In: Dr. ShibashisChatterjee in T.Nirmala Devi and AdluriSubramanayamRaju (eds). Envisioning A New South Asia. New Delhi: Shipra Publications. [Details]
Dr. Shabashis Chatterjee, Sulagna Maitra (2009) 'Peace, Prosperity or Community? Conceptualizing India¿s Look East Policy' In: Prof.RabindraSen, Prof.TridibChakraborti, Dr.Anindyo J Majumdar and Dr. ShibashisChatterjee (eds). Power Commerce and Influence: India¿s Look East Experience. New Delhi: Lancers¿ Books. [Details]
Maitra, S., & Gibbons, P. (2012) 'India's Role in Humanitarian Assistance: Contemporary Trends and Perspectives' In: R. Chakrabarty, & I. Lahiri (eds). India's Constructive Engagement in Asia and Around. New Delhi: Academic Excellence. [Details]
Dr. Shibashis Chatterjee; Sulagna Maitra (2012) 'Democratization in South Asia' In: (eds). Democracy and democratization in the 21st century : The South Asian Experience. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Gibbons, P; McDermott, R; Maitra, S; Herman, J (2017) 'Building on the Capacities of Crisis-affected Populations: from Victims to Actors'. Development Policy Review, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Sulagna Maitra (2007) 'Inter-State River Water Disputes in India: Institutions and Mechanisms'. Japanese Journal of Political Science, 8 (2):209-231. Available Online [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

Research interests:
  • Identity and natural resource conflicts
  • Conflict resolution among competing uses and users (especially in freshwater) 
  • Education in Humanitarian Action
  • Regional cooperation (especially South and Southeast Asia) 
  • Professionalization of humanitarian action
  • Governance issues in post-conflict transition societies

Research Projects:
  1. Co-Leader, Work Package- HA Map, European Humanitarian Action Partnership (EUHAP) 2014-2017: Coordinated by the Network on Humanitarian Action and funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme, EUHAP aims to promote the exchange of best and innovative practices to boost competences, increase employability, enhance opportunities and professionalization in humanitarian action. 
  2. Team Member, European Universities for Professionalization of Humanitarian Action (EUPRHA) (2011-2014): This project was coordinated by University of Deusto and funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme. The aim of the project was to contribute to the professionalization of the humanitarian sector by promoting competence based framework for education of humanitarian professionals.
  3. Co-Supervisor, Falling Through the Cracks: Barriers to Conflict Affected Malian Children's Education: This project was funded by Irish Aid, Plan Ireland and UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action. The aim of this research was to uncover key barriers to children¿s lack of educational access in light of the 2012 conflict in Mali in order to improve upon existing programming occurring in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. 

Research Projects

Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : Conflict Over Water: Knowledge Exchange for Sustainable Solutions (COW-KESS)
Start Date / End Date : 27-FEB-15 / 26-NOV-15
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Sulagna Maitra Start up Grant
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUL-14 / 30-SEP-17

Recent Postgraduates

Doctoral Studies Panel (Chair):
  1. Language and Literacy Choices in Fragile and Vulnerable Contexts
  2. Defence of land and territory: Peasants social processes toward durable solutions in transition scenarios in Colombia 
Taught Masters Thesis Supervision (2010-2013):
  1. Aid Dependence and Vulnerability: A Case Study of Mozambique  
  2. A Humanitarian Response to Urban Violence in The Northern Triangle of Central America  
  3. Reintegration of child soldiers into the community: A Socio-Ecological Perspective 
  4. The Role of Civil Society in Israel-Palestine Conflict 
  5. Cash Transfers in Emergencies: An Examination of Plan Ireland
  6. The European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps: A Humanitarian Apprenticeship?
  7. An analysis of the economic reintegration strategy of the demobilised combatants in Colombia


Teaching Philosophy

Modules Coordinated

201600   RDEV40420     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Groningen
201600   RDEV40200     Rural Development: Medicine
201600   RDEV40430     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Bochum
201600   RDEV40330     Rural Development: Social Anthropology
201600   RDEV40440     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Uppsala
201600   RDEV40410     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Deusto
201600   RDEV40660     Rural Development: Orientation Period-Warsaw
201600   RDEV10170     Rural Development: Politics - Humanitarian Action
201600   RDEV40400     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Louvain
201600   RDEV40130     Rural Development: Intensive Programme
201600   RDEV40390     Rural Development: Orientation Period - Aix
201600   RDEV40590     Rural Development: Sociology of Transition
201600   RDEV40110     Rural Development: Geopolitics

Enhancement of Teaching

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Developing as a Teacher

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Internal Collaborators

Dr Pat Gibbons, Director, UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action

Dr Ronan McDermott, Post-Doctoral Researcher, UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action  

Dr Vincent Durac
, Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Graham Finlay, Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations

External Collaborators

Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA)
European Universities on Professionalization of Humanitarian Action (EUPRHA)
European Humanitarian Action Partnership (EUHAP)
International Studies Association 
Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship Network (SYLFF) 
Jadavpur Association of International Relations (JAIR)