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Anne P Markey


School Of Agriculture & Food Science
Agriculture and Food Science
Dublin 4

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Association: Agricultural Science Association (ASA), Function/Role: *
Association: Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland, Function/Role: *

Conference Contributions

Phelan, J, Markey, A, Nelson, R, McCleery, D; Food Practices in the Home - what are the risks? (May 2005). [Conference Organising Committee Member], Food Practices in the Home - what are the risks?, UCD Dublin; CAFRE Northern Ireland .
Markey, A, Phelan, J, Sweetnam, R, Nelson, R, Windrum, N, McCleery, D; Determination of food safety practices in 3,000 homes on the island of Ireland using a food diary approach. [Oral Presentation], Food Practices in the Home - What are the Risks? (May 2005), UCD Dublin, CAFRE Northern Ireland .


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Lecturer


Year 1986 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BSc Subject:
Year 1991 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MSc Subject: Rural Development



Other Journals

Hogg, O., A. Markey, O. Doyle, G.A. Williams; (1999) 'Attitudes and Awareness of GM Technology Among Farmers in Ireland' Agro-Food-Industry Hi-Tech 11 (1) :20-21. [Details]
Phelan, J. and A. Markey ; (1998) 'Adult Education: A Changing Rural Scene' The Adult Learner :63-70. [Details]

Conference Publications

Markey, A., J. Phelan and S. Wilson (Eds) (1998) p.; (1998) The Challenges for Extension Education in a Changing Rural World Proceedings of the 13th European Seminar on Extension Education Department of Agribusiness, Extension and Rural Development UCD, , pp.1-387 [Details]


Research Interests

Communication and rural development.

Current Research

2007 - Communication campaigns in humanitarian and development organisations - proposal in preparation for submission to NOHA (Network on Humanitarian Action)

2006-09 - FIRM - Genetics of healthy eating - fruit and vegetable intake in children (PI Dr E Gibney, School of Agric, Food Sc and Vet Med, UCD) - Research Collaborator (consumer behavioural/demographic assessment)

Recent Research 

2002-05 - Safefood (Food Safety Promotion Board) - Consumers' perceptions of risks associated with domestic food safety and nutrition - QUB, UCD, CAFRE - Research Collaborator (survey 1,500 school children)

2002-05 - DAF Research Stimulus - Rural Household Typology - UCD, UCG, UCC, NUIM - Research Collaborator