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Ryan Schmidt

Earth Institute



I am a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in Ron Pinhasi's group. We are currently working on optimizing ancient DNA yields from challenging environments around the world. I am also involved in an on-going archaeological project in Western Ukraine investigating the Tripolye Culture, a Late Neolithic agropastoralist group. 
I received my PhD in biological anthropology from the University of Montana. My primary interest at the PhD level was the understanding of population history and structure of Mongolia in the Xiongnu period (300 B.C. - 200 A.D.) using population genetic models developed for quantitative traits primarily by geometric morphometric analysis. 



Conference Contributions

Schmidt R (2013) Multiple, distinct biological populations in Iron Age Mongolia: The Xiongnu elite cemetery of Borkhan Tolgoi (Egiin Gol valley) reveals an ancestral Turkish component. [Poster Presentation], American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Knoxville, Tennessee , 08-APR-13 - 11-APR-13.
Matsumae H, Gakuhari T, Katsumura T, Schmidt R, Koganebuchi K, Oota H (2015) Challenges to ancient DNA analysis in Japan: bioarchaeological remains from high temperature, high humidity, and an acidic soil environment. [Oral Presentation], International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology, Zurich, Switzerland , 08-NOV-15 - 09-NOV-15.
Schmidt R, et al. (2015) Paleogenetic analysis of Eneolithic (4900 ¿ 2750 cal BC) Tripolye Culture human remains from Verteba Cave, Ukraine. [Oral Presentation], Anthropological Society of Nippon, Tokyo, Japan , 01-OCT-15 - 08-OCT-15.
Karsten J, Schmidt R, et al. (2016) Paleogenetic analysis of the Eneolithic (4900 ¿ 2750 calBC) Trypillian Culture from Verteba Cave, Ukraine. [Poster Presentation], Society for American Archaeology, Orlando, Florida, USA , 01-APR-16 - 08-APR-16.
Gakuhari T, Schmidt R, et al. (2016) The preliminary report for the deep sequencing of the prehistoric Jomon genome from the Japanese archipelago. [Poster Presentation], Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Gold Coast, Australia , 01-JUL-16 - 08-JUL-16.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Schmidt R (2008) 'Perimortem Injury in a Chinese American Cemetery: Two Cases of Occupational Hazard or Interpersonal Violence'. Internet Journal of Biological Anthropology, 3 (2). [Details]
Schmidt R, Seguchi N, Thompson J (2011) 'Chinese immigrant population history in North America based on craniometric diversity'. Anthropological Science, 119 (1):9-19. [Details]
Seguchi N, McKeown A, Schmidt R, Umeda H, Brace CL (2011) 'An alternative view of the peopling of South America: Lagoa Santa in craniometric perspective'. Anthropological Science, 119 (1):21-38. [Details]
Schmidt R and Evteev A (2014) 'Iron Age nomads of southern Siberia in craniofacial perspective'. Anthropological Science, 122 (3):137-148. [Details]
Schmidt R and Seguchi N (2016) 'Craniofacial variation of the Xiongnu Iron Age nomads of Mongolia reveals their possible origins and population history'. Quaternary International, 405 :110-121. [Details]


Research Interests

Paleogenetics, Human Variation, Geometric Morphometrics, Bronze Age, Neolithic, East Asia, Eastern Europe

Research Projects

Sponsor : American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Title : Eneolithic Trypillian genomic variability and the origins of the Cucuteni-Tripolye peoples
Start Date / End Date : 14-JUL-16 / 13-JUL-17