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Thomas Kador

Senior Tutor

School Of Classics

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Originally from Vienna, Austria I have been living and working in Ireland for some twelve years. During this time I graduated from UCD with a BA in Celtic Studies and after working for a time in homeless services, in the voluntary sector returned to UCD for an MA in Landscape Archaeology, followed by a PhD on early Irish prehistory, under the IRCHSS Government of Ireland Doctoral Scholarship Scheme, which I concluded in 2007. Since then I took up a one-year lectureship in Archaeology at UCD and am currently working as postdoctoral fellow at the John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies. My research investigates the role of migration in the introduction of agriculture during the mesolithic-neolithic transition in Ireland. Due to a great personal interest in the pedagogical side of archaeology, I have recently completed a Graduate Diploma in University Teaching and Learning.




Association: European Association of Archaeologists, Function/Role: Full member
Association: Institue of Archaeologists of Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: World Archaeological Congress, Function/Role: member
Association: Prehistoric Society, Function/Role: member
Association: Aerial Archaeological Research Group (AARG), Function/Role: member

Conference Contributions

Kador, T.; (2005) Moving Closer: steps towards an intimate archaeology. [Oral Presentation], Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG 2005), University of Sheffield , 19-DEC-05 - 21-DEC-05.
Kador, T.; (2005) Moving perceptions: a fresh look at old concepts. [Oral Presentation], MESO 2005: The 7th international conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Queen's University, Belfast , 29-AUG-05 - 02-SEP-05.
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Kador, T.; (2003) Reopening old trails ' rethinking mobility: a study of mesolithic northeast Ireland. [Oral Presentation], Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG 2003), University of Wales, Lampeter , 17-DEC-03 - 19-DEC-03.
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Kador, T.; (2007) The last of the old: a homogeneous later mesolithic Ireland?. [Invited Oral Presentation], Landscape in Transition, Wadi Feynan, Jordan (Council for British ARchaeology - CBRL) , 25-MAR-07 - 30-MAR-07.
Kador, T.; (2006) Past lives from materials: an archaeology of the everyday. [Invited Oral Presentation], Rethinking the Everyday: different approaches to material culture, Design Research Group, National College for Art and Design, Dublin , 02-NOV-06 - 02-NOV-06.
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Kador, T.; (2006) Ireland's first settlers: the Barrow Valley in early prehistory. [Poster Presentation], Mind the Gap: the Postglacial Colonization Conference 2, Revisiting in the light of new knowledge since 1983, University College Cork , 01-SEP-06 - 03-SEP-06.
Kador, T.; (2005) Journeys through mesolithic Ireland. [Poster Presentation], MESO 2005: The 7th international conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Queen¿s University Belfast , 29-AUG-05 - 02-SEP-05.


Employer: University College Dublin, School of Archaeology
Position: Lecturer In Archaeology, Specialising in the earlier prehistory of Ireland and Britain in its wider context


Year 2007 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject: Archaeology
Year 2003 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject: Landscape Archaeology
Year 2001 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA (Hons.) Subject: Arts / Celtic Studies
Year 2009 Institution: University College Dublin, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Qualification: H Dip in Education Subject: University Teaching and Learning



Book Chapters

Kador, T.; (2010) 'The last of the old: a homogeneous later mesolithic Ireland?' In: B. Finlayson and G. Warren (eds). Landscapes in Transition. Oxford: Council for British Research in the Levant, Series 8 / Oxbow books. Available Online [Details]
Kador, T. & Ruffino, J.; (2010) 'Teletubbylandscapes: children, archaeology and the future of the past' In: S. Koerner and I. Russell (eds). Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and the Unquiet Past: Paradoxes and Paradigms for an Age of Risk Society. London: Ashgate. Available Online [Details]
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Kador, T.; (2009) 'Moving perceptions: movement, mobility and the material dimension' In: S. McCartan, R. Schulting, G.M. Warren and P.C. Woodman (eds) (eds). Mesolithic Horizons: Proceedings of the seventh international Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe (Belfast 2005). Oxford: Oxbow. Available Online [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Kador, T.; (2007) 'Ireland's prehistoric communication networks: Exploring the movements of the early prehistoric inhabitants of the Barrow Valley'. Archaeology Ireland, 21 (80):14-17. Available Online [Details]
Kador, T.; (2007) 'Where are we going? Movement and mobility in mesolithic research'. Internet Archaeology, (22). Available Online [Details]

Other Journals

Kador, T., and Henson, D.; (2009) 'Down from the ivory tower: archaeology beyond the university. A report on the round table session from the Conference of the European Association of Archaeologists' The European Archaeologist (TEA) 32 (4) :39-40. [Details]
Kador, T.; (2007) 'What can the PPN teach us about the Mesolithic in Northwest Europe?' Mesolithic Miscellany 18 (2) :23-26. Available Online [Details]
Kador, T.; (2007) 'East meets west, the agricultural transition way' PAST 57 . Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

Kador, T.; (2003) Fields of resistance fields of Joy: an archaeology on the margins of modern Irish society . In: C. Healy and J. Lyttleton eds. Proceedings of the Association of Young Irish Archaeologists University College Cork, , pp.49-58 [Details]


Research Interests

My three key research interests are:

- the relationship between movement, migration and social change in prehistory

- sustainable curriculum development in archaeology and archaeological pedagogies

- community based approaches to archaeological research

I would gladly discuss aspects relating to any of these fields with anyone also interested in them.

My research on movement and migration arises from a wider interest in finding interpretive means for engaging with everyday life and habitual, routine tasks in the past, such as walking, eating, making things, which are often carried out unspoken and unthinkingly. My doctoral research focused on devising a methodology for understanding movement in early Irish prehistory and my current postdoctoral project investigates migration during the change to agriculture. Chronologically my research focuses on the earlier parts of Irish prehistory which includes mesolithic and neolithic material. However, my interests stretch far beyond these chronological confines and notably includes archaeological approaches to the contemporary world and especially suburban landscapes. I am primarily concerned with how human relationships are played out through material expressions across the land, including material culture and landscape studies. As part of my focus on landscape based archaeology I have also engaged in aerial archaeological research, a field with great potential in Ireland, which I hope to develop further.

Another interest of mine relates to effectively communicating archaeology to a wider public and making archaeological education more accessible, challenging and fun from primary to fourth level as well as outside the mainstream education system. Recently I have led a number of outreach, access and community engagement initiative involving archaeology and I am always on the lookout for potentially new projects in this field.

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Community engagement in Archaeology
Start Date / End Date : 03-AUG-09 / 31-JAN-11