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I am a first-generation Dubliner; my mother is from Tullamore, Co. Offaly, and my late father was from Kilworth, Co. Cork. A primary school teacher, he instilled in me an interest in history, and a visit to Cloghleagh Castle in Moore Park when I was seven years old set me on the path that I'm still following. My research interests have broadened very considerably since I started postgraduate studies as a medieval settlement archaeologist, and the range of things that I enjoy teaching in UCD is commensurately broad, but I am at heart an architectural historian. 

I am married to Margaret, with two children (Evan, 15; Anne-Elise, 12) and three cats (Phoebe, Polly and Mabel). I support Cork in hurling and Gaelic football, and tend to support Munster in rugby. I like soccer but don't lose sleep over who wins or loses.
 My big passion is music; I have a big (5,000+) collection, built up over many years. Its 70% modern/contemporary jazz, with the rest split between other genres. My favourite album (if I had to choose one) is a toss-up between Miles Davis's In a Silent Way (CBS 1969), Tim Buckley's Greetings from L.A. (Straight 1972), Albert King's I'll Play the Blues for you (Stax 1972), John Scofield's Hand Jive (Blue Note 1994), and Paul Bley's Not Two, Not One (ECM 1999).


UCD: 1980-84; 1988-91
University of Durham: 1985-86
University of London (Courtauld Institute of Art): 1986-87
Université de Poitiers (CÉSCM): 1987-88 

University qualifications

BA (NUI) 1983: Archaeology & Geography, 1st class honours
MA (NUI) 1984: Archaeology, 1st class honours
DEA (Poitiers) 1988: History of Art 
PhD (NUI) 1991: Archaeology (supervisor: Prof. Michael Herity; external examiner: Dr Richard Gem) 
Academic awards
NUI Travelling Studentship in Archaeology 1985-88
Semester in Irish Studies (post-doctoral) Newman Scholarship, UCD 1994-96
UCD President's Research Fellowship 2003-4 
Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (London) 2006 
IRCHSS Senior Research Fellowship 2008-9

Employment in UCD
College lecturer (temporary appointment) 1996-98 
College lecturer (permanent appointment) 1998-2002
Senior lecturer 2002-2006
Associate professor/professor 2006-present
Head of School of Archaeology 2011-14 
Director, UCD International Summer School 2003-2005
Deputy Principal, College of Arts & Celtic Studies 2013-15 
Committee memberships include: Academic Council Committees on Examinations (2011-15) and Discipline (2012-15)

Published work:  133 individual items

Books: 9 (two co-authored)
Small books/pamphlets: 2 
Edited works: 3 (one co-edited) 
Chapters in books: 48 (ten co-authored) 
Items in peer-reviewed journals: 45 (nine co-authored)
Items in other journals/outlets: 19 (three co-authored) 
Field guides: 3 (one co-authored)
Abstracts: 3 
E-reports: 1 (co-authored)

Some other information

11 PhDs supervised to completion:

1. Hanneke Ronnes, on elite architecture in the United Provinces, Britain and Ireland, 1500-1700 (2005)
2. Andrew Tierney, on castles, colonialism and Gaelic-Irish identity, middle ages to the Celtic Revival (2006)
3. Paddy Ryan, on Dublin's early modern fresh water supply (2007)
4. Diarmuid O Riain, on Irish Benedictine monasteries in central Europe (2009)
5. Sinead Quirke, on houses of the Munster Plantation (2010)
6. David Whelan, on landscape, settlement and society in west Waterford, 1600-1800 (2011)
7. Maddie Parker, on early modern manuscript cookery books (2011)
8. Anne-Julie Lafaye, on mendicant monasteries in Munster (2013
9. Laura Scharding, on nineteenth-century prostitution in Philadelphia (2014)
10. Karen Dempsey, on thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman chamber towers (2015)
11. Julie Richko, on Irish settlement and identity in south Texas in the 1800s (2015)

3 PhDs in progress:

1. Mick Corcoran, on analysis of medieval agriculture and landscape using LiDAR and palynology
2. Danielle Claybrooke, on consumer culture in western Ireland, 1750-1850

8 PhDs examined externally

Member of editorial board of four international journals (International Journal of Historical ArchaeologyJournal of Medieval Monastic StudiesJournal of the North Atlantic; Landscapes)
Member, Directorate of the Discovery Programme: ​

Member, International Advisory Board, Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership [Durham U., Newcastle U., Queen's U., Belfast]:

Refereed for 10 international academic presses and 9 international peer-reviewed journals; refereed grant proposals for 5 national grant-agencies outside Ireland and 2 cross-border (international) grant-agencies


Honours and Awards

Year: 2008.
Title: IRCHSS Senior Research Fellowship
Year: 2006.
Title: Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries [Elected]
Year: 2003.
Title: President's Research Fellowship
Year: 1994.
Title: Semester in Irish Studies Newman Scholarship [2 years]
Year: 1984.
Title: Travelling Studentship in Archaeology [3 years]


Association: Discovery Programme - Center for Irish Archaeological Research, Function/Role: Member of the Directorate


Year 2007 Institution: University of Poitiers
Qualification: DEA -MSC Subject:
Year 1984 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1992 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1983 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:


Client: Office of Public Works/Duchas (erstwhile)
Client: Margaret Gowan Ltd (erstwhile)
Client: Valerie J. Keeley Ltd (erstwhile)

Outreach Activities

Sometime [anonymous] book / monograph referee (proposals and/or finished works):
* Ashgate
* Brepols
* Cambridge UP
* Cork UP
* Four Courts Press 
* Manchester UP
* Oxford UP
* Routledge
* Springer 
* Yale UP

Sometime [anonymous] referee for the following journals: 

* Current Anthropology
* Historical Archaeology
* Irish Geography 
* Journal of the British Archaeological Association 
* Journal of Irish Archaeology
* Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies
* Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
* Landscapes
* Medieval Archaeology

Sometime [anonymous] referee/assessor for research/grant proposals:
* Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF)
* French National Research Agency (ANR)
* German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 
* Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)
* Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Journals Edited

Landscapes: Editorial Board member.
Journal Of The North Atlantic: Editorial Board member.
International Journal Of Historical Archaeology: Editorial Board member.

Other Activities

PhD examinations (as internal): five, School of Archaeology, one, Clinton Institute for American Studies
PhD examinations (external):

* Bristol
* Durham
* Glasgow
* Oxford
* Southampton
* Queen's University, Belfast



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Book Chapters

T. O'Keeffe & R. Carey Bates (2016) 'The abbey and cathedral of Ferns, 1111-1253' In: Ian Doyle & Bernard Browne (eds). Medieval Wexford. Essays in memory of Billy Colfer. Dublin: Four Courts Press. , pp.73-96 [Details]
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Edited Books

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Rhiannon Carey Bates & Tadhg O'Keeffe (2017) 'Colonial monasticism, the politics of patronage, and the beginnings of Gothic in Ireland: the Victorine cathedral priory of Newtown Trim, Co. Meath'. Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, 6 . [Details]
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Research Interests

My research interests are varied. They transgress the disciplinary boundaries between Archaeology, Urban and Cultural Geography, and Landscape, Art and Architectural Histories. A common thread is the middle ages, but I've also ventured into the modern and contemporary periods. While I am committed to inter-disciplinarity in my work (and would like to think that it shows), I also believe there is value for scholars in simply moving out of their normal territories to explore issues of interest to them; hence, I've published items on music, for example. Having said all that, if I had to describe myself as anything other than as an archaeologist I would describe myself as an architectural historian of the middle ages. 


I am happy to talk about research opportunities in medieval architectural history to prospective students with suitable qualifications. I will supervise quite conventional research if needed, but I'm especially happy to work with students who want not simply to know more but to know better, students who are not afraid to play with ideas or to challenge existing interpretations (even mine). So, basically, if you like the sort of stuff I try to do in my own work, come and talk to me.


I am very happy to supervise graduate research in any area of medieval archaeology, especially 11th to 15th centuries. I do not require that MLitt or PhD-level research projects have an Irish dimension (even if it does make sense for prospective graduate students in UCD to have Irish or relevant-to-Ireland topics). I will supervise research that is conventional in subject-matter and problem-orientation, as I have been doing successfully over the past ten years and more (at all graduate levels), but I am also very interested in research topics that involve the exploration of epistemology or that challenge traditional forms and concepts of representation. In short, if you have an interesting idea, talk to me! 


I would warmly welcome communications from prospective graduate students (from Ireland or overseas) who are excited by Historical Archaeology's potential, locally and globally, or by the potential of Archaeology to contribute to understandings of the contemporary past, and who wish to join a lively community of like-minded scholars. As I said above in connection with Medieval Archaeology, I will happily supervise research that is very conventional in subject-matter and problem-orientation, but I am also very interested in research topics in which issues of epistemology are critical or in which traditional forms and concepts of representation are challenged (using, say, multi-media).



Teaching Philosophy

A university education, especially in the Humanities, should, by fostering their critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, empower students to make good life-decisions for themselves and to contribute to society more broadly. University teachers should always be cognisant of transferable skills.


Internal Collaborators

Prof. Liam Kennedy, Clinton Institute: 1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]

External Collaborators

Prof. Rob Liddiard, UEA: : King John 800 [Dublin September 2016]
Dr Colin Veach, U Hull: King John 800 [Dublin September 2016]

Prof.Stephen Brighton, U Maryland, USA: 1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Dr Dominic Bryan, QUB: 
1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Prof. Heather Burke, Flinders U: 1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Prof.Christopher C. Fennell, U Illinois:1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Prof.Pedro Paulo A. Funari, U Campinas (Brazil):1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Prof. Martin Gibbs, U New England: 1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]
Prof. Kevin Kenny, Boston U: 
1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017] 
Prof. Charles E Orser, Vanderbilt U: 
1st International Irish Global Diaspora conference [Dublin, August 2017]

Dr Hanneke Ronnes, Amsterdam: Talking houses: Renaissance architectural culture in north-west Europe [book project]