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Laura Johnstone





Association: Member of the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland (MRIAI), Function/Role: Register of qualified Architects in Ireland

Conference Contributions

Laura Johnstone (2013) Beautiful Situations for Building. [Invited Oral Presentation], Street View: Urban Domestic Architectures, 1700 - 1900, Trinity College Dublin, History of Art Department , 28-SEP-13 - 28-SEP-13.
Laura Johnstone (2013) Ground Landlord's Visions for 19th century Dublin. [Oral Presentation], Uneasy Neighbours; Rural - Urban Relationships in the 19th century, Southampton University , 20-SEP-13 - 20-SEP-13.
Laura Johnstone (2014) The Role of Estate Surveys in the Morphology of Two Monkstowns. [Oral Presentation], Irish Urban Spaces in the 19th century; Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of 19th century Ireland, Queen's University Belfast , 26-JUN-14 - 27-JUN-14.
Laura Johnstone (2014) The Royal Paragon; Estate Surveys of Suburban Monkstown. [Oral Presentation], Emerging Research; AIARG (All Ireland Architectural Research Group) Annual Conference, University of Ulster , 24-JAN-14 - 25-JAN-14.


Year 2012 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: Subject: Masters in Urban and Building Conservation (MUBC)
Year 2006 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BArch Subject: Architecture



Electronic Publication

Laura Johnstone (2013) Ground Landlords' Influence on 19th century Dublin Suburbs. Dublin: Electronic Publication Available Online [Details]