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Miriam Fitzpatrick B.Arch (Dublin) Hons, M.Sc. City Design (Dist), LEED AP

Miriam Fitzpatrick is a full-time academic whose specialty is Architecture, Urban Design.  She joined UCD in 2006 and runs a number of undergraduate and post-graduate modules in Architecture with a special interest in academic writing, public space assessment and the history of cities.

She gained a Masters, with distinction, in Social Science and City Design from the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2003 and became a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional (LEED AP) in 2004.

She previously worked for international design firms, including Fielden Clegg Bradley architects and Grimshaws in London, Diamond Schmitt Architect in Toronto and Sasaki Associates in Boston.  A few notable projects which she designed include:

  • The Bath Spa Project, Bath with Grimshaws.
 Project Architect to restore spa bathing in the centre of Bath, a World Heritage site.  The complex, made up of 5 listed buildings, won the Georgian Group 2006 - Best Restoration of a Georgian Building in an Urban Setting and Civic Trust Award, 2007.
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) with Diamond Schmitt Architects, (2006). Winner of RAIC National Urban Design Award, Medal for Community Urban Design Award, 2008, Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, Award of Excellence for Innovation in Architecture, 2005, American Institute of Architects, Honor Award for Excellence in Planning a New Campus, 2006
  • The Grandstand, Lords Cricket Ground, London with Grimshaws, London. The stand was designed as 100m long, post-tensioned structure to provide uninterrupted views of the game for 6,200 spectators.
  • Maritime Centre, Charleston, South Carolina, USA with Sasaki Associates. Design Architect for a fish packing facility, new marina and Waterfront Park. Winner of 1999 IDEAS Award (Award for Innovation in Design and Construction in Steel). 
  • Library for St John's College, Cambridge and International Headquarters for RMC, Surrey with Edward Cullinan Architects
  • National Memorial to the Vietnam Forces, Canberra with Tonkin Zulaikha Architects, Sydney.
 Miriam's research is into the life and work of American journalist and urbanist, William H. Whyte (1917-99) whose study of city centers and public space holds particular resonance for Ireland today.

She is a committee member of DoCoMoMo (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement) and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional. In 2000, she was a founding member of the Urban Panel, (2000), a strategic review panel set up by English Heritage to advise on major urban developments. She was seconded to the Urban Policy Unit in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster to organize the 2002 Urban Summit.

She has been an active member of the 20th Century Casework Committee in the UK, a member of Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) in Toronto and currently a committee member of All Ireland Architecture Reseach Group (AIARG) a member of Architects and Humanities Research Association (AHRA) and the Urban Design Group.
She initiated a special award for a 'Young Urbanist' as part of BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in 2011-12, an all-island event aimed at 12-19 year olds. My hope is that this award will nurture interest in the quality of our build environments and in the process of planning.






Association: Architects Registration Board, UK, Function/Role: Registration Board for Architects in UK (1990 to 2007)
Association: Royal Institute of British Architects, Function/Role: Professional Institute for Architects in the UK
Association: The Urban Panel, Function/Role: Member of Cabe (Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment) and English Heritage's Urban Panel, a strategic advisory panel on major Urban Redevelopments in England.
Association: 20th Century Society, UK, Function/Role: Member of Casework Committee
Association: DoCoMoMo Ireland, Function/Role: Committee Member of Voluntary body for the promotion of 20th century Architecture in Ireland
Association: All Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG), Function/Role: Steering Committee
Association: The Urban Design Group, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Fitzpatrick, Miriam; (2009) Field-work, 2009. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], 6th International Conference of the Architects and Humanities Research Association (AHRA), Edinburgh , 19-NOV-09 - 21-NOV-09.


Committee : AIARG All Ireland Architectural Research Group TEST


Year 1987 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BArch Subject:
Year 2004 Institution: London School of Economics & Political Science, UK
Qualification: MSc Subject:
Year 2004 Institution: LEED AP, Canadian Green Building Council
Qualification: Subject: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional



Book Chapters

Ewing, S, McGowan, J., Speed, C., Bernie, V, ; (2010) 'Fieldwork in Public space assessment, William Holly Whyte and the Street Life project, 1970-75' In: Ewing, S, McGowan, J., Speed, C., Bernie, V, ; (eds). Architecture and Field/Work (Critiques). UK: Routledge. Available Online [Details]
Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2013) 'An Urban Critique; William H Whyte Jnr. at Time-Life 1957-1959' In: Murphy, Orla (eds). UCD Architecture, Yearbook 2013. Dublin: UCD. [Details]

Conference Publications

Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2013) Design and History of the Urban Environment Joint AESOP-ACSP Conference on Resilient Cities Dublin, [Details]
Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2013) Is Anybody Listening; How and Why Planning Fumbles when it speaks to Human Beings All Ireland Architectural Research Group annual conference University of Limerick, , 24-JAN-13 - 26-JAN-13 [Details]
Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2013) A Chair to Move; the Value of Freedom of choice to the City's Social Life Irish Association for American Studies University of Limerick, , 26-APR-13 - 27-APR-13 [Details]

Published Reports

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (Cabe); (2002) How to improve the design quality for PFI (Private Finance Initiative) schools. Cabe, UK. Available Online [Details]

Website article

Miriam Fitzpatrick; (2008) The Urban Panel on sustainability. Website article Available Online [Details]

Invited Lectures

Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2013) Elements of a Synthesis, UCD Writing & Teaching seminar, UCD Humanities Institute. Invited Lectures [Details]
Fitzpatrick, Miriam (2012) Serendipity, Urban Design and the life of William Holly Whyte, Urban Design Group, London. Invited Lectures [Details]

Electronic Publication

Design Council, UK; (2005) A web-based knowledge resource on topic of Building Design. Electronic Publication Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

 Sage of the City, William H. Whyte Jnr, (1917-1999), The Life of an Urban Intellectual.

 William H. Whyte was not just a reporter; as an urban intellectual, his influence on policy makers, planners and the public was profound.  As ¿the man who loved cities¿[1] Whyte¿s lifework was driven towards a public purpose. His editorial background brought him closer than most to understanding public values and positioning his critique accordingly.  Today, he continues to exert influence on urbanists and educators due to a growing interest in his preoccupation: the liveability of cities and their centres.

Cities improve by what Whyte called their ¿multiplier effect¿; when the stage is set for one positive action, many more follow. In effect, this is the allure of cities for urbanists. To tell the story of his urban sagacity, illustrated here are some aspiring ¿stage setters¿ in terms of public lectures and dissemination towards a PhD.

[1] Glazer, Nathan, Wilson Review, Spring 1999, The Man Who Loved Cities. P27-33




Recent Postgraduates

Barbara Meldrum, Creating Common Ground: the Potential of Everyday Tactics in Making Public Space as explored in Dublin's Residual Space.

Antina Hemmerlein, MSc in Urban Design, 2010, Thesis title: 'Urban Observations of the Flaneur'

Lorcan Griffiths,  MSc in Urban Design, 2008, Thesis title: 'The Big Box comes to Town, the Role of Shopping Centres in Irish Towns'. 




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