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Finola O'Kane Crimmins

Senior Lecturer

School Of Architecture, Plan & Env Pol
Richview Sch of Architecture
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7162752


I research the designed landscape history of Ireland and of the Atlantic world, with a particular interest in the cultural, philosophical and aesthetic dimensions of this history. My first book Landscape Design in Eighteenth-Century Ireland was awarded the inaugural J.B. Jackson Book Prize by The Foundation for Landscape Studies, New York in 2007. Ireland and the Picturesque; Design, Landscape Painting and Tourism in Ireland 1700-1830 (2013, Yale University Press on behalf of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art) was also awarded a 2016 J.B. Jackson Book Prize, and also received an Elisabeth Blair McDougall Honorable Mention book award from the Society of Architectural Historians (US) in 2016. I published William Ashford's Mount Merrion; The Absent Point of View, a book on the evolution and representation of Dublin's Fitzwilliam estate, in 2012. In the field of conservation I have jointly edited two books with Gillian O'Brien- Georgian Dublin in 2008 and Portrait of The City; Dublin and the Wider World in 2012, the latter as part of the UCD-OPW Framework for Cultural Significance funded research project. In 2013 a Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard) fellowship led me to embark on my current book project Landscape and Revolution; Ireland, France and America 1770-1810.

I graduated with a first class honours degree in architecture from UCD in 1993. In 1997 I completed a Graduate Diploma in the Conservation of Historic Landscapes at the Architectural Association in London and my Ph.D. (N.U.I.) in 1999. I worked for a few years in the practice of de Blacam & Meagher Architects, where I was a project architect for the award-winning conservation design of Maynooth Castle, Co. Kildare, and where I also completed my professional part 3 exams to attain membership of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. 




Honours and Awards

Year: 2016.
Title: SAH Book Award, The Elisabeth Blair MacDougall Book Award- Honorable Mention
Year: 2016.
Title: John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Award 2016 for 'Ireland and the Picturesque; Design, Landscape Painting and Tourism 1700-1840
Year: 2013.
Title: Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship in Garden and Landscape Studies
Year: 2007.
Title: John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Award 2007 for 'Landscape Design in Eighteenth-century Ireland; Mixing Foreign Trees with the Natives'
Year: 2002.
Title: Best Irish Conservation/Restoration Project 2002 (RIAI)
Year: 2001.
Title: NUI Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Sciences
Year: 1996.
Title: Wingate Scholar


Association: Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), Function/Role: Member of Landscape History Chapter Nominating Committee
Association: European Architectural History Network, Function/Role: Member of the Advisory Board to 'Architectural Histories; The Open Access Journal of the EAHN'
Association: Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, Function/Role: Member of Editorial Board
Association: The Heritage Council, Function/Role: Member of the Standing Committee on Architecture
Association: Journal of Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies, Function/Role: Editor
Association: EAHN European Architectural History Network, Function/Role: Founding Member
Association: Eighteenth-century Ireland Society, Function/Role: Member
Association: International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Finola O'Kane (2016) [Chaired Session], Transforming Topography Symposium, British Library, The British Library, London , 06-MAY-16 - 06-MAY-16.
Finola O'Kane (2016) Ireland's Ruins; Representations of a Ruined Ireland?. [Invited Lecture], RuinNation: The Ruin in Irish Art and Visual Culture, 1916-2016, TCD , 02-APR-16 - 02-APR-16.
Finola O'Kane (2015) 'The Comparative Coastal Topographies of Westport, Co. Mayo and Kelly's Pen, St. Dorothy's Parish, Jamaica'. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Comparative Coastal Topographies IRC Workshop, The Crawford Art Gallery & UCC , 06-NOV-15 - 07-NOV-15.
O'Brien, G.& O'Kane, F.; (2006) Two Day conference. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Bare Bones of a Fanlight: Georgian Dublin, Newman House, UCD , 04-MAY-06 - 04-MAY-06.
Finola O'Kane & Stephen Daniels; (2012) Projects for Patrimony; M.F .& F.W .Trench's designs for Dublin and London in the early nineteenth century. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The London-Irish in the Long Eighteenth Century (1680-1830), University of Warwick , 13-APR-12 - 14-APR-12.
Finola O'Kane; (2011) Visual Subversion in Eighteenth Century Dublin. [Refereed Abstracts], 'The Sensory Suburb' Inaugural Symposium The Suburban Culture Network, NUI Maynooth , 09-DEC-11 - 09-DEC-11.
Finola O'Kane; (2011) Patrick Pearse and his Magic Lantern Box; The Formation of Ireland's National Landscape and Architectural Identity. [Invited Lecture], Space, Identity and the Authentic, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick , 26-OCT-11 - 26-OCT-11.
Finola O'Kane; (2011) Spatial Subversion in Eighteenth-Century Dublin; The Suburban Design Practices of the Fitzwilliam Estate. [Refereed Abstracts], Eighteenth-century Ireland Society Annual Conference, Trim castle Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath , 30-JUN-11 - 03-JUL-11.
Finola O'Kane; (2010) The Portrait of City; Themes and Questions. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], The Portrait of the City; Framing the Significance of Historic Urban Landscape, Dublin Castle Conference Centre, Dublin 2 , 09-DEC-10 - 11-DEC-10.
Finola O'Kane; (2008) The Irish Georgian Town Garden. [Invited Lecture], The Eighteenth-century Townhouse: Form, Function and Finance, The National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square, Dublin 2 , 27-MAY-08 - 27-MAY-08.
Finola O'Kane; (2008) Tourists in Ireland and Scotland 1750-1800. [Invited Lecture], Environmental Frontiers Conference, Research Institute for Scottish and Irish Studies, The University of Aberdeen , 21-JUN-08 - 21-JUN-08.
Finola O'kane; (2006) Conference to examine the form and representation of Georgian Dublin. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 'Bare Bones of a Fanlight': Georgian Dublin, Newman House, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2 , 04-MAY-06 - 06-MAY-06.
Finola O'Kane; (2006) 'The Appearance of a Continued City: Dublin's Georgian Suburbia. [Refereed Abstracts], 'Bare Bones of a Fanlight'; Georgian Dublin Conference, Newman House, University College Dublin, Stephen's Green, Dublin 2 , 04-MAY-06 - 06-MAY-06.
Finola O'Kane; (2006) Garden History, What next?; An Introduction to the NIAH Inventory of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes. [Invited Lecture], Symposium to launch the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage Inventory of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes, The National Botanic Gardens , 07-NOV-06 - 07-NOV-06.
Finola O'Kane; (2005) 'Studies in a Point of View; The Baroque Axis in Ireland'. [Invited Lecture], Northern Irish Heritage Gardens Committee Annual Conference, The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, , 30-SEP-05 - 01-OCT-06.
Finola O'Kane; (2005) Historic Irish Tourist Landscapes: From the Dargle to Killarney'. [Invited Lecture], Third Annual Historic Houses of Ireland Conference, NUI Maynooth , 09-SEP-05 - 10-SEP-05.
Finola O'Kane; (2004) 'Adorning the Country with Ruins'; Ireland and the Picturesque. [Refereed Abstracts], Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society & Eighteenth-Century Scottish Society Joint Annual Conference, Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies (CISCS), TCD , 17-JUN-04 - 20-JUN-04.
Finola O'Kane; (1997) The Demesne Landscape of the Eighteenth Century. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], The Second National Landscape Forum, UCD Industry Centre, Belfield, Dublin 4 , 17-MAY-97 - 17-MAY-96.


Committee : Advisory Board to 'Architectural Histories; The Open Access Journal of the EAHN'
Committee : The Heritage Council Standing Committee on Architecture
Committee : Steering Group for South Georgian Core Study, Dublin City Council
Committee : Royal Irish Academy Committee for the Study of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication
Committee : Local Organising Committee 4th International Meeting European Architectural History Network Dublin 2016


Year 2000 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MRIA Subject:
Year 1999 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 2000 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: Certificate Subject: Certificate in Architectural Practice and Practical Experience (for MRIAI)
Year 1993 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BArch Subject:
Year 1997 Institution: The Architectural Association, Bedford Square, London
Qualification: Diploma Subject: Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Historic Landscapes
Year 1997 Institution:
Qualification: PG DIP Subject:



Outreach Activities

Contributor to BBC/RTE television series 'The Story of Ireland', writer and presenter Fergal Keane, 2010

Journals Edited

Irish Architectural And Decorative Studies Journal Of T: Editor.
Eighteenth Century Ireland; Iris An Dá Chultúr: Reviewer.
Irish Arts Review: Reviewer.

Other Activities

Extern Examiner for Ph.D. thesis, University of Edinburgh
Extern Examiner for M.Litt. Department of History of Art and Architecture, TCD
Extern Examiner for Ph.D., University of Ulster



Finola O'Kane (2013) Ireland and the Picturesque; Design, Landscape Painting and Tourism in Ireland, 1700-1840. London: Yale University Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2012) William Ashford's Mount Merrion; The Absent Point of View. Tralee, Co. Kerry: Churchill House Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2004) Landscape Design in Eighteenth-Century Ireland; Mixing Foreign Trees with the Natives. Cork: Cork University Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

Finola O'Kane (2015) 'Ireland- A New Geographical Pastime?' In: Edited by William Laffan and Christopher Monkhouse, with Leslie Fitzpatrick (eds). Ireland; Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690-1840. New Haven & London: The Art Institute of Chicago & Yale University Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2014) 'Ruins; Carton House: A Case Study; Roads in Kerry: A Case Study' In: Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague and Ellen Rowley, Editors (eds). Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume 4: Architecture 1600-2000. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2014) 'Sculpture in the Landscape' In: Paula Murphy, editor (eds). Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume 3: Sculpture. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. [Details]
Stephen Daniels and Finola O'Kane (2012) 'Prospects of Patrimony: M.F. Trench and F.W. Trench's projects for Dublin and London 1780-1830' In: Gillian O'Brien & Finola O'Kane (eds). Portraits of the City; Dublin and the Wider World. Dublin: Four Courts Press. , pp.35-49 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2011) 'Conversions at Borris House and Demesne, Co. Carlow, Ireland' In: Loughlin Kealy & Stefano Musso (eds). Conservation/Transformation. Leuven, Belgique: EAAE Transactions on Architectural Education. , pp.369-379 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2011) ''To Lead the Curious to Points of View; The Eighteenth-century Design of Irish Routes, Roads and Landscapes'' In: Mari Hvattum, Brita Brenna, Beate Elvebakkampevold Larsen editors (eds). Roads, Routes and Landscapes. England: Ashgate. , pp.45-59 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2011) 'An Absentee Family's Suburban Demesne; The Making of Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin' In: Terence Dooley and Christopher Ridegway (eds). The Irish Country House; Its Past, Present and Future. Dublin: Four Courts Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2010) ''Bargains in View'; The Fitzwilliam Family's Development of Merrion Square, Dublin' In: Finola O'Kane; (eds). The Eighteenth-century Dublin Townhouse. Dublin: Four Courts Press. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2009) ''Too much in the Suburban Groove'? Cullenswood, Patrick Pearse and the ideal Irish school garden' In: Finola O'Kane; (eds). Celebrating Cullenswood House. Dublin: A & A. Farmer. [Details]
O'Kane, F.; (2008) 'The Appearance of a Continued City; Dublin's Georgian Suburbia' In: O'Brien, G. & O'Kane, F eds (eds). Georgian Dublin. Dublin: Four Courts Press. , pp.110-126 [Details]
O' Kane, F; (2006) 'Glin, Charleville Forest, Tollymore, Killarney', pps.81-93, 98-100, 142-143' In: Laffan, W (eds). Painting in Ireland. Tralee: Churchill. , pp.81-91 [Details]

Edited Books

Gillian O'Brien & Finola O'Kane (Ed.). (2012) Portraits of the City; Dublin and the Wider World. Dublin: Four Courts Press. [Details]
O'Brien, G. & O'Kane, F (Ed.). (2008) Georgian Dublin. Dublin: Four Courts Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Finola O'Kane (2015) ''Spatial Subversion in Eighteenth-Century Dublin; The Suburban Design Practices of the Fitzwilliam Estate''. Built Environment, 41 (4). [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2015) 'Route Reversal; The design consequences of travelling in contrary motion in eighteenth-century Europe'. Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes An International Quarterly, 35 (4). [Details]
O'Kane, F.; (2008) 'The Irish Botanic Garden; For Ireland or for Empire?'. Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes An International Quarterly, 28 (3-4):446-455. [Details]
O'Kane, F.; (2007) 'Educating a Sapling Nation: The Irish Nationalist Arboretum'. Garden History, Journal of the Garden History Society, 35 (2):185-195. [Details]
O'Kane, F.; (2004) ''Obliges me to dip my hands in mortar': Catherine O'Brien's Influence at Dromoland'. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies, VII :80-105. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2004) 'Improvements...not so Inconsiderable: The O'Briens' Baroque Landscape at Leamaneh Castle, Co. Clare'. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies, VII :64-79. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2004) 'Design and Rule: Women in the Irish Countryside 1715-1831'. Eighteenth-Century Ireland; Iris an dá chultúr, 19 :56-74. [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2000) 'Nurturing a Revolution- Patrick Pearse's School Garden at St. Enda's, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin, Ireland'. Garden History, Journal of the Garden History Society, 28 (1):73-87. [Details]

Other Journals

Finola O'Kane; (2006) 'Long-distance Landscaping: Robert Molesworth's Landscape of Breckdenston, Swords, Co. Dublin' Moorea; Journal of the Irish Garden Plant Society (15) . [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2003) 'A Suburban Education' Tracings . [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2002) 'Maynooth Castle, Co. Kildare' Irish Architect . [Details]

Conference Publications

Finola O'Kane (2016) Scottish Highlanders in the Irish 'Highlands': Scotland's role in forming the Counter-revolutionary tourism of post 1798-Ireland Wales and Scotland in European Travel Writing, AHRC-funded, National Library of Wales National Library of Wales, , 16-APR-16 - 16-APR-16 [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2015) Threaded as a String of Villas; Landscape Architectural History? Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) 68th Annual Conference, Chicago, April 2015 , 16-APR-15 - 19-APR-15 [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2015) Illustrating a Nation? Arthur Young's Published and Unpublished Watercolours for A Tour of Ireland 1776-1779 'Romantic Imprints'; British Assication of Romantic Studies 14th International Conference Cardiff University, , 16-JUL-15 - 19-JUL-15 , pp.80-80 [Details]
O'Kane, Finola (2014) Jumps & Bumps in Scale: European Perceptions of 18th-C. American Landscapes Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) 67th Annual Conference 2014, Austin, Texas Austin, Texas, [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2012) Out of Sight, Out of Mind; Representing Dublin City 1740-1801' 2nd International Meeting EAHN European Architectural History Network Brussels, Belgium [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2011) Rapporteur for Borris House and Demesne . In: Loughlin Kealy and Stefano Musso eds. Conservation/Transformation Kilkenny, Ireland, , pp.45-49 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2010) Subversive Suburbia: The Eighteenth-century Vauxhall Gardens, Blackrock, Co. Dublin . In: Jorge Correira eds. 1st International Meeting EAHN European Architectural History Network Guimaraes, Portugal, , 17-JUN-10 - 17-JUN-10 , pp.140-140 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (2007) 'Mixing foreign trees with the natives': The form and ideology of Irish botanic gardens and arboreta . In: M. Kokowski eds. The Global and the Local: The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe. Proceedings of the 2nd ICESHS Cracow, Poland, September 6¿9, 2006, , 06-SEP-07 - 09-SEP-07 , pp.595 [Details]
Finola O'Kane; (1997) The Demesne Landscape of the Eighteenth Century . In: Terry O'Regan eds. Irish Landscape Forum; The Second Landfall UCD Industry Centre, , 17-MAY-96 - 17-MAY-97 , pp.20-23 Available Online [Details]

Newspaper Articles

Finola O'Kane; (2005) 'Country Life', The Irish Times, 30.7.05. Newspaper Articles [Details]

Invited Lectures

Finola O'Kane (2014) 'Ireland and the Picturesque', M.Phil. in Irish Art, invited lecture, TCD. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2014) 'Landscape and Architecture; Questioning the Relationship'; Cork Centre for Architectural Education. Invited Lectures [Details]
O'Kane, Finola (2014) 'Landscape and Revolution', Frontline Conversations@SAUL Lecture Series, University of Limerick. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2014) 'Designing the Georgian Urban Landscape', IGS Invited Lecture Series, Limerick Chapter. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2013) 'The Picturesque Landscape', M. Phil. in Irish Art, invited lecture, TCD. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2013) 'Ireland and the Picturesque', 26.5.2013, National Galleryof Ireland Invited Lecture Series. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2011) 'Reluctant Tourists; Visiting absentee landlords and their shifting views of eighteenth-century Ireland', The Grand Tour in Britain and Ireland Symposium, University of York, England. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2011) 'Ireland and the Picturesque', SAUL Lecture Series 'Ireland's Living Space', University of Limerick. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2010) A Genuine Idea of the Face of the Country'? Jonathan Fisher and Paul Sandby's portrait of Ireland within the frame of Great Britain', The Sandby Brothers and Eighteenth-century Art Symposium, The Royal Academy of Arts, London. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2010) 'To Lead the Curious to Points of View; Picturesque Tourism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland', Centre for Eighteenth-century Studies Seminar Series, University of York. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2009) 'The Pattern of Development of the Great Irish Demesne'. Symposium for Thomas Roberts Exhibition, National Gallery of Ireland. Invited Lectures [Details]
Finola O'Kane (2009) 'To Lead the Curious to Points of View'; The design of roads, routes and landscapes in eighteenth-century Ireland, The Crawford Art Gallery Invited Lecture Series. Invited Lectures [Details]


Research Interests

* History of Designed Landscape
* Architectural and Landscape Conservation
* Architectural History & Theory
* Irish Social History
* Architectural and Spatial Pedagogy

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Concrete Heritage: constructing and communicating a new architectural history of twentiethcentury Ireland
Start Date / End Date : 04-JAN-16 / 03-JAN-18
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Pearse's Landscape
Start Date / End Date : 20-OCT-14 / 31-DEC-16
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : CONFLICT AND CONCRETE: Reconstruction architecture in post-1916 Dublin, and the metaphoric role of concrete
Start Date / End Date : 20-OCT-14 / 31-DEC-16
Sponsor : Office of Public Works (OPW)
Title : A framework for the appraisal of cultural significance: Dublin city centre
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-06 / 01-MAY-12

Recent Postgraduates

Niamh Marnham (OPW funded), PhD. Anchor of the city, a place for the nation: the making of the Leinster House cultural and political precinct 1815-1924, 2014

Ruth Musielak, (IRCHSS funded), PhD, Water and Improvement in the Irish Landscape, 1650-1800, 2013

Laura Bowen, A Profile of Historic Elementary Schools in Kildare, Strategies for their Future Conservation, MUBC 2011 

Rosaleen Crushell, Conservation of the Irish Session House: A Case Study of the Pain Brothers in Munster, MUBC 2011  

Emma Gilleece, Limerick City and the Conservation of Mid-Twentieth Century Architecture, MUBC 2011

Mary Louise Kelly, Luke Gardiner and The Gardiner Estate. Conserving an Urban Morphology, MUBC 2011

Gerard Kennedy, St. Stephen's Green: The Urbanisation of Dublin¿s Medieval Common, MUBC 2011

Eilìse McGuane, The Conservation of Demesnes in Munster: Kilcash Demesne and Derrynane Abbey, MUBC 2011

Deirdre Mc Dermott, The Conservation of Modest Buildings; A Case study of the Liberty of Donore, MUBC 2011  

Rebecca McKeon, The Irish Chapel Village, MUBC 2011

Brian Dalton O'Connell, Conserving the Parliament Buildings of Ireland, MUBC 2011

Con Kehily, The History, Practice and Conservation of early Irish Concrete Construction, 2007

Murine Lyons, Evaluating the Conservation of Tower Houses in the West of Ireland, 2007

Victoria McCarthy, The Conservation and History of Denny St., Tralee, 2007

Catriona Noonan, Clerk's housing in north Dublin, 1850-1910, 2007

Garrett O'Neill, The History, Practice and Conservation of Slate Construction in Ireland, 2007

Edith Blennerhassett, A History of Service Engineering at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin,  2008



Current Postgraduate Students

Laura Johnstone, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Claire Burke, Urban&Build Conservation(MUBC)   -   Secondary Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

I aim to consider each student as an individual and to provide a supportive, critical and creative environment for their evolution into academic researchers, professionals and creative artists. In my teaching practice I aim to show that research, teaching and professional practice are critically interrelated, mutually sustaining and equally valued.

Modules Coordinated

201500   ARCT40300     Architecture: Research Methods in Architect.
201500   ARCT40170     Architecture: Conservation History, Theory &
201500   ARCT40700     Architecture: M.Arch.Sc Thesis(Conservation)
201500   ARCT30030     Architecture: Architecture, Urban& Landscape

Enhancement of Teaching

I aim to respond to student feedback when preparing module content for the following academic year. In the past four years I have evolved the postgraduate modules' content and means of assessment to take account of the disciplinary background of each individual student and also the weighting of disciplines attending in each module. This can be quite a complex process as the module's means of assessment may have to re-evaluated to take each postgraduate student's prior learning into account. A lawyer, for example, may need to develop a far greater ability to read drawings while an art historian will need to familiarise themselves, perhaps for the first time, with the legal language of a building contract. This process, which would not be feasible in very large module cohorts, has an enormous benefit in that the students understand that they are in turn designing their education. However, it is also necessary to remain very clear that the module's outcomes remain fixed, despite the multiple disciplines of the students. I also aim to enhance my postgraduate teaching by communicating clearly my own educational history and learning experience.

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

In 2008-2009 I restructured the postgraduate research masters programmes in the School of Architecture. The existing postgraduate modules were assessed, reassembled and streamlined to ensure no repetition in content, to reflect the programmes' growing academic emphasis and to facilitate interdisciplinary learning and exchange. The postgraduate modules were also divided into those that were pedagogically also suited to the needs of fourth and fifth year architecture students and those that required a more professional/accreditation emphasis. This was done both to sustain the modules in question, in the event of a drop in graduate numbers in any one year and also to prepare 4th year and 5th year architecture students for their final year thesis. Following this process, by 2009-2010 all of our research masters students attended joint modules in research methods and case studies and reflective practice. Now all the new postgraduate students in the School of Architecture attend two modules in common and this greatly aids in the development of a focussed, supportive and sustainable research culture. This palette of modules is also intended to support any professional or creative doctorates that may be developed in the future both within the school or with Smartlab and/or NCAD. It is important for the discipline of architecture and for the other creative disciplines that are now beginning to enter academia that such doctorates are developed with rigour if they are to acquire any academic value. For such disciplines to engage effectively with the university these doctoral programmes will also have to demonstrate how creative research can be conducted and assessed in an academic context. This process of review and curriculum enhancement will enable the school to grow and develop postgraduate architectural eduction.

Developing as a Teacher

I try to stay abreast of evolving concerns in the area of architectural education by attending and delivering papers at conferences run by the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) and by publishing in that area. As my primary teaching duties are the supervision of postgraduate research students I have tried to develop my teaching practice specifically as it pertains the supervision and management of graduate students. I have attended the three workshops offered by UCD Graduate Studies as part of the Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme. Workshop 1: Understanding Graduate Research Supervision in UCD 18 Nov. 2010 Full Day Workshop 2: Working with Graduate Research Students (9:30am-1:00pm)
, Thursday Feb 24th, 2011, Boardroom UCD Research Workshop 3: PhD student assessment and examination (9.30am-1pm) Friday 27 April, 2012 I have gained substantial insight by being mentored as a supervisor by Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty, with whom I share two doctoral students. I have learnt a great deal from witnessing her developed methodology for giving feedback, formulating doctoral panels, initiating and sitting on transfer panels and mentoring her students into the future. I also attended the workshop 'Assessing Students and Giving Feedback' 31 October, 2008 at the Centre for Teaching &L.

Innovation & Leadership

At a postgraduate level, architecture is a very new field of study. In 1998 the first doctorate in architectural research was awarded in the Republic of Ireland and I gained the second such doctorate in 1999. The MUBC programme, for which I am the lead academic, is the most highly regarded postgraduate research programme in architecture in Ireland. Using this as a model I have led the development of a suite of structured taught and research postgraduate programmes in architecture.


Internal Collaborators

Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty, School of Art History and Cultural Policy
Dr. Ivar McGrath, School of History and Archives

External Collaborators

Dr. Gillian O'Brien, Liverpool John Brookes University
Professor Stephen Daniels, University of Nottingham
Professor Claire Connolly, University College Cork