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Luke Kelleher

Teaching Fellow

School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy
Planning and Environmental Policy Planning Building UCD, Richview, University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4 Ireland

Tel: +353 1 716 2634


Luke is a Teaching Fellow in the School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. He currently lectures students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the following areas: GIS; Transportation Planning; and Research Methods. Prior to joining UCD Luke was a Research Fellow in the University of Hertfordshire within its Centre for Sustainable Communities. Here he worked as the lead researcher on a Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) evaluation for the UK Department for Transport.  He was previously employed as a Research Assistant in the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at QUB and also at University of Ulster, Magee. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Planning from the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPACE) at Queens University Belfast (QUB) in 2015. He also has an MSc in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Ulster. His current research interests include: Evaluation of Sustainable Transport Initiatives; School Transport Issues; and Electric Vehicle Uptake and Charging Infrastructure.  Outside academia Luke has also worked as a GIS analyst with a wide range of public bodies and companies including: Northern Ireland Water, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council and RPS Group.



Conference Contributions

Kelleher, L; Smyth, A (2012) [Oral Presentation], Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting, Washington DC , 22-JAN-12 - 26-JAN-12.
Smyth, A; Kelleher, L (2015) Returning Public Transport to State Control and Regulation? Evidence on Relative Effectiveness and Efficiency from the UK and Ireland. [Oral Presentation], European Transport Conference, Frankfurt , 28-SEP-15 - 30-SEP-15.


Year 2000 Institution: Queen's University of Belfast, UK
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 2002 Institution: University of Ulster
Qualification: MSc Subject:
Year 2015 Institution: Queen's University of Belfast, UK
Qualification: PhD Subject:



Peer Reviewed Journals

Kelleher, L; Smyth, A; McEldowney, M (2016) 'Cultural Attitudes, Parental Aspirations, and Socioeconomic Influence on Post-Primary School Selection in Northern Ireland'. Journal of School Choice, 10 (2). [Details]
Kelleher, L; Smyth, A; McEldowney, M (2015) 'School Choice and Travel Patterns in Northern Ireland'. Transportation Research Record, . [Details]
Ellis, G; Hunter, RF; Tully, M; Donnelly, M; Kelleher, L; Kee, F (2015) ''Connectivity and Physical Activity: Using Footpath Networks to Measure the Walkability of Built Environments'. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 23 (1). [Details]

Other Journals

Smyth, A; Kelleher, L; Miller, R (2015) 'Perspectives on the Significance of Assessment Tools and Appraisal Frameworks in Approaching Publicly Funded Infrastructure Decisions in Support of Economic Growth: Insight from Ireland's Experience and US and UK Practice' Transportation Research Procedia . [Details]


Research Interests

Luke's current research interests are in the broad area of transportation planning including school transport and sustainable transport initiatives. A key goal of his research is the investigation of parental decision making in relation to school choice policies with a view to modelling and mapping the implications of greater freedom of school choice for transport and sustainability issues. In addition, he has recently finished working with the UK Department for Transport on a Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) evaluation in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire, University of West England (Bristol) and Hertfordshire County Council.

Luke is currently engaged in research on factors affecting the uptake of Electric Vehicles (EV). In particular he is interested in identifying both the key barriers to EV market uptake and those policies most successful in promoting that uptake across a wide range of consumer market segments.

Luke has also completed research in the following areas: development of a Real Walkability Network (RWN) and associated walkability model; a review of Home-to-School Transport costs in Northern Ireland; and mapping and analysing spatial patterns and trends in data related to Victims and Commemoration of the Northern Ireland Troubles.  This research has been funded with research grants from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Northern Ireland Department of Education (DENI)  and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).




Modules Coordinated

201600   PEP20080     Planning&Environmental Policy: GIS Planning Project
201600   PEP40210     Planning&Environmental Policy: Transportation Planning
201600   PEP40600     Planning&Environmental Policy: Thesis
201600   PEP40680     Planning&Environmental Policy: MRUP Thesis