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Alan Mee is an architect working in urbanism, architecture, research and education. He has published and spoken nationally and internationally on the particularities of the recent dramatic changes in the Irish designed environment. He is also Director of the two Urban Design Masters programmes at University College Dublin.




Association: Member of Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland , Function/Role: Member
Association: Founding Member of, Urban Design Ireland, Function/Role:
Association: Former Committee Member, Architectural Association of Ireland, Function/Role:
Association: Former Member of the Board of Architectural Education of the RIAI, Function/Role:

Conference Contributions

Alan Mee (2015) Measuring Spatial Complexity : Dublin as a Case Study. [Invited Oral Presentation], Bartlett Urban Morphology Group Special International Seminar, London , 02-MAR-15 - 02-MAR-15.
Alan Mee (2015) AESOP Planning and Complexity Thematic Group 13th meeting. [International Refereed Conference], Complexity and digitalization of cities - Challenges for urban planning and design, Tampere, Finland , 15-JAN-15 - 16-JAN-15.
Mee, Alan (2014) Architectures, Spatial Chaos, and Complex Adaptive Systems. [International Refereed Conference], Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities SHARE Conference, Aarhus, Denmark , 20-JUN-14 - 21-JUN-14.
Mee, Alan (2013) Exploring Spatial Complexity and Chaos: Case Studies of Selected Dublin Sites, 1988- 2008. [International Refereed Conference], AHRA / UCD PhD Symposium, Dublin , 21-NOV-13 - 21-NOV-13.
Mee, Alan (2013) Future Code. [International Refereed Conference], Transgression, Architectural Humanities Research Association AHRA, Bristol, UK , 21-NOV-14 - 21-NOV-14.
Mee, Alan (2013) Addressing Spatial Chaos: Case Studies of Selected Dublin Sites, 1988 - 2008. [Poster Presentation], Complexity, Cognition, Urban Planning and Design Conference, Delft, Holland , 10-OCT-13 - 12-OCT-13.
Alan Mee; (2008) Conference presentation on the level of privitisation of public space in Dublin. [Chaired Session], Netherlands Architecture Institute, My Public Space Conference and Exhibittion, Rotterdam , 24-JUL-08 - 25-JUL-08.
Alan Mee; (2007) Tackling the Void ; An examination of current Irish Spatial Planning and Design Strategies. [Published Abstract], des/IRE Conference ; Designing houses for contemporary Ireland, Cork, Ireland , 17-OCT-13 - 17-OCT-13.
Alan Mee; (2007) Escalas Simultáneas - Simultaneous Scales in Design. [Invited Lecture], IX Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture, Buenos Aires, Argentina , 27-SEP-07 - 29-OCT-07.
Alan Mee; (2007) Design and Future Heritage. [Invited Lecture], Planning and Design for Heritage and Development Conference, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council , 17-OCT-07 - 17-OCT-07.


Year 1987 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BArch Subject:
Year 1994 Institution: Royal Inst Arch Ireland (RIAI)
Qualification: MRIAI Subject:



Other Activities

Managing Director, practicing architect and urban designer at Alan Mee Architects Ltd. (
2002 Competition entry for Waterford North Quays, exhibited and published as part of the exhibition catalogue.
2005 Proposal to curate Venice Architecture Biennale 2006, ( one of only two shortlisted entries).
2006 “An Lar” project, for the rejuvenation of O Connell St. Dublin 1, including the promotion of Irish (
Cornmarket Environmental Improvement Works, and Grand Canal Harbour Framework Plan, included in the Dublin City Council “Urbanism” exhibition at the Digital Exchange, Dublin.
2007 AAI Awards entry 2007, Prosper Training Facility Building, Swords, Co. Dublin.



Mullan, D., Mee, A., Wakely, R. (2008) Public Engagement in Architecture in Ireland. Dublin: Arts Council. [DOI] [Details]

Book Chapters

Mee, Alan (Contributor) (2014) 'Urban Regeneration in the Twentieth Century' In: Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague, Ellen Rowley (eds). Art and Architecture of Ireland Vol 4: Architecture 1600 - 2000. London: Yale University Press. [Details]
Mee, Alan and Hayes, Michael (2013) 'Nicola Russi in conversation' In: Murphy, Orla (eds). UCD Architecture Yearbook 2013. Dublin: UCD. [Details]
Mee, Alan (2014) 'Architectural Critique' In: Tran, T (eds). Grangegorman. Cork: Gandon Editions. [Details]

Other Journals

Mee, Alan (2014) 'Critical Urban Discourse' Architecture Ireland (No.277) . [Details]
Mee, Alan (2013) 'Particle Urbanity' Architecture Ireland (No. 271) . [Details]
Mee, Alan (2013) 'An Irish Urban Morphology School ?' Architecture Ireland (No. 269) . [Details]
Mee, Alan (2013) 'Chaotic or Entropic ? Dublin Docklands Neighbourhoods' Architecture Ireland (No. 268) . [Details]
Mee, Alan, Butler, Niamh (2008) 'Prosper Training Facility, Swords, Co. Dublin' Architecture Ireland (No. 240) :42-47. [Details]
Mee, Alan (2007) 'The Art of Craft, Review, Balgaddy E, by Sean Harrington Architects' Architecture Ireland (NO. 230) :42-45. [Details]
Mee, Alan (2013) 'Housing Units: Spatial Quality and Design opportunity' Architecture Ireland (No. 274) . [Details]
Mee, Alan (2013) 'New Urban Definitions' Architecture Ireland (No. 267) . [Details]
Mee, ALan (2012) 'Tourscapes' Journal of Tourism Research 3 (2) :103-108. [Details]
Alan Mee; (1995) 'Printworks, Temple Bar, Dublin, Review' Irish Architect . [Details]
Alan Mee; (1994) 'Dublin in the year 2011: future imitating the past' Plan Magazine . [Details]
Alan Mee; (1994) 'St Peter's Port, Athlone, Co Westmeath, Review' Plan Magazine . [Details]

Conference Publications

Mee A., Wright E., Astley P. (2014) Rhizomatic Healthscapes International Union of Architects Conference 2014 (UIA World Congress) [Details]
Mee, Alan (2009) Spatial Chaos : Addressing spatial over-production in Dublin, Ireland The New Urban Question - Urbanisnm beyond Neo-Liberalism [Details]

Published Reports

Alan Mee, Dominic Mullan, Richard Wakely ; (2008) Public Engagement & Architecture in the Republic of Ireland. The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin. [Details]
Mullan, D., Mee, A., Wakeley, R. (2008) Public Engagement with Architecture in Ireland. Arts Council / an Comhairle Ealaion, Dublin. [Details]

Invited Seminars

Mee, Alan (2014) Spatial Complexity and Chaos. Invited Seminars Available Online [Details]


Alan Mee Architects; (2009) Singlespace Report. Consultancy [Details]


Research Interests

PhD entitled Exploring Spatial Complexity for urban sites: Dublin as a Case Study, due for completion in 2016

Keywords: spatial complexity, spatial chaos, complex adaptive systems, urban design



Teaching Philosophy

Teaching and related duties
Director, Masters in Urban Design Programme, University College Dublin , administration, management and teaching.
Head of Administration, Course Committee, Masters in Urban Design, MSc UD, UCD
Member of Board of Studies, Masters in Urban Design, MSc UD, UCD
Invited Critic at Dublin Institute of Technology, Waterford Institute of Technology, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona.
Teaching at the UCD School of Architecture undergraduate level, also previous teaching as part of Fourth Year Staff, supervisor of Fifth Year students, and most recently attendance at Studio Reviews in Third Year.
Invited Critic at the UCD Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA) programme.

Modules Coordinated

201400   ARCT40490     Architecture: Irish Designed Environment
201400   ARCT40690     Architecture: Urban Design Studio
201400   ARCT40480     Architecture: Design, Culture and Dublin
201400   ARCT40260     Architecture: Urban Design Thesis