Researchers at UCD

Jon Paul Faulkner

Research Assistant

School Of Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys

Tel: +353 1 716



Other Activities

IBEC (The Irish Business & Economic Confederation) (June 06 - Aug 06)
This involved data entry of the IBEC's current Human Resource survey and a trade survey relating to the Asian Market.

Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (May 05 - June 06)
During my time with the DSISC I worked on the ‘ENABLE Project' which was a longitudinal study which tested five assistive technologies in the homes of twenty families over a period of one year; the quality of life of the participant and the level of stress experienced by the caregiver was also measured. This involved quantitative and qualitative data analysis, including bivariate parametric and non-parametric techniques, and multivariate analysis; I have extensive knowledge experience of using multivariate techniques such as Regression, 2-way ANOVAs, and Factor Analysis. During this time I produced three articles, one qualitative and two quantitative, due for peer-reviewed publication. Other duties included sourcing materials and information in the area of elderly care, preparing presentations, editing, interviewing, questionnaire design, and regularly liaising with bio-engineers regarding the development of new assistive technology for people with dementia.
Trinity College Dublin (October 02 - June 03)
This involved tutoring first year students Ancient Near Eastern History in the Biblical Studies Department, Trinity College Dublin.
Extensive experience with SPSS, QSR NVIVO, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel.
From my education and work experience I have board knowledge of both Quantitative and Qualitative research methods, and bivariate and multivariate statistical analysis.

My M. Sc. consisted of conducting primary research using surveys, interviews, and content analysis. I have completed a Quantitative research report titled, ‘The Theory of Planned Behaviour in Predicting Fast-food Consumption' for which I received a 1st class honour. I have also completed Qualitative interviews for which I have received a 1st class honour.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Faulkner, J.; (2007) ''It gives me a sense of independence - Findings from Ireland on the use and usefulness of assistive technology for people with dementia''. Journal of Technology and Disability, 19 :2-3. [Details]


Research Interests

I am currently working on two projects, both are exploratory in design and using a combination of both qualitative and quantitative techniques. The first study is titled, ‘An examination of quality of life for older people in receipt of palliative care and older people in continuing care facilities, with specific reference to dignity and respect', and the second study is titled, ‘An investigation into the attendance of older people at Emergency Departments: An investigation into their health care needs and other factors related to Emergency Department attendance'. Both studies are using in-depth qualitative interviewing analysed using Nvivo 7; and health related surveys using physical functioning, social network, psychological well-being, and quality of life scales which are analysed using regression models. I am also currently working on an article from my work on the previous Judgement Decision Making Study; the title of the article being, ‘The use of cues among nurses with different experience levels in determining whether to discharge an elderly female patient recently suffering from stroke: A Judgement Analysis of Decision-Making in Nursing'.
From Aug 06 to June 07 I was working on a project called, ‘Nursing Decision Making - an integrated programme of research to maximise the effectiveness of clinical nursing resources', an exploratory study analysing how nurses make clinical decisions and judgements using qualitative and quantitative techniques. My time in UCD has involved the co-ordination and planning of research activities, primary involvement in development and conceptualisation of the judgement analysis study, questionnaire design, regular report writing, preparing and delivering presentations for peer group review, qualitative content analysis using Nvivo 7, qualitative in-depth interviewing, protocol analysis, quantitative multivariate techniques such as regression, regular liaising with other members of team in DCU and NUI Galway, negotiation of access to hospitals for study purposes, recruitment of participants for study.