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Sophia Meeres

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Architecture, Plan & Env Pol
Richview Newstead Block C
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7163248


My research is connected to the transformation of landscapes - in both rural and urban contexts.

On completing a degree in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at University College London (UCL) I joined an engineering consultancy in London (Harris & Sutherland) where I worked for several years before studying Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh. Having obtained a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA), I worked with several multi-disciplinary design practices (SOM, Fosters, and BDP) in London before setting up my own consultancy in France where, for 10 years, I worked on a variety of different types of project, focused mostly on planning, designing and containing the growth of small towns on the Cote d'Azur, in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes. My work also focused on agricultural lands, practices and traditions, and on public participation in planning.

In 2004, I joined UCD as a full time academic staff member, specialising in landscape studies.




Association: EAAE European Association for Architectural Education, Function/Role: Council support
Association: LI Landscape Institute (UK), Function/Role: Member
Association: ARENA Architectural Research Network Europe, Function/Role: Member
Association: European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, Function/Role: Executive Committee Member
Association: Le:NOTRE (EU funded ERASMUS project), Function/Role: Steering Committee Member

Conference Contributions

S, Meeres; D, O'Mahony, D, Stevens (2016) Conference organiser. [Conference Organising Committee Member], AlterRurality3 Letterack 2016: Fieldwork, Letterfrack, Ireland , 05-JUN-16 - 09-JUN-16.
Meeres, S. (2015) Chaired session. [Chaired Session], Re-imagining Rurality, Westminster, LONDON, Westminster, University of London , 26-FEB-15 - 28-FEB-15.
Stringer, B et al (2015) Scientific committee. [Refereed Abstracts], Re-imagining Rurality, Westminster, LONDON, University of London, Westminster , 26-FEB-15 - 28-FEB-15.
Sophia Meeres (2014) Reading the Landscape - a biographical methodology. [Oral Presentation], AIARG (All Ireland Architectural Research Group) BELFAST 2014 Emerging Research, Belfast , 23-JAN-14 - 25-JAN-14.
Meeres, S (2013) Chaired session, Scientific Committee member. [Conference Organising Committee Member], AlterRurality (International peer reviewed workshop), Fribourg, University Applied Sciences Western Switzerland , 08-APR-13 - 12-APR-13.
Stiles, R.; Bell, S., Meeres, S., Libbrecht, H.; (2013) Workshop leader: Rural theme. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Le:NOTRE Landscape Forum, Rome, Sapienza, University of Rome , 08-APR-13 - 10-APR-13.
Sophia Meeres (2013) Oral presentation: Where summer fruits come from. Towards a model for practice based teaching and research. [Oral Presentation], AIARG (All Ireland Architectural Research Group) LIMERICK 2013 Emerging Research, University of Limerick, Ireland , 24-JAN-13 - 26-JAN-13.
Stiles, R.; Ortavesmi, V.; Meeres, S.; Bell, S.;Libbrecht, H.; (2012) Workshop Leader: Rural Theme. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Le:NOTRE Landscape Forum Antalya, Antalya, Turkey , 02-APR-12 - 05-APR-12.


Committee : Re-imagining Rurality, Westminster, LONDON 2015
Committee : UCD School of Architecture, Landscape, Planning and Environmental Policy : Programme Board
Committee : UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy : Executive Committee
Committee : UCD inter-school : Timetabling Committee
Committee : COST Action TU1201 Urban Allotments


Employer: UCD School of Architecture
Position: College Lecturer
Employer: Ministry of Culture (France)
Position: Temporary contract (mission spéciale)
Employer: MEERES (MUD consultants)
Position: Director


Year 1999 Institution: University of Edinburgh
Qualification: Other Subject: MLA - Landscape Architecture
Year 1984 Institution: University College London
Qualification: BSc Subject: BSc (Hons) Engineering




Client: Le Bar-sur-Loup (Town Council), Alpes Maritimes, France
Client: Ville de Nice (City Council) Alpes Martimes, France
Client: St Tropez (Town Council)
Client: La Mole (Town Council), Le Var, France
Client: La Mole (Town Council), Le Var, France
Client: Ville de Nice (City of Nice), Alpes Maritimes, France

Journals Edited

Arena Journal Of Architectural Research (Ajar): Editorial Board member.

Other Activities

Ministry of Culture, Paris, FRANCE (2009-2011). Special mission : assistance to the President (representing the Ministry and French schools of architecture) of the European Association of Architectural Education.



Book Chapters

Keshavarz N, Bell S, Andis Z, Hursthouse A, Voigt A, Hobbling A, Zammit Jokinen A, Mikkelsen B, Notteboom B, Ioannou B, Certoma C, Schwab E, Sentic I, Barstad J, Willman K, Calvet-Mir L, Balezentienne L, Weirich M, Partalidou M, Sonderman M, Latkowska M, Moran N, Pihl O, Ursic U, Tappert S, Meeres S, Noori S, Anthopoulou T, Delshammer T, Heidemann W, Gogova Z (2016) 'A history of urban gardens in Europe' In: Bell S, Fox-Kamper R, Keshavarz N, Benson M, Caputo S, Nooro S, Voigt A (eds). Urban Allotment Gardens in Europe. New York: Routledge. , pp.8-32 [Details]
Drilling, M, Giedich R, Ponizy, L, Benson M, Bihunova M, d'Araujo Mata D, Meeres S, Oehler P, Stepankova R, Thomas N, Weirich M (2016) 'The idea of allotment gardens and the role of spatial and urban planning' In: Bell, Fox-Camper, Keshavarz, Benson, Caputo, Noori Voigt (eds). Urban Allotment gardens in Europe. New York: Routledge. , pp.35-61 [Details]
Meeres, S. (2015) 'Why rurality?' In: Versteegh, P and Meeres, S (eds). AlterRurality: exploring representations and 'repeasantations'. Charlestown, USA: CreateSpace. , pp.6-19 [Details]

Edited Books

Versteegh, P; Meeres, S (Ed.). (2015) AlterRurality: exploring representations and 'repeasantations'. Charlestown, USA: CreateSpace. Available Online [Details]
Stiles, R.; Di Carlo, Bell, S.; F.; Brinkhuijsen, M., Libbrecht, H., Meeres, S (Ed.). (2014) Rome's Landscape. LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013. Vienna: LE:NOTRE landscape Monographs. [Details]
Stiles, R., Ortaçeşme, V., Meeres, S., Libbrecht, H., Bell, S., de Vries, J (Ed.). (2013) Antalya's Landscape. LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2012. Vienna: LE:NOTRE Landscape Monographs. [Details]

Other Journals

Meeres, Sophia (2013) 'Paillon Promenade: A central park for Nice?' TOPOS. The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design (85) :36-41. Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

Meeres S, Hirschberg U (2015) Plastic World AlterRurality [Details]
Sophia Meeres (2016) Infrastructural struggles, the making of modern Arklow, Ireland . In: Tim Collins, Fesche Kindermann, Conor Newman & Nessa Cronin eds. Landscape Values, Place and Praxis GMIT Galway, , 29-JUN-16 - 02-JUL-16 , pp.206-2010 [Details]
Sophia Meeres (2014) Urbs in rure? Interpreting a dense agricultural settlement . In: Cavallo, R., Komossa, S., Marzot, N.,Burghauser Pont, M. eds. New Urban Configurations TU Delft, The Netherlands, , 16-OCT-12 - 19-OCT-12 , pp.904-910 [Details]
MEERES, S (2014) Visions of the Countryside . In: Martinho da Silva, I., Portela Marques, T., and Andrade, G eds eds. ECLAS Conference: Landscape: A Place of Cultivation Porto, Portugal, [Details]
Meeres, S (2013) A biographical approach to understanding the landscape . In: Newman, C., Nussaume, Y., Pedroli, B eds. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world Paris, , 02-MAY-13 - 04-MAY-13 , pp.445-448 [Details]


Stiles, R; Ortacesme, V; Meeres, S (2012) Rural Change: landscapes and lifestyles. Workshops [Details]
Di Carlo, F; Constanzo, C; Meeres, S (2013) Rural Fringe: production or culture?. Workshops [Details]

Invited Lectures

Meeres, S; Hirschberg, U (2015) Plastic World. SALA UBC (University British Columbia) Canada. Invited Lectures [Details]


Georges Heintz and Dominique Noguez (2015) The Comic Strip: A Privileged Medium for Architectural Narratives. Basel, Switzerland: Translation Available Online [Details]
Younès, C (2015) AlterRurality and AlterWorld. Metamorphosis of representations of inhabited 'milieux'. Charlestown, USA: Translation [Details]
Younès, C (2014) Between Machine and Intuition, Thresholds and Hybridizations. Vienna, Austria: Translation Available Online [Details]


Meeres, S. (2013) Haidar Cialekosun. Dublin, Ireland: Media Available Online [Details]

Film Production

Meeres, S and Hirschberg, U (2015) Plastic World. Film Production [Details]


Research Interests

My research is connected to the transformation of landscapes - in both rural and urban contexts. I seek to understand the process of change (past, present and future), its drivers and consequences and, through various case studies, am exploring forms of visualization that can help illustrate and explain them. An area that fascinates me is the connection between landscapes and lifestyle. As agricultural technologies have evolved, so have the ways in which we produce the raw products that become our foods, the landscapes that support them and the people that produce them. This is a fundamental connection between the local and the global: between the city, the landscape, ourselves and our food.

Co-organiser of the ARENA AlterRurality3 Letterfrack 2016 conference (June 2016) with Deirdre O'Mahony artist (GMIT) and Dominic Stevens architect (DIT)