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Dr. Róisín Kennedy is a graduate of UCD and the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the critical reception of modernist art in Ireland, the role and function of art writing post 1880, and on  the position of women as artists and subjects in modernist art.  She completed an IRCHSS funded PhD on Politics of Vision: Critical Writing on Art in Ireland, 1939 -1972 in 2006She has published widely on the subject in edited collections and in CircaIrish Arts Review and Third Text

 She was awarded an Arts Council Bursary in Curatorship by the Arts Council in 1998 for which she curated and catalogued the historic and contemporary state collection at Dublin Castle, and wrote Dublin Castle Art, (1999). She is former Yeats Curator at the National Gallery of Ireland, (2006-08), where she curated The Fantastic in Irish Art and Masquerade and Spectacle: The Travelling Fair in the Work of Jack B. Yeats in 2007.  


Honours and Awards

Year: 2016.
Title: Advisory Panel NIVAL
Year: 2016.
Title: Trustee O'Malley Archive National Library of Ireland National Photographic Archive
Year: 2016.
Title: Member Dublin City Council Arts Advisory Group
Year: 2000.
Title: Government of Ireland Research Scholarship in the Humanities
Year: 1998.
Title: Arts Council/Office of Public Works Bursary in Art Curatorship
Year: 2003.
Title: Faculty of Arts Teaching Fellowship
Year: 2001.
Title: Bursary - - John Hewitt International Summer School
Year: 2009.
Title: Director W.B.Yeats Winter School

Conference Contributions

Roisin Kennedy (2016) Hugh Lane Gallery: Mausoleum or Museum. [International Refereed Conference], Making Memory, National Gallery of Ireland , 13-OCT-16 - 15-OCT-16.
Roisin Kennedy (2016) The Carrolls Prizes. [Invited Lecture], Best of Decades - Exhibitions of the 60s, Dublin City Gallery, Hugh Lane , 09-SEP-16 - 09-SEP-16.
Roisin Kennedy (2016) W.B. Yeats and Visual Art in the Irish Free State. [Invited Lecture], W.B. Yeats: Art Writing and Righting Art, Trinity College Dublin , 08-OCT-16 - 08-OCT-16.
Dr. Aintzane Legarreta and Dr. Roisin Kennedy (2015) Irish Modernist Women: Networks of Production, Exchange and Dissemination. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Irish Modernist Women: Networks of Production, Exchange and Dissemination, Humanities Institute, UCD , 06-MAR-15 - 06-MAR-15.
Dr. Marta Bustillo (2015) Reflecting the State. The Harry Clarke Studio Windows and Public Religious Art in Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Clarke Studios Symposium, Trinity Long Room Hub , 06-FEB-15 - 06-MAR-15.
Dr. Roisin Kennedy (2014) The Geneva Window: a macabre 'synthesis' of art and literature. [International Refereed Conference], Lattitudes ACIS, UCD , 11-JUN-14 - 14-JUN-14.
Dr. Anne Dolan and Prof. Eunan O'Halpin (2014) Visual Art in the Emergency. [Invited Oral Presentation], Centre for Contemporary Irish History Seminar Series, Trinity Long Room Hub , 01-OCT-14 - 01-OCT-14.
Association of Art Historians, UK, Annual Conference (2014) Censorsing, silencing the artwork. [International Refereed Conference], AAH 2014 Annual Conference, Royal College of Art, London , 10-APR-14 - 12-APR-14.
Glucksman Ireland, NYU (2014) Flamboyant, Gothic, Romanesque: The Language of Art and Revolution. [Keynote Address], Ernie O'Malley Symposium on Modern Ireland and Revolution, Glucksman Ireland House, NYU, New York , 25-APR-14 - 26-APR-14.
TRIARC, Trinity College Dublin (2014) Nudes and Spirals. Ways of Seeing Irish art and artists post 1969. [Invited Oral Presentation], Symposium in Honour of Catherine Marshall, Trinity College Dublin , 08-MAR-14 - 08-MAR-14.
Chaired Cormac O'Malley (2014) On Mexican and Native American Art: Ernie O'Malley's Transtlantic Connections. [International Refereed Conference], ACIS Lattitudes, O'Brien Science Centre, UCD , 11-JUN-14 - 14-JUN-14.
NUI Maynooth (2013) Busts and Masks : the problem of commemorating 1916. [Invited Oral Presentation], Memory, Modernism and Media, NUI, Maynooth , 21-JUN-13 - 22-JUN-13.
Kennedy, Roisin; (2011) Irish Art History, Thomas MacGreevy and the Capuchin Annual. [International Refereed Conference], Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, UK, University of Warwick , 31-MAR-11 - 02-APR-11.
Kennedy, Roisin; (2011) Art History Panel. [Chaired Session], Reconstructing the Revival: Interdisciplinary Approaches, HII, UCd , 09-SEP-11 - 10-SEP-11.
Kennedy, Roisin ; (2010) Irish art and Irish identity - Whose Ireland?. [Keynote Address], Whose Ireland? Midwest-Irish Studies Annual Conference, Grand State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan , 21-OCT-10 - 23-OCT-10.
Kennedy, Roisin; (2010) Tracing 1916 - visual art and related sources. [Invited Oral Presentation], 1916 and After, Moore Institute, NUI Galway , 06-NOV-10 - 06-NOV-10.
Kennedy, Roisin ; (2010) Lost in Translation: Irish Art and Irish Art History. [Keynote Address], Writing Irish Art History, TRIARC, Trinity College Dublin , 20-NOV-10 - 20-NOV-10.
Kennedy, Roisin ; (2009) Irish Catholicism and Perceptions of Visual Art in the Emergency. [International Refereed Conference], Catholicism and Public Cultures, IADT, Dun Laoghaire , 17-JUN-09 - 19-JUN-09.
Kennedy, Roisin; (2008) Exhibitions and education. [Invited Lecture], Irish Art. Periphery and Centre, Princess Grace Library, Monaco , 19-SEP-08 - 21-SEP-08.


Committee : Irish American Cultural Institute O'Malley Award



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Kennedy, R.; (1999) Dublin Castle Art - The Historical and Contemporary Collection. Dublin: Government Stationary Office. [Details]

Book Chapters

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Edited Books

Roisin Kennedy Cormac O'Malley (Ed.). (2017) Nobody's Business. The Aran Diaries of Ernie O'Malley. Dublin: Lilliput Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Roisin Kennedy (2015) 'Transmitting Avant-garde Art: Post-impressionism in a Dublin Context'. Visual Resources, 31 (1-2):61-73. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
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Other Journals

Kennedy, Roisin; (2011) 'Brenda Moore-McCann's 'Brian O'Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Between Categories'' Artefact - Journal of the Irish Association of Art Historians (Issue 4/2010) :62-65. [Details]
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Kennedy, R.; (2009) Thomas Bodkin. Dictionary Entry [Details]

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Book Reviews

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Research Interests

Dr. Róisín Kennedy's research focuses on the critical reception of modernist art in Ireland, the role and function of art writing post 1880, on  the position of women as artists and subjects in modernist art, and on the role of censorship and ideology in the production and patronage of modern art. She is currently preparing for publication a book on attitudes towards modernist art in Ireland 1922-77. 

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Art and Nation Building ¿ Imaginings and Realities
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-16 / 31-OCT-18
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : OBRSS Research Support Scheme
Start Date / End Date : 01-NOV-16 / 31-OCT-19


Teaching Philosophy

Currently teaching - AH20030 Modernism; AH40160 Approaches to Art History: Resources and Methods.

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Member of BA Programme Review 2016-17 School Head of Teaching and Learning



External Collaborators

Dr. Riann Coulter, Curator F.E. McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge.
Professor Fintan Cullen, Professor of  Art History, University of Nottingham.
Dr. Aintzane Legarreta, IMMA.
Dr. Angela Griffith, Department of History of Art and Architecture,  Trinity College Dublin and Dr. Marguerite Helmers, Department of English, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, USA.
Aoife Ruane, Director Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda and Niamh McGuinne, Paper conservator, National Gallery of Ireland.