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I have been director of the MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management since 2006. Previously, I worked for Ireland's state heritage service for over twenty years, where I was director of both Kilmainham Gaol and the Pearse Museum.  As a heritage sector manager, I pioneered the use of museums and historic properties in Ireland as sites for major art projects. My experience in the heritage field includes producing cultural and historical exhibitions and audio-visual presentations, and the management of historic sites in line with best principles of conservation practice. I was Chairman of the Irish Museums Association (2002-06). I have been assessor for the Heritage Council's Museum Standards Programme for Ireland and am currently a member of the Advisory Group charged with overseeing and revising standards for that programme. 




Association: Irish Museums Association, Function/Role: Chairman

Conference Contributions

Pat Cooke; (2011) Arts and Civil Society. [Invited Lecture], CREATE Arts and Civil Society Symposium, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork , 20-OCT-11 - 21-OCT-11.
Cooke, P.; (2011) Irish Studies Conference. [Chaired Session], 18th Australasian Irish Studies conference: The Irish in Australia 1788 to the present, National Museum of Australia, Canberra , 08-JUL-11 - 03-JUL-11.
Van Beek, G and others; (2007) Convenor of discussion on ethnographic collections in Irish museums. [Chaired Session], The Globe in a Glass Case: Ethnographic Collections in Ireland, Dublin , 12-MAY-07 - 12-MAY-07.
Cooke, P.; (2007) Relics and Remembrance. [Keynote Address], Upheavals of Memory Conference, Humanities Institute , 01-APR-07.
Cooke, P.; (2005) Was 1916 Necessary?. [Oral Presentation], Byrne-Perry Summer School, * , 01-JUN-05.
Cooke, P.; (2003) Memory, Identity and Diaspora. [Chaired Session], Re-imagining Ireland conference, University of Virginia , 01-MAY-03.
Cooke, P.; (2005) Museums as hybrid institutions of the 21st Century. [Keynote Address], Rethinking Technology in Museums Conference, University of Limerick , 01-JUL-05.


Committee : Advisory group on the setting up of an Irish Diaspora Centre
Committee : Board of the Hunt Museum, Limerick
Committee : Board of the National Print Museum
Committee : Irish Museums Association
Committee : Pilot programme: Museum Standards in Ireland.


Year 2004 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MBA Subject:
Year 1980 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1976 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:


Client: Consultant Assessor on the Heritage Council's Museum Standards programme for Ireland.

Outreach Activities

IRELAND was held in UCD. This major conference on cultural policy and management in Ireland was held in the Fitzgerald Debating Chamber and attracted over 120 delegates from the Irish cultural sector. It was co-organised by the Director of the MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management at UCD and Kerry McCall, lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management at IADT. The event was sponsored by the Arts and Heritage Councils of Ireland. Further information on the conference, including video recordings of the four plenary sessions, are available at:

Other Activities

Extern - MA in Museum and Gallery Studies, Waterford Institute of Technology (from 2010-14).



Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Cooke, P. (2003) The Containment of Heritage: Setting Limits to the Growth of Heritage in Ireland. Reports [Details]

Electronic Publication

Cooke, P.; (2000) Kilmainham Gaol: Interpreting Irish nationalism and republicanism. Electronic Publication Available Online [Details]


Pat Cooke (2012) The Imperial Origins of Ireland's National Museum, in Tintean, magazine of the Australian Irish Heritage Network, Issue 19. Melbourne: Articles [Details]
Cooke, P.; (1996) Preface to The Edge of Europe, Collection of photographs by Anthony Haughey. Articles [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests are in cultural policy and management within the cultural sector. I am currently working on cultural policy in Ireland, 1922-2005, with a particular focus on artist-centred arts policy.

In 2003 I produced a policy paper on the management of Irish heritage while a fellow at TCD¿s Policy Institute.