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Paula Murphy

Associate Professor

School Of Art History & Cultural Policy
Newman Building
Dublin 4

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An Associate Professor in the School, Paula Murphy has been a member of staff in Art History since 1980. She has particular responsibility for undergraduate courses on the history of sculpture and on art of the modern period.

Her research interests are in the area of 19 and 20 century Irish and European Art, with particular emphasis on sculpture and she has published widely on Irish sculpture. She has supervised a considerable number of postgraduate theses at MLitt and PhD level on a wide range of 19/20 century topics.  

She organized a joint UK/Ireland conference, collaborating with the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (UK) and the Sculptors' Society of Ireland. The conference theme was `Confraternity or Confrontation: Monumental Sculpture in Ireland and the UK'.

Professor Murphy has served on the Board of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Sculptors' Society of Ireland (now Visual Artists Ireland). She was Director of Study Abroad for the UCD College of Arts and Celtic Studies and the College of Human Sciences between 1999 and 2004.


Honours and Awards

Year: 1997.
Title: President's Research Fellowship


Association: Comité International de l'Histoire de l'Art, Membre Suppleant, Irish Committee, 1995- , Function/Role: *
Association: Irish Association of Art Historians, Function/Role: *
Association: Public Monuments and Sculpture Association of Great Britain, Function/Role: *
Association: AICA, Art Critics Association, Function/Role: *

Conference Contributions

Paula Murphy; (2010) Sculpture in the Irish landscape. [Invited Lecture], Ireland:Landscapes, Université de Nantes , 12-MAR-10 - 13-MAR-10.
Paula Murphy; (2010) art in the land/land in the art. [Chaired Session], Art in the Land, Sculpture in the Parklands, Co. Offaly , 18-SEP-10 - 18-SEP-10.
Paula Murphy; (2009) Does the collection and display of public sculpture reflect a shared heritage and commonality?. [Invited Lecture], The Museum: A Dialogue in Shared Histories and Common Heritage, Irish Museums Association Confirence, Derry , 27-FEB-09 - 01-MAR-09.
Paula Murphy; (2009) Gabriel Hayes: An Irish Sculptor (1909-1978). [Invited Lecture], Familiar but Unknown - Irish Women Artists and Artisans, Trinity College Dublin , 17-OCT-09 - 17-OCT-09.
P Murphy; (2007) Political ideology in the sculptor's studio in Ireland in the 19th century. [Invited Lecture], Political Ideology in Ireland, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest , 22-NOV-07 - 24-NOV-07.
P. Murphy; (2006) Unveilings of public monuments in 19/20th century Dublin. [Invited Lecture], Irlande le festif et le tragique, Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon , 24-MAR-06 - 25-MAR-06.
Paula Murphy; (2005) The cross relationship in monumental sculpture between Ireland and the UK. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Confraternity or Confrontation: Monumental Sculpture in Ireland and the UK, UCD Newman House , 08-OCT-05 - 10-OCT-05.
Murphy, Paula; (2004) The dramatic world of Irish woman sculptor. [Invited Lecture], Art Historians Association of Great Britain, Nottingham , 01-APR-04 - 04-APR-04.
Murphy, Paula; (2004) Monuments at risk in Dublin. [Invited Lecture], Art and Politics: the imagination of opposition in Europe, University College Dublin , 29-APR-04 - 30-APR-04.
Murphy, P.; (2000) Patriot, Peasant, Prostitute - 19th century mages of Ireland. [Invited Lecture], Art Historians Association of Great Britain, Edinburgh , 01-APR-00.
Murphy, P.; (1999) Rejecting Public Sculpture: Monument in Dublin. [Invited Lecture], Gallery or Garden: Challenges in the Care of Outdoor Sculpture, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Cliveden , 01-MAY-99.
Murphy, P.; (1999) Irish Art in the 20th century - from Insular to International. [Invited Lecture], Irish Art in the 20th century, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor , 01-OCT-99.
Murphy, Paula; (1996) 'Anobli a jamais par l'art': Dublin s'offre une statue d'Oscar Wilde. [Invited Lecture], Entrelacs franco-irlandais, Paris, College des Irlandais , 05-JUL-96 - 06-JUL-96.


Committee : JYA/Study Abroad, 2000/2004
Committee : Academic Council, 1998/2001, 2003-6
Committee : Visual Arts Committee, 1996-2004
Committee : Faculty Executive, 2002-6
Committee : Irish Museum of Modern Art, 1995-2000
Committee : Sculptor's Society of Ireland, 1995-98
Committee : Leaving Certificate Art Committee since 1999


Employer: UCD
Position: Senior Lecturer


Year 1971 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1977 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1992 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:





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Paula Murphy; (2010) Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture, Native Genius Reaffirmed. London: Yale University Press. [Details]
Paula Murphy; (1992) Roderic O'Conor. Dublin: Town House & National Gallery of Ireland. [Details]

Book Chapters

Paula Murphy (2014) 'Great Exhibitions: Painting' In: Nicola Figgis (eds). Painting 1600-1900 (Art and Architecture of Ireland, vol. 2). Dublin, New Haven & London: Royal Irish Academy & Yale University Press. , pp.47-49 [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Paula Murphy (2013) 'Let Us Rise'. Irish Arts Review, Nov 2013-Feb 2014 (Winter):114-117. [Details]
Paula Murphy (2012) 'Book Review: The Sculptures of FE McWilliam'. Irish Arts Review, winter (Dec 2012-Feb 2013):151-152. [Details]
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Paula Murphy; (1996) 'The O'Connell Monument in Dublin: The Political and Artistic Context of a Public Sculpture'. Apollo, :22-26. [Details]
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Paula Murphy; (1992) 'Thomas Farrell, Sculptor'. Irish Arts Review, :196-207. [Details]
Paula Murphy; (1991) 'Terence Farrell, Sculptor'. Irish Arts Review, :73-79. [Details]

Other Journals

Paula Murphy (2013) 'Book Review: Genteel Mavericks,Professional Women Sculptors in Victorian Britain' The Latchkey Journal of New Woman Studies 5 (Summer 2013) . Available Online [Details]
Paula Murphy; (2009) 'Does the collection and display of public sculpture display a shared heritage and commonality?' Museum Ireland 19 :29-35. [Details]
Paula Murphy; (1998) 'Commemorer/Detruire. La disparition des monuments public de Dublin' Annales d'Histoire de l'Art et d'Archeologie XX :7-22. [Details]

Conference Publications

Paula Murphy; (2004) Annobli a jamais par l'art: Dublin s'offre une statue d'Oscar Wilde . In: Paul Brennan and Michael O'Dea eds. Entrelacs franco-irlandais: langue, memoire, imaginaire Paris, College des Irlandais, , pp.169-181 [Details]
Paula Murphy; (2004) Monuments at Risk . In: Noel Kelly eds. Art and Politics, The Imagination of Opposition in Europe UCD, , pp.7-13 [Details]


Paula Murphy; (2001) The Tiny Poems of Camille Souter - a context. Articles [Details]
Paula Murphy; (2000) Tony Cragg, exhibition catalogue. Articles [Details]


Research Interests

19/20 century sculpture; 19/20 century Irish art; Ireland and the Great Exhibitions; Modern Art

Prof. Murphy is editor/principal author of Sculpture 1600-2000, volume 3 in the Royal Irish Academy's Art and Architecture of Ireland project which will be published in November 2014.


Teaching Philosophy