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Edward Casey

Research Administrator

School Of Biology & Environment Science
Science Centre - South
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


Currently, I work as the Programme Manager and principal administrator on the Earth and Natural Sciences Doctoral Studies Programme. This is a structured, thematic PhD programme at University College Dublin and involves partners at a number of other Irish Universities.

The Programme was established in 2011 with the first cohort of students being funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) through the Programme for Research at Third Level Institutions, Cycle 5 (PRTLI-5), co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). At total of 57 candidates were funded for four years under this scheme. We are now looking to expad the Programme and attract high calibre students to work with researchers within the UCD Earth Institute and with our partners on the Programme.

I began studying Engineering in UCD in 2002 and completed my Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006. Shortly after this time, I entered into my PhD, under the supervision of Dr David Timoney and Dr William Smith, both of the UCD School of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering. My work, based in the Urban Institute Ireland ( in Richview, is on emissions from road vehicles in the Dublin area and is part of the Urban Environment Project (

My research interests include the examining of the relationship between vehicle usage (generally described using a driving cycle) and the subsequent emission of pollutant species (described either through emissions factors or experimental investigation). I am also interested in the relationship between such emissions and human health. Following on from this, after treatment systems and alternative fuels are of particular interest, as are new methods of reducing emissions.




Association: Institution of Engineers of Ireland (Engineers Ireland), Function/Role: Member
Association: Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Function/Role: Associate Member

Conference Contributions

Liu, X. and Casey, E.; (2008) An examination of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions in the Dublin Area. [Oral Presentation], Conference of Irish Geographers 2008, Liverpool, UK , 09-MAY-08 - 11-MAY-08.


Year 2006 Institution: School of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, University College Dublin
Qualification: BE Subject: Mechanical Engineering



Peer Reviewed Journals

Kelly, J. A., Ryan, L., Casey, E. and O'Riardan, N.; (2009) 'Profiling road transport activity: Emissions from 2000 to 2005 in Ireland using national car test data'. Transport Policy, 16 (4):183-192. [Details]

Conference Publications

Casey, E. J., Smith, W. J. and Timoney, D. J.; (2009) A low cost system for monitoring on-road vehicle and engine operation . In: Charon, A eds. 3rd Environment and Transport and 17th Transport and Air Pollution Symposium Toulouse, France, , 01-JUN-09 - 03-JUN-09 [Details]


Research Interests

In my current role, I assist in a wide variety of research areas and topics and support students and academic staff in achieving research goals.

For my own PhD, my research looked at air quality within the urban area of Dublin. The work was carried out as part of the Urban Environment Project, based at the Urban Institute Ireland in UCD Richview. The overall project made use of the MOLAND Model to project likely trends in urban land use. The sub-project examined the relationship between vehicle use, and consequently fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions, as a function of land use change, with a view to providing information to policy makers on their infrastructural plans and development.