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Wieland Fricke


School Of Biology & Environment Science
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I was born in Dillenburg, Hessen, Germany, a beer-brewing, as opposed to wine-making region. I studied Biology at Universities of Marburg and Giessen (1981-1987; degree ‘Diplom Biologe’) and did my PhD (Dr rer nat) in Plant Physiology in Giessen (1987-1991), in the lab of Prof. Edwin Pahlich. I then went on to do a postdoc in the group of Prof Deri Tomos at University of Bangor, North Wales (1992-1995), before going to Uppsala, Sweden, as guest researcher (1995-1996) to work with Dr. Jim MacDonald. I then went to Sussex University (1997), where I worked with Prof Tim Flowers, before becoming lecturer (Plant Physiology), then reader, at Paisley University, Scotland (1997-2006). In August 2006, I started my current lecturer post at UCD.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2001.
Title: Role of aquaporins in regulation of leaf growth
Year: 2003.
Title: Cuticle development in barley leaves
Year: 2004.
Title: Role of potassium channels in leaf growth

Conference Contributions

Fricke et al.; Meeting in Barcelona, July 2005. [Invited Lecture], Annaul SEB meeting 2005, Barcelona .
Fricke; International conference on Aquaporins. [N/A], Aquaporin Conference, Belgium, near Brussels .
Fricke; Meeting in Jan 2006. [Poster Presentation], Plant Frontier Meeting, Glasgow .
Fricke et al.; Meeting on plant transport processes in Glasgow Sep 2005. [Oral Presentation], Plant Transport Group (PTG) Meeting 2005, Glasgow, UK .
Fricke et al.; Meeting in Canterbury of Society of Experimental Biology (SEB). [Invited Lecture], Annaul SEB meeting 2006, Canterbury, UK .
Volkov et al.; Meeting about plant science (molecular in particular) in Scotland. [Poster Presentation], Scottish Plant Molecular Biology Meeting, St. Andrews, Scotland .
Richardson et al; Meeting in Canterbury of Society of Experimental Biology (SEB). [Poster Presentation], Annaul SEB meeting 2006, Canterbury, UK .
Boscari et al.; Meeting in Canterbury of Society of Experimental Biology (SEB). [Poster Presentation], Annaul SEB meeting 2006, Canterbury, UK .


Employer: University Paisley
Position: Lecturer / Reader


Year 1991 Institution: Justus-Liebig-Univaersity Giessen, Germany
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1987 Institution: Justus-Liebig-Univaersity Giessen, Germany
Qualification: MA Subject:





Book Chapters

Fricke, W., Chaumont, F.; (2007) 'Solute and Water Relations of Growing Plant Cells' In: Verbelen, J.-P., Vissenberg, K (eds). The Expanding Cell - Plant Cell Monographs Vol 5. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Volkov, V., Hachez, C., Moshelion, M., Draye, X., Chaumont, F. & Fricke, W.; (2007) 'Water permeability differs between growing and non-growing barley leaf tissues'. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 58 (3):377-390. [Details]
Fricke, W., Wei, W., Alexandersson, E., Miller, T., Kjellbom, P.O., Richardson, A., Wojciechowski, T., Schreiber, L., Akhiyarova, G., Veselov, D., Kudoyarova, G. & V. Volkov; (2006) 'The short-term growth response of salt of the developing barley leaf'. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, (57):1079-1095. [Details]
Richardson A., Franke, R., Kerstiens, G., Jarvis, M., Schreiber, L., & W. Fricke; (2005) 'Cuticular wax deposition in barley leaves commences in relation to the point of emergence from sheaths of older leaves'. PLANTA, (222):472-483. [Details]

Other Journals

Hu, Y., Fricke, W. & U. Schmidhalter; (2005) 'Salinity and the growth of non-halophytic grass leaves: the role of mineral-nutrient distribution' Functional Plant Biology (32) :973-985. [Details]


Research Interests

Plant Physiology, including molecular and biophysical approaches.
Leaf Growth, Water relations, Mineral Nutrition, Leaf Cuticle, K- channels, Aquaporins.
Single-Cell Analyses (Pressure probe, EDX-analyses, picolitre osmomtery).
Stress (Salinity, nitrogen and K-limitation).
Plant species/group focussed on: barley/grasses.



Internal Collaborators

<< Dr. Carl Ng, School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, aquaporin and cuticle projects >>

External Collaborators

<< Prof. Lukas Schreiber, Bonn University, Germany; cuticle projects

Dr. Gerhard Kerstiens, Lancaster University, England cuticle projects

Dr. Mike Jarvis, Glasgow University, Scotland, cuticle projects>>

Prof Per Kjellbom and Dr. Erik Alexandersson, Lund University, Sweden, aquaporin projects

Dr. Dortje Golldack, Bielefeld University, Germany, aquaporin and K-channel projects

Dr. Tony Miller, Rothamsted Research, England, aquaporin and K-channel projects

Dr. Anna Amtmann, Glasgow University, Scotland, K-channel project

Dr. Menachem Moshelion, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, aquaporin projects

Prof. Francois Chaumont, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, aquaporin projects

Dr. Wenxue Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changsha, China, aquaporin projects

Dr. Alexandre Boscari and Dr. Mathilde Clement, Nice University, France, K-channel project