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Professor William Gallagher BSc PhD CBiol MSB

William Gallagher is Director of the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, and Professor of Cancer Biology in the UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science. He is also the Director of the first Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre, BREAST-PREDICT, which will receive 7.5 million euro in funding from 2013 to 2018 ( His primary research interests are in the areas of cancer biology and molecular therapeutics.

Prof. Gallagher originally graduated from the Department of Biochemistry, UCD in 1993 with a 1st Class Joint Honours degree in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. Subsequently, he obtained a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the Cancer Research UK Beatson Laboratories in Glasgow. In 1997, he moved to Paris to undertake a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer (currently Sanofi-Aventis). Afterwards, he returned to Ireland upon receipt of an Enterprise Ireland Post-Doctoral Fellowship (1999-2000) and, subsequently, a Marie Curie Return Fellowship (2000-2001).

In 2001, he was employed in a permanent capacity as College Lecturer at UCD within the former Department of Pharmacology. In 2005, he was appointed Senior Lecturer within the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science and was promoted to Associate Professor of Cancer Biology in 2006. In September 2009, Prof. Gallagher took up the position of Vice-Principal of Research and Innovation at the UCD College of Life Sciences, and was appointed a Conway Fellow at the UCD Conway Institute. In 2007, he co-founded OncoMark Ltd. (where he is currently Chief Scientific Officer), which is a private company centred on the development and application of biomarker panels and associated technologies, on both tissues and biological fluids (

A major focus of Prof. Gallagher's research work is the identification and validation of candidate biomarkers of breast cancer and melanoma, with particular emphasis on translation of transcriptomic and proteomic datasets into clinically relevant assays. In addition, his team utilises lentiviral-based approaches to investigate the functional relevance of candidate tumour progression-associated genes at both in vitro and in vivo levels, as well as engages in preclinical evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents. 

Prof. Gallagher has a track record of success in attracting European funding and has participated as a co-ordinator/partner in several EU framework programmes. He previously co-ordinated 3 Industry-Academia Partnership (& Pathways) Programmes in breast cancer (Target-Breast), melanoma (Target-Melanoma), and prostate cancer (FAST-PATH). He currently co-ordinates the FP7 programmes, SYS-MEL, which uses systems medicine approaches to develop new diagnostic solutions in melanoma (, and RATHER, which focuses on new rationalised therapy options for difficult-to-treat breast cancer (

Since 1999, he has attracted more than 65 million euro in research funding from both national and external sources, over 28 million euro of this as a principal applicant. Together with Prof. John Crown, Prof. Gallagher was also co-PI on a major Science Foundation Ireland-funded Strategic Research Cluster, Molecular Therapeutics of Cancer Ireland, which ran from 2009 to 2014 ( This was one of the most extensive organ-independent programmes in translational cancer research within Ireland, involving extensive collaboration with  pharmaceutical, biotech and imaging companies.

Prof. Gallagher has received a number of awards based on his research work to date, including the BACR/AstraZeneca Young Scientist Frank Rose Award in 2004, the St. Luke's Silver Medal Award in 2008, and the RAMI Doctors award in Oncology in 2013. Prof. Gallagher has had productive collaborative interactions with a variety of other industrial partners throughout his research, and has filed multiple patents.

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Honours and Awards

Year: 2013.
Title: RAMI Doctor Awards 2013, Winner in Oncology Section
Year: 2011.
Title: NovaUCD Innovation Award 2011
Year: 2008.
Title: JMS Doctor Awards 2008 - Winner in Oncology Section
Year: 2008.
Title: 33rd St. Luke's Lecture and Silver Medal 2008
Year: 2007.
Title: JMS Doctor Awards 2007 - Finalist in Oncology Section
Year: 2006.
Title: JMS Doctor Awards 2006 - Finalist in Oncology Section
Year: 2005.
Title: JMS Doctor Awards 2005 - Finalist in Oncology Section
Year: 2004.
Title: BACR/AstraZeneca
Year: 2003.
Title: JMS Doctor Award
Year: 2000.
Title: BACR/Hamilton-Fairley
Year: 2000.
Title: Marie Curie Return Fellowship
Year: 1999.
Title: Enterprise Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship
Year: 1997.
Title: Marie Curie Research Training Grant
Year: 1996.
Title: Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology Award
Year: 1993.
Title: Cancer Research Campaign PhD Studentship
Year: 0.
Title: First Position in Molecular Genetics
Year: 1993.
Title: Second Position in Biochemistry Class
Year: 1992.
Title: Wellcome Trust Summer Vacation Scholarship
Year: 1989.
Title: Mount Sion CBS Gold Medal Award
Year: 0.
Title: Travel Award
Year: 0.
Title: Travel Award


Association: Irish Co-operative Oncology Research Group, Function/Role: Member and Collaborator
Association: Metastasis Research Society (Jan 2008 ¿ Present), Function/Role: member
Association: Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (Jan 2008 - Present), Function/Role: member
Association: The Biochemical Society (Date of election 01-10-93), Function/Role: *
Association: American Association for Cancer Research Active Member (Jan 2004 Present), Function/Role: *
Association: Associate Editor of MCFA News (Oct 2002 Present), Function/Role: *
Association: Deputy Co-Ordinator of the Conway Institute Cancer Biology Group (Jul 2002-Present), Function/Role: *
Association: Expert on the following Conway Institute Core Activity Units: Transcriptomics/ Bioinformatics/Information Technology (July 2002 Present) , Function/Role: *
Association: Lead Co-Ordinator of the Conway Institute Cancer Biology Group (Oct 2001 to Jul 2002), Function/Role: *
Association: Member of Conway Institute Transcriptomics Management Committee (Jan 2000 to Dec 2001), Function/Role: *
Association: Council Member of the Irish Association for Cancer Research (Date of election 14-04-00), Function/Role: *
Association: Co-Ordinator of the Marie Curie Fellowship Association Irish Section (since 1999), Function/Role: *
Association: Irish Association for Cancer Research (since 1999), Function/Role: *
Association: Marie Curie Fellowship Association (Date of election 28-04-99), Function/Role: *
Association: Institute of Biology (Date of election 25-03-99), Function/Role: *
Association: British Association for Cancer Research (Date of election 02-04-95), Function/Role: *


Patent WO2016042164 : A method of predicting risk of recurrence of cancer
Patent 13150937.4 : A peptide conjugate suitable for use as an anti-cancer agent.
Patent S2007/0882 : Method and system for image analysis
Patent US20040005646 : Use of the S2-6 gene product as a diagnostic marker for cancer detection.
Patent PCT/GB2006/0007 : Markers for Melanoma - UK Patent Application
Patent GB 0604370.7 : Markers for Melanoma
Patent PCT/US07/68619 : Methods and compositions for identifying and using p21-regulated proteins.
Patent 03/080627 : Compounds useful as photodynamic therapeutic agents.
Patent WO0022120 : (MBP1) polypeptides capable of interacting with oncogenic mutants of the p53 protein.


Committee : Breast Cancer Campaign Scientific Advisory Board
Committee : Irish Cancer Society Research Capacity Building Committee
Committee : Irish Cancer Society Research Fellowship Committee
Committee : Breast Cancer Campaign Gap Analysis Committee
Committee : University Research Strategy Board (2009-Present)
Committee : Member of Charles Institute Buildings Subcommittee (2008-Present)
Committee : Chairperson for UCD Seed Funding Review Panel - Programme 1/Strand 2 (2009)
Committee : Member of UCD Seed Funding Review Panel (2008)
Committee : UCD Research Computing Steering Group
Committee : SFI Cancer Committee
Committee : PRTLI Imaging Initiative
Committee : Conway Institute Cancer Biology Group
Committee : Conway Institute Cancer Biology Group
Committee : Conway Institute subgroups, including Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Histology
Committee : Health Research Board: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Committee
Committee : Health Research Board: Genomics, Proteomics and Human Disease Committee
Committee : Enterprise Ireland Basic Research Grant Committee


Employer: UCD
Position: Director UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science/ Director of Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre BREAST-PREDICT
Employer: U.C.D
Position: Professor of Cancer Biology
Employer: AVENTIS Pharma, France
Position: Marie Curie Research Fellow
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Enterprise Ireland Research Fellow
Employer: Conway Institute
Position: Core Investigator
Employer: Marie Curie Fellowship Association
Position: National Co-Ordinator
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Marie Curie Return Fellow
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: College Lecturer
Employer: Conway Institute
Position: Lead Co-ordinator
Employer: Conway Institute
Position: Deputy Co-ordinator
Employer: U.C.D.
Position: Associate Professor of Cancer Biology


Year 1993 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BSc Subject:
Year 1996 Institution: University of Glasgow, Scotland
Qualification: PhD Subject:



Outreach Activities

I also participate in outreach activities to primary and secondary level students, with a view to fostering an interest in science.



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Research Interests

A major focus of the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) Lab, led by Prof. Gallagher, is the identification and validation of molecular determinants of tumour progression in breast cancer and melanoma ( ). We also have a particular interest in the identification and validation of candidate prognostic and predictive biomarkers in oncology, with emphasis on the translation of transcriptomic and proteomic datasets into clinically relevant assays. In addition, our team utilises lentiviral-based approaches to investigate the functional relevance of candidate tumour progression associated genes at both in vitro  and in vivo  levels, as well as engage in preclinical evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents. In this respect, we currently co-ordinate an advanced Molecular Imaging Facility, comprised of state-of-the-art optical (IVIS Spectrum) and radionuclide (PET/CT and SPECT/CT) in vivo imaging systems.
The CBT Lab participates in the national cancer research initiative: The Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre BREAST-PREDICT, of which Prof. Gallagher is Director. The translational activities within the Centre owe their origins in significant part to two Science Foundation Ireland-funded programmes, namely Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Ireland ( with Prof. Gallagher as a co-PI and Deputy Co-ordinator, and Systems Biology Ireland ( led by Prof. Walter Kolch. Our team also co-ordinates an FP7 Collaborative Research programme, RATHER  ( ), which is focused on providing rationalised therapy options for difficult-to-treat breast cancer subtypes, namely triple negative (TN) breast cancer and invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC). This collaborative project, which involves 8 academic and industrial partners across 5 EU countries, centres on detailed molecular analysis of kinome alterations at multiple levels (gene sequence mutations, copy number variation, mRNA expression, phosphorylation status) in these two subtypes of breast cancer. Together with functional interrogation of lead kinase targets identified from this molecular analysis, the research programme involves the development and utilisation of novel companion diagnostic assays in a clinical trials context.

The CBT lab under the direction of Prof Gallagher, co-ordinates an FP7 Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnership and Pathways (IAPP) Programme under FP7 SYS-MEL (, which is focused on developing prognostic and predictive tests for melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. This programme involves 6 partners (4 academic/2 industrial) across 3 EU countries and runs from 2013-2017. This SYS-MEL Consortium was a follow-up from the successful TargetMelanoma project that was completed in June 2013.