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Sabina Stan

Senior Social Scientist

School Of Business



Sabina Stan is Senior Social Scientist in the European Unions ERC project and Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland. In the ERC project, Sabina concentrates on new economic governance and labour politics in the health sector at EU level, in Romania and in Ireland. Her previous research has dealt with the healthcare privatisation, east-west migration, cross-border patient mobility, uneven development and the European healthcare transnational space, and collective action in response to healthcare privatisation and mobility in Europe. 



Peer Reviewed Journals

Stan, S. and Erne, R. (16) 'Is migration from Central and Eastern Europe an opportunity for trade unions to demand higher wages? Evidence from the Romanian health sector'. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 22 (2):167-183. [DOI] [Details]