Researchers at UCD


Frank Bradley

Professor, Director of Academic Centre - International Marketing Studies

School of Business
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School
Carysfort Avenue
Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 1 7168949


Academic Positions
2005 - Emeritus Professor
1984 - R & A Bailey Professor of Marketing
1975-84 Lecturer in Departments of Business Administration and Marketing
1973-74 Lecturer (part-time), Department of Business Administration

Administrative Positions

1999- Head, Department of Marketing
1995-98 Dean, Schools of Business (Faculty of Commerce)
1992-95 Head, Department of Marketing
1986-89 Head, Department of Marketing
1980 - Director, Centre for International Marketing Studies
1986-90 Director, Master of Business Studies Programme
1988-93 Director, Bachelor of Commerce (International)
1994- Director, Bachelor of Commerce (Spain)



Bradley, F.; (2005) International Marketing Strategy 5th Edition. *: Prentice Hall. [Details]
Bradley, F.; (2003) Strategic Marketing ' in the Customer Driven Organisation. Chichester, West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Bradley, F., Carlos M. P. Sousa; (2006) 'Cultural Distance and Psychic Distance: Two Peas in a Pod?'. Journal of International Marketing, 14 (1):49-70. [Details]
Bradley, F., Meyer, R. & Gao, Y.; (2006) 'Use of supplier-customer relationships by SMEs to enter foreign markets'. Industrial Marketing Management, 35 :652-665. [Details]
Bradley, F., Carlos M. P. Sousa; (2005) 'Global Markets: does psychic distance matter?'. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 13 :43-59. [Details]
Bradley, F.; (2001) 'Country-Company Interaction Effects and Supplier Preferences Among Industrial Buyers'. Industrial Marketing Management, 30 (5):1; 511-12; 524. [Details]
Bradley, F. & Gannon, M.; (2000) 'Does the Firm's Technology and Marketing Profile Affect Foreign Market Entry?'. Journal of International Marketing, 8 (4):12-36. [Details]


Research Interests

Determinants of international marketing strategies with emphasis on: the growth and development of the firm, value systems and international marketing strategies, foreign market entry and access to distribution channels. Coping with uncertainty in international marketing. How country of origin effect is mediated in the marketing of industrial products. Product-market and business system resource allocation for competitive advantage among successful SMEs in international markets.