Researchers at UCD

Dermot Brougham

Senior Lecturer

School Of Chemistry
Science Centre - South
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7162077


Dermot Brougham his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from UCD,th elatter in computational organometallic chemistry working under the supervisionof Prof David Brown and Dr Noel Fitzpatrick. He subsequently undertook postdoctoral
work at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Nottingham, working in NMR spectroscopy and relaxometry. His first academic position was in the School of Chemical Sciences, DCU and he moved to the Schol of Chemistry, UCD, in 2016. His research is in the use of NMR to study dynamic processes in condensed matter, and the
application of these measurements in developing nano-structured materials for bioapplications.



Peer Reviewed Journals

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