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Paul Evans

Associate Professor

School Of Chemistry
Science Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7162291


B. Sc. (1994), University of East Anglia;
D. Phil. (1998), University of York in synthetic organic chemistry (supervisor, Prof. R. J. K. Taylor);
Postdoctoral work (1998-2001) in the areas of transition metal mediated synthesis and medicinal chemistry, University of Leeds (Prof. R. Grigg) and University of Manchester (Prof. E. J. Thomas); Charterhouse Lecturer in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry (2001-2003), University of Liverpool;
Lecturer in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry (2003-2006), Trinity College Dublin;
Current position: Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, University College Dublin.



Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Research Interests

Our research focuses on the development of new synthetic methods for the preparation of compounds whose particular structural characteristics indicate potential biological properties.

One of the main themes has been the preparation of cross- conjugated cyclopentenones that featured a one-pot conjugate addition Peterson-olefination sequence (see Figure 1). This method enables the rapid construction of compounds related to Δ12,14-15-deoxy-PGJ2, a member of the well-known prostaglandin family of natural products.

These compounds exhibit several interesting biological activities, including the inhibition of NF-kB, and both activation of the heat shock response (mediated by heat-shock proteins) and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-γ (PPAR-γ). The latter transcription factor is involved in the way the body uses fats and glucose and is the molecular target for a class of drugs marketed for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. We are involved in a programme whose aim is to prepare and evaluate using a high throughput assay a library of cross-conjugated cyclopentenones for their activation of PPAR-γ.


We have also developed a highly efficient method for the preparation of novel enantio enriched cyclopentenones employing the lipase enzyme Novozyme 435® as a means to discriminate between mirror image forms of molecules (Figure 2). The ultimate aim of this project is to use these compounds as synthetic building blocks for the preparation of cross conjugated cyclopentenones as a single mirror image form.

More recently we have developed an efficient and mechanistically interesting method for the preparation of cyclic aryl amines involving the double reduction of cyclic sulfonamides (Figure 3). Aromatic amines, accessible using this methodology, are structurally related to neurotransmitters like nicotine and dopamine.

We aim to use this reaction for the stereoselective preparation of amino containing alkaloids like lasubine I.