Researchers at UCD


Devrim Kilinc

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl Ii

School Of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Science Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


I am interested in the mechanisms with which cells, especially neurons, interact with the physical environment they are in and mechanical cues they receive. During my PhD, I studied the response of cultured central nervous system (CNS) neurons to mechanical traumatic injury and the molecular mechanisms involved in axonal degeneration following trauma. For my first post-doctoral training, I developed a microfluidic culture platform for neurons that enables focal axotomy of a large number of axons and provides exclusive access to proximal and distal axonal segments. I have also developed a microfluidic device that enables isolated treatment and lysis of CNS axons in such a quantity that biochemical analyses, i.e. one- and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, can be conducted. I have recently joined Lee Bionanosciences Group where I am combining microfluidic neuron culture with magnetic tweezers technique to study the effect of mechanically-induced intracellular signaling on axon outgrowth mechanisms. The axon growth cone is thought to be the region where mechano-chemical signaling is transduced into cell motility, i.e. axonal retraction or outgrowth. My project aims to dissect the molecular pathways associated with the mechanotransduction of the extracellular stimuli into the cytoskeleton.

You can find detailed information on my earlier studies in my personal web page: