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Aude Doody

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Classics
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168637


I did my primary degree in Classics at Trinity College, Dublin, before moving to Cambridge, where I completed my M.Phil. and Ph.D. I held a research fellowship at Newnham College, Cambridge, before returning to Dublin in 2005 to take up a lectureship in Classics at UCD. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2013.
Title: Humboldt Research Fellowship
Year: 2009.
Title: Selma V. Forkosch Prize

Conference Contributions

Aude Doody (2011) Knowledge and Authority in Varro's Res Rusticae. [Invited Oral Presentation], Classics and Ancient History Seminar, University of Manchester , 20-OCT-11 - 20-OCT-11.
Aude Doody (2012) Greek Authority and Roman Farming in the Natural History. [Invited Oral Presentation], Langford Seminar: The Greek and Roman Culture of Pliny the Elder, Florida State University , 10-NOV-12 - 10-NOV-12.
Aude Doody; (2011) 'Pliny's Encyclopedia'. [Invited Lecture], Workshop, Paris 7 - Denis Diderot , 09-JUN-11 - 09-JUN-11.
Aude Doody; (2010) 'Sources of Agricultural Knowledge in Varro's Res Rustica'. [Invited Lecture], Workshop on the Greco-Roman Scientific, Medical and Technical Writing, University of Bamberg , 20-MAR-10 - 20-MAR-10.
Aude Doody; (2009) 'Rambles and Studies in Greece: Oscar Wilde and John Pentland Mahaffy'. [Invited Lecture], Dublin Classics Seminar, UCD , 17-NOV-09 - 17-NOV-09.

Outreach Activities

I have appeared on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg talking about Pliny the Elder with Dr. Serafina Cuomo and Prof. Liba Taub.

You can also listen to the opening of my book on Pliny the Elder as part of UCD's Scholarcast series.




Aude Doody; (2010) Pliny's Encyclopedia. The Reception of the  Natural History  . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Available Online [Details]

Book Chapters

Aude Doody (2017) 'The Authority of Writing in Varro's De Re Rustica' In: Jason König, Greg Woolf (eds). Authority and Expertise in Ancient Scientific Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Details]
Aude Doody (2016) 'The Authority of Greek Poetry in Pliny's Natural History 18.63-65' In: Francis Cairns, Roy Gibson (eds). Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar Sixteenth Volume. Prenton: Francis Cairns. [Details]
Aude Doody (2015) 'Pliny the Elder' In: Dee Clayman (eds). Oxford Bibliographies in Classics. New York: Oxford University Press. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Aude Doody (2013) 'Literature of the World: Seneca's Natural Questions and Pliny's Natural History' In: Emma Buckley, Martin Dinter (eds). A Companion to the Neronian Age. Malden, MA; Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. , pp.288-301 [Details]
Aude Doody, Sabine Föllinger, Liba Taub (2012) 'Structures and Strategies in Ancient Greek and Roman Technical Writing: An Introduction' In: Aude Doody, Sabine Föllinger, Liba Taub (eds). Structures and Strategies in Ancient Greek and Roman Technical Writing. Special Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Volume 43. Issue 2: Elsevier. [Details]
Aude Doody; (2011) 'The Science and Aesthetics of Names in the Natural History' In: Aude Doody; (eds). Pliny the Elder. Themes and Contexts. Leiden: Brill. [Details]
Aude Doody; (2009) 'Authority and Authorship in the Medicina Plinii' In: Aude Doody; (eds). Authorial Voices in Greco-Roman Technical Writing. Trier: WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. Available Online [Details]
Aude Doody; (2007) 'Pliny the Elder' In: Noretta Horster et al (eds). New Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Detroit, MI: Thomson Gale. [Details]

Edited Books

Aude Doody, Sabine Föllinger, Liba Taub (Ed.). (2012) Structures and Strategies in Ancient Greek and Roman Technical Writing. Special Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Volume 43. Issue 2: Elsevier. [Details]
Aude Doody, Liba Taub (Ed.). (2009) Authorial Voices in Greco-Roman technical writing. Trier: WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. Available Online [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Doody, A; (2009) 'Pliny's Natural History: Enkuklios Paideia and the Ancient Encyclopedia'. Journal of the History of Ideas, 70 :1-21. [Details]
Aude Doody; (2007) 'Virgil the Farmer? Critiques of the Georgics in Columella and Pliny'. Classical Philology 1906-2002, 102 (2):180-197. [Details]
Aude Doody; (2001) 'Finding facts in Pliny's encyclopaedia: the Summarium of the Natural History'. Ramus, 30 (1):1-22. [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests include ancient scientific, medical and technical writing, Roman historiography, intellectual history and Classical reception. 

My book, Pliny's Encyclopedia: The Reception of the Natural History (Cambridge, 2010), examines Pliny's place in Greek and Roman scientific culture and explores the ways in which his text's information was transmitted and understood by later European scholars. 

I am currently working on the Roman agricultural writers.


Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy teaching, and at the moment offer undergraduate modules on Roman history, culture and literature, and on Latin language and literature. I currently offer an MA module on Rome and the Natural World.

I was Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the School of Classics from 2009-2012.