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Marc Caball

Senior Lecturer

School of History
Newman Building Room D404
Dublin 4

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Marc Caball is an historian and senior lecturer in UCD School of History. He is the lead investigator on the Irish Research Council funded project 'Mapping readers and readership in Dublin, 1826-1926: a new cultural geography'. His research centres on the cultural history of early modern Ireland in an Atlantic context. He has extensive experience of research policy and funding at national and European levels.  He was chairman of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Domain Committee for Individuals, Cultures, Societies and Health from 2008 to 2014. He is a council member of the Irish Texts Society and a board member of the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM). He is on the management committee of COST Action 15137 (European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities) He served as director of the UCD Humanities Institute during the period 2005-2011 and the UCD Graduate School of Arts and Celtic Studies between 2006 and 2011. He was the director of the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) between 2001 and 2005.  He was the first director of the cultural agency Ireland Literature Exchange. He was awarded a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford where he held a Sir John Rhys Studentship in Celtic Studies at Jesus College. He is a former scholar of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. He holds an MBS in Management and Organisational Studies from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the Irish Humanities Alliance.




Association: Irish Texts Society, Function/Role: Council Member
Association: ESF Microstudies in National Historiography., Function/Role: Team member
Association: Royal Historical Society, Function/Role: Fellow


Committee : National University of Ireland Published Works Committee
Committee : UCD Press Editorial Committee
Committee : International Advisory Board of Studies in Franco-Irish Relations
Committee : ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities
Committee : European Science Foundation COST Domain Committee 'Individuals, Societies, Cultures & Health'
Committee : Thematic Priority 7 (Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society) of EU Framework Programme 6


Employer: Ireland Literature Exchange
Position: Director
Employer: Higher Education Authority
Position: Director Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Director UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland and UCD Graduate School in Arts and Celtic Studies

Other Activities

Expert evaluator for EU Framework Programme 7



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Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Marc Caball (2014) ''Local and global: a perspective from early eighteenth-century Munster''. Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 34 :35-51. [Details]
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Other Journals

Marc Caball and Benjamin Hazard (eds.) (2013) ''A late seventeenth-century, partial English translation of the preface to Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Eirinn'' Analecta Hibernica 44 . [Details]
Marc Caball (2009) ''Dispossession and reaction: the Gaelic literati and the plantation in Ulster'' History Ireland 17 (6) :24-27. [Details]
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Book Reviews

Caball, M (2012) The Tipperary Hero: Dermot O'Meara's Ormonius (1615). Book Reviews [Details]
Caball, M (2008) Irish bardic poetry and rhetorical reality. Book Reviews [Details]
Caball, M (2006) Queenship and political discourse in the Elizabethan realms. Book Reviews [Details]


Marc Caball (2014) 'Verse travesty in restoration Ireland: Purgatorium Hibernicum and the Fingallian Travesty' by Andrew Carpenter. Dublin: Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

Marc Caball is a cultural historian whose primary research interests centre on early modern Ireland, the history of the early modern British Atlantic and the history of the book. His current research projects are focused on a monograph on the cultures of communication in early modern Ireland and the Tralee fascicle for the Royal Irish Academy's Irish Historic Towns Atlas. He was the principal investigator on the IRCHSS and Department of the Taoiseach-funded major research project 'Protestants, print and Gaelic culture in Ireland, 1567-1722' and was a recipient of an IRCHSS New Ideas Award for a research project entitled 'Book history, print and design: a knowledge transfer workshop' and an IRC New Foundations award for a 'Dublin Book History App' (the Books of Dublin App may be downloaded free of charge from the App Store). With Professor Clare Carroll (CUNY), he was co-director of the National Endowment for the Humanities-funded Summer Seminar 'Researching early modern manuscripts and printed books' (New York, June/July 2013). With colleagues in COST, he recently managed a strategic initiative in relation to Open Access and its policy implications for researchers ( He represented COST in a joint collaboration with the European Science Foundation on Cultural Literacy in Europe Today which resulted in the publication of a science policy briefing in 2013 ( Among Marc Caball's recent research initiatives were a panel entitled 'Local and global Irish identities in the seventeenth century' for the Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting in New York (March 2014) and he was on the organising commitee of the Joint Conference of the American Conference of Irish Studies and Canadian Association for Irish Studies at UCD (June 2014). He was an invited speaker at the Lithuanian EU Council Presidency Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020 (Vilnius , September 2013). He served on the organising committee of the COST conference 'The cities of tomorrow: the challenges of Horizon 2020' (Turin, September 2014). His most recent papers were delivered at the Harvard Celtic Studies Colloquium (October 2014) and at the North American Conference on British Studies, Minneapolis  (November 2014). He addressed the urban and cartographic history of Tralee at 'Learning from the past: mapping our future', Hunt Museum, Limerick (October 2014).

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Mapping readers and readership in Dublin, 1826-1926: a new cultural geography
Start Date / End Date : 01-NOV-15 / 31-OCT-17
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Local and global Irish identities in the seventeenth century
Start Date / End Date : 01-APR-14 / 30-SEP-15
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Communities of knowledge in nineteenth-century Ireland: science, culture and society
Start Date / End Date : 22-FEB-07 / 23-FEB-07
Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : Protestant, print and Gaelic culture in Ireland, 1567-1722
Start Date / End Date : 15-DEC-08 / 31-DEC-11
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Completion and publication of IVRLA outputs
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-10 / 31-DEC-10
Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : Book history, print and design: a knowledge transfer workshop
Start Date / End Date : 19-DEC-11 / 31-MAR-12
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Dublin Book History App
Start Date / End Date : 16-NOV-12 / 30-APR-13