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Georgiana Ifrim

Insight Centre For Data Analytics

School of Computer Science & Informatics



Dr. Ifrim joined the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, University College Dublin, in September 2013, as a research fellow. Prior to that she held post-doctoral positions in Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C), University College Cork, Ireland, and Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC), Aarhus University, Denmark. She holds a PhD and MSc from Max-Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII), Germany, and a BSc from University of Bucharest, Romania.

Her work focuses on machine learning and data mining, in particular she has experience with large scale sequence learning, energy-price forecasting for scheduling design, and statistical models for classification/clustering/extraction/retrieval using text and ontologies (knowledge graphs).

Recently, she is focusing on social media analytics tools to support data-driven journalism. 




Year 2009 Institution: Uni of Saarbrucken, Germany
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 2005 Institution: Uni of Saarbrucken, Germany
Qualification: MSc Subject:
Year 2003 Institution: University of Bucharest
Qualification: BSc Subject:




Research Interests

  • Social Media Analytics for Digital Journalism
  • Energy-Efficiency Applications
    • Energy price forecasting for cost-aware scheduling design (Opt4Smartcities@CP13, CP12, Elsevier14)
  • Sequence Classification/Regression
    • Sequence learning with all-subsequences (PlosOne14, KDD11, KDD08)
    • Product review rating using opinion mining (COLING10)
  • Extracting and Exploiting Binary Relationships Graphs (aka ontologies) 
    • WordNet/Yago (knowledge graphs), Naga (graph search) (PKDD06, KDD06, ICDE08)