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Martel Schoofs


Apt 45
20 ChristChurch Place
Co Dublin

Tel: +353 1 716


I am currently a Ph.D. student at CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, located at University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland. I am also maintaining, a blog that provides news on WSN standards and new technologies.

I received my Laurea degree in 2005 from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille in France. During 2005-2009 I have been working as a research scientist for Philips Research in The Netherlands. I conducted research on IP for low-power wireless networks (6LoWPAN) to identify impact and opportunities for Philips businesses and Philips standardization activities. An important part of the job was the interaction with Philips businesses and the contribution to standardization activities (IETF, RF4CE). The position of task leader in the WASP European project has also provided me business awareness and valuable interaction with field experts. Other activities where I have been active is in the implementation of an embedded Operating System to serve as a basis for appliction development. The software environment includes a micro-kernel, an 802.15.4 implementation, a 6LowPAN adaptation layer and a lightweight IP stack, hardware abstraction, time synchronization, and application demos.



Other Journals

Schoofs, A., van der Stok, P., Stanley-Marbell, P.; (2009) 'Portability versus Efficiency Tradeoffs in MAC Implementations for Microsensor Platforms' IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (1) . [Details]

Conference Publications

Schoofs, A., Aoun, M., van der Stok, P., Catalano, J., Cerna Oliver, R., and Fohler, G.; (2009) A framework for portable and time-controlled WSN applications SENSAPPEAL 2009 [Details]
Ruzzelli, A., Schoofs, A., O¿Hare, G.M.P., Aoun, M., and van der Stok, P.; (2009) Coordinated Sleeping for Beaconless 802.15.4-based Multihop Networks S'CUBE 2009 [Details]
Ruzzelli, A., Muldoon, C., Schoofs, A., Campana, T., Tynan, R., O'Hare, G.M.P.; (2009) Autonomous Management and Control of Sensor Network Based Applications AWSN 2009 [Details]
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Schoofs, A., Daymand, C., Sugar, R., Mueller, U., Lachenmann, A., Muhammad Kamran, S., Gefflaut, A., Thiem, L., and Schuster, M.; (2009) Poster Abstract: Test-Bed for IP-based Herd Monitoring IPSN 2009 [Details]
M. Aoun, A. Schoofs, P. van der Stok; (2008) Poster Abstract: Efficient Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks in a Industrial Setting Sensys 2008 [Details]


Research Interests

My interests are in opportunities and challenges associated with the deployment of sensor systems, with a focus on debugging and scalability aspects. In parallel, I am involved in two demonstrator projects on energy efficiency in buildings and coaching of tennis athletes.