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Caitriona Scaife

Proteomics Core Facility

Conway Institute





Year 1994 Institution: DU
Qualification: BA Comp Sci Subject: Computer Science
Year 1988 Institution: NUI
Qualification: MSc Subject: Biochemistry



Peer Reviewed Journals

Martin P, Noonan S, Mullen MP, Scaife C, Tosetto M, Nolan B, Wynne K, Hyland J, Sheahan K, Elia G, O'Donoghue D, Fennelly D, O'Sullivan J. (2014) 'Predicting response to vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor and chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer'. BMC Cancer, 14 (887). [DOI] [Details]
Schuller, S. and Sergeant, K. and Renaut, J. and Callanan, J.J. and Scaife, C. and Nally, J.E. (2015) 'Comparative proteomic analysis of lung tissue from guinea pigs with leptospiral pulmonary haemorrhage syndrome (LPHS) reveals a decrease in abundance of host proteins involved in cytoskeletal and cellular organization'. Journal of Proteomics, 122 :55-72. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
English JA, Harauma A, Föcking M, Wynne K, Scaife C, Cagney G, Moriguchi T, Cotter DR (2013) 'Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency disrupts endocytosis, neuritogenesis, and mitochondrial protein pathways in the mouse hippocampus'. Frontiers in genetics, 4 . [DOI] [Details]
English, JA,Manadas, B,Scaife, C,Cotter, DR,Dunn, MJ (2012) 'Partitioning the Proteome: Phase Separation for Targeted Analysis of Membrane Proteins in Human Post-Mortem Brain'. PLoS ONE, 7 . [DOI] [Details]
Gibson DS, Newell K, Evans AN, Finnegan S, Manning G, Scaife C, McAllister C, Pennington SR, Duncan MW, Moore TL, Rooney ME (2012) 'Vitamin D binding protein isoforms as candidate predictors of disease extension in childhood arthritis'. Proteomics, 75 (17):5479-5492. [DOI] [Details]
Magdalon, J,Hatanaka, E,Romanatto, T,Rodrigues, HG,Kuwabara, WMT,Scaife, C,Newsholme, P,Curi, R (2011) 'A proteomic analysis of the functional effects of fatty acids in NIH 3T3 fibroblasts'. Lipids In Health And Disease, 10 . [DOI] [Details]
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Gibson, DS,Finnegan, S,Jordan, G,Scaife, C,Brockbank, S,Curry, J,McAllister, C,Pennington, S,Dunn, M,Rooney, ME; (2009) 'Stratification and Monitoring of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Patients by Synovial Proteome Analysis'. Journal of Proteome Research, 8 :5601-5609. [DOI] [Details]
Gibson, D. S.,Blelock, S.,Curry, J.,Finnegan, S.,Healy, A.,Scaife, C.,McAllister, C.,Pennington, S.,Dunn, M.,Rooney, M.; (2009) 'Comparative analysis of synovial fluid and plasma proteomes in juvenile arthritis--proteomic patterns of joint inflammation in early stage disease'. J Proteomics, 72 (4):656-76. Available Online [Details]
Gibson, D. S., Blelock, S., Curry, J., Finnegan, S., Healy, A., Scaife, C., McAllister, C., Pennington, S., Dunn, M., Rooney, M., ; (2008) 'Synovial fluid proteome expression patterns segregate juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients'. Rheumatology, 47 :27-27. [Details]
Gibson, DS; Blelock, S; Curry, J; Healy, A; Scaife, C; McAllister, C; Pennington, S; Dunn, M; Rooney, M; ; (2006) 'Biomarkers of disease progression in Juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients'. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 5 (10):138-138. [Details]
Scaife, C. and Masterson, B.F.; (1988) 'Proton dissociations of metal complexes of naturally occurring carboxylic acids'. Biochemical Society Transactions, 16 :406-407. [Details]
Scaife, C. and Masterson, B.; (1985) 'Effect of alkali and of detergent on the autoxidation of oxyhaemoglobin'. Biochemical Society Transactions, 13 :502-503. [Details]

Other Journals

Watson, W, Byrne, J, ODonogue, N, Dunn, M, Scaife, C, Fitzpatrick, J, Pennington, S, ; (2007) 'The prostate cancer research consortium: A bio-resource for the discovery of tissue and serum markers for prostate cancer' Anticancer Research 27 :1372-1372. [Details]
Gibson, D. S., Blelock, S., Finnegan, S., Curry, J., Healy, A., Scaife, C., McAllister, C., Pennington, S., Dunn, M., Rooney, M., ; (2007) 'Fingerprinting the synovial proteome to stratify juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients' Annals of Rheumatic Diseases 66 :112-112. [Details]

Conference Publications

Gibson, D. S., Blelock, S., Curry, J., Finnegan, S., Healy, A., Scaife, C., McAllister, C., Pennington, S., Dunn, M., Rooney, M., ; (2008) Rheumatology Synovial fluid proteome expression patterns segregate juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients , pp.27-27 [Details]