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Dominika Phillips

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl I

School Of Geological Sciences

Tel: +353 1 7162138


Dominika developed  her interests in Quaternary environments and climate change signals preserved in karstic formations during her MSc studies (2000-2005) in Poland at the Silesian University of Science. In October 2005 she commenced working as a research assistant with Professors S.W Alexandrowicz and W.P. Alexandrowicz at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow (Poland)  where she was involved in the project that was reconstructing Quaternary environmental and climate change based on the analysis of subfossil mollusc in the small karst forms. In time her interests broaden to carbon sequestration and terrestrial carbon dynamics, thus in September 2007 she joined the Palaeoclimate Research Group at University College Dublin to commence a PhD degree under the supervision of  Prof. Frank McDermott. During her PhD studies she was investigating processes controlling climate and soil carbon dynamics using stable carbon isotopes and radiocarbon recorded in stalagmites. She completed her PhD degree in August 2011 and since February 2012 she has been employed as a post-doctoral research fellow at UCD School of Geological Sciences.  She is currently involved in development of two separate projects: (i) the impacts of large scale atmospheric circulation patterns (NAO) on wind power generation and (ii) the EU FP7 project pre-proposal on evaluation of CO2 and CH4 emissions from inland aquatic systems. 



Peer Reviewed Journals

Rudzka, D., McDermott, F. and Suric, M. (2012) 'A late Holocene climate record in stalagmites from Modric Cave (Croatia)'. JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE, 27 (6):585-596. [DOI] [Details]
Rudzka, D., McDermott, F., Baldini, L.M., Fleitmann, D., Moreno, A. and Stoll, H.; (2011) 'The coupled d13C-radiocarbon systematics of three Late Glacial/early Holocene speleothems; insights into soil and cave processes at climate transitions'. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 (15):4321-4339. [Details]

Other Journals

Witold Pawel Alexandrowicz, Dominika Rudzka; (2006) 'Molluscan communities from cave and slope deposits of the limestone rocky hills in the eastern part of Podhale Basin ( Southern Poland)' Folia Malacologica 14 (4) . [Details]
Dominika Rudzka; (2005) 'Wybrane atrakcje geoturystyczne Szkocji ¿ Selected geotouristic amenities of Scotland' Geoturystyka (Geoturism) 2 (2) :57-64. [Details]

Conference Publications

Rudzka D. and McDermott F. (2012) The 14C ¿bomb¿ pulse in selected European stalagmites as a tracer of soil carbon cycling dynamics EGU General Assembly Vienna Vol. 14, EGU2012-2863, [Details]
Rudzka D. , McDermott F., and Suric M.; (2011) A late-Holocene climate record in stalagmites from Modric Cave (Croatia) Climate Change - The Karst Record (KR6) Birmingham, 26-30 June 2011,p. 112, [Details]
Rudzka, D. and McDermott, F.; (2010) Changes in the balance of soil respired CO2 (root vs. soil organic matter) during the Younger Dryas event; evidence from three European cave sites EGU General Assembly 2010, Geophysical Research Abstracts EGU2010-13130-4 Vol. 12, [Details]
Rudzka, D. and McDermott, F.; (2009) The response of recalcitrant soil organic matter to climate change; insights from speleothems EGU General Assembly 2009, Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 11 EGU2009-5449, , 19-APR-09 - 24-APR-09 [Details]
Dominika Rudzka; (2005) Obiekty geoturystyczne regionu Highlands (północna Szkocja) ¿ Geotouristic attractions of Scottish Highlands (Northern Scotland) . In: Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej volume 1697. Seria: Górnictwo ; issue 269 eds. Górnictwo zrównoważonego rozwoju 2005 Gliwice( Poland), , pp.243-253 [Details]


Research Interests

- Expertise in climate change, GHG emission, feedbacks and terrestrial carbon dynamics.
- Renewable energy sources and systems
- Impacts of large scale atmospheric circulation patterns (NAO) on wind power generation. 
- Interpretation of processes controlling climate and soil carbon dynamics using stable isotopes and radiocarbon.
- Investigation of high-resolution climate records in cave deposits (speleothems).