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Greg Van Den Bleeken

Technical Officer

School of Earth Sciences
G 15b
Science Centre - West
Dublin 4
(Tel. Thin Section Lab: +353 1 716 2242)

Tel: +353 1 716 2381


Greg Van den Bleeken joined the School in 2018 as a Technical Officer. His main responsibilities are the preparation of geological and related materials and management/maintenance of the Thin Section Laboratory.

Greg's passion for highly skilled lab work is rooted in twelve years of research in the field of Experimental Petrology: starting with a PhD at the University of Bern and a PostDoc at the University of Lausanne (both supervised by Othmar Müntener, in cooperation with Peter Ulmer and the High Pressure Group of ETH Zürich), followed by a stay at the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans at the University of Clermont Auvergne. He studied upper-mantle to lower-crustal processes, such as element partitioning and budgets through subduction zones, melt-rock reaction, and reactive fractionation.

Besides lab work, Greg enjoys supporting student's field courses and research projects, using his digital photography and writing skills for outreach, and talking science in general.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2011.
Title: Early Postdoc Mobility Fellowship


Employer: Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, University of Clermont Auvergne (France)
Position: PostDoc / Guest Researcher
Employer: University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
Position: Premier Assistant (PostDoc and Teaching)
Employer: University of Bern (Switzerland)
Position: PhD Student / Teaching Assistant


Year 2009 Institution: University of Bern, Switzerland
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 2001 Institution: Ghent University (Belgium)
Qualification: BSc Subject:
Year 2003 Institution: Ghent University (Belgium)
Qualification: Other Subject:





Peer Reviewed Journals

Van den Bleeken, G; Corteel, C; Van den haute, P (2007) 'Epigenetic to low-grade tourmaline in the Gdoumont metaconglomerates (Belgium): A sensitive probe of its chemical environment of formation'. Lithos, . [DOI] [Details]
Van den Bleeken, G; Müntener, O; Ulmer, P (2010) 'Reaction processes between tholeiitic melt and residual peridotite in the uppermost mantle: An experimental study at 0.8 GPa'. Journal of Petrology, . [DOI] [Details]
Van den Bleeken, G; Müntener, O; Ulmer, P (2011) 'Melt variability in percolated peridotite: an experimental study applied to reactive migration of tholeiitic basalt in the upper mantle'. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, . [DOI] [Details]
Van den Bleeken, G; Koga, T (2015) 'Experimentally determined distribution of fluorine and chlorine upon hydrous slab melting, and implications for F - Cl cycling through subduction zones'. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, . [DOI] [Details]
Debret, B; Nicollet, C; Koga, K; Cattani, F; Van den Bleeken, G; Schwartz, S (2016) 'Volatile (Li, B, F and Cl) mobility during amphibole breakdown in subduction zones'. Lithos, . [DOI] [Details]