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Lucie Baudouy

Senior Postgrad. Demonstrator

School Of Geological Sciences

Tel: +353 1 7162148


Lucie completed an MSc on gravity slides within a rapidly subsiding basin in SE Spain at the Universite des Sciences et Tecnologies de Lille, France. Since October 2005, she has been performing her PhD entitled "Development and evolution of a fault-controlled deep-water basin - Tabernas, SE Spain" under the supervision of Peter Haughton of the Marine and Petroleum Geology Group and John Walsh of the Fault Analysis Group at UCD . Her PhD project is funded through an SFI Basic Research grant.




Research Interests

Project Title: Development and evolution of a fault-controlled deep-water basin - Tabernas, SE Spain. (PhD)

Supervisor(s): Dr Peter D.W. Haughton and Dr John J. Walsh

Funding Agency: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

Project Description:

The role of syn-depositional faulting in influencing deep water deposition is poorly understood. This SFI-funded project will examine particularly well exposed examples of syn-depositional faults in Neogene basins in SE Spain.  Key objectives of the project will be to assess the impact of such faults on depositional processes and shallow fluid flow, to compare the characteristics and kinematics of the syn and post-depositional faults in these basins, and to examine the wider history of mini-basin filling and turbidity current behaviour next to the faults. The study of the unusual soft sediment fault zones will contribute to a better understanding of the contrasts between shallow gravity-induced deformation and tectonic deformation involving soft near-surface sediment.