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Kevin J M Denny

Associate Professor

School Of Economics
Geary Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7164632


Born in Dublin in 1962, I studied Economics at University College Dublin, graduating with a BA and MA in 1983 and 1984. Moving to Oxford, I did an MPhil in Economics at Nuffield College Oxford (1984-1986). I worked as a Research Officer there from 1986 to 1987.Returning to study then I finished my DPhil in 1991 (The Economics of Trade Unions: an empirical and theoretical analysis, supervisor Steve Nickell) having worked in the Institute for Economics & Statistics from 1988-89. I was a Senior Research Officer at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, London 1989-92.I took up a lectureship in UCD in 1992 and was promoted Senior Lecturer in 2002. For calendar year 2010 I was on sabbatical at the Economics Department, University of Kentucky.




Association: University of Paris II (Panthéon Assas), Function/Role: European Community professor
Association: International Association for Research in Economic Psychology, Function/Role: Member
Association: Institute for Fiscal Studies, Function/Role: Research Fellow
Association: ERMES, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) February-March 2002, Function/Role: Visiting Fellow
Association: Economics Department, Princeton University, June 1999., Function/Role: Visiting Fellow
Association: OECD Course on Local Government Finance, Beijing, Function/Role: Instructor
Association: Institute for Fiscal Studies 1992-ongoing, Function/Role: International Research Associate

Conference Contributions

Denny, K. & Zhang, W.; (2008) A continum of handedness predicts socio-economic success. [Oral Presentation], International Association for Research in Economic Psychology, Rome , 03-SEP-08 - 06-SEP-08.
Denny , K , Delaney, L., Rawdon, C., Roche, R., Zhang, W.; (2008) Event-related Potentials Reveal Differential Brain Regions Implicated In Discounting In Two Tasks. [Published Abstract], International Association for Research in Economics Psychology, Rome , 03-SEP-08 - 06-SEP-08.
Kevin Denny, Orla Doyle; (2006) A network in which Geary Institute is a member. [Invited Oral Presentation], Global Network on Inequality, Princeton , 06-APR-06 - 06-APR-06.
with O.Doyle; (2006) Measuring the relationship between health indicators and voting behaviour. [Invited Lecture], Health Research Board conference, Geary Institute, UCD , 10-JUL-06.
with O.Doyle; (2006) Does Voting History Matter? Analysing persistence in turnout. [International Refereed Conference], Global Network on Inequality, Princeton University , 08-APR-06.
*; (2003) The effects of human capital on social capital. [International Refereed Conference], COST Network on Microeconometrics, CEMFI, Madrid , 20-NOV-03.
with A.Chevalier, D.McMahon; (2004) A multi-country study of inter-generational mobility and its determinants. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Harvard Network on Inequality, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University , 18-JUN-04.
with A.Chevalier, D.McMahon; (2003) A multi-country study of inter-generational mobility and its determinants. [International Refereed Conference], Social Stratification and Mobility, RC28, University of Tokyo , 03-MAR-03.
with C.Harmon; (2000) Family Background and educational reform in Instrumental variable estimate of education returns. [International Refereed Conference], World Economic Congress, Seattle , 11-AUG-00.
.; (1997) The Economic Theory of Trade Union Membership: Open Shops & Private Goods. [International Refereed Conference], European Association of Labour Economists, Aarhus , 26-SEP-97.
with S.Bond, M.Devereux; (1995) The relationship between Rents and Business Rates. [Invited Lecture], 3rd International Conference Copenhagen, Copenhagen , 23-MAY-95.
with S.Smith & J.Hall; (1995) Local business taxes: the prospects for reform Institute of Revenues. [Invited Lecture], Rating and Valuation Association Annual Conference, Brighton , 11-OCT-95.
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with C.Harmon, R.Lydon; (2000) Cross country estimates of returns to education: patterns and explanations:. [Unrefereed Article], Public Economics Study Group, Institute for Fiscal Studies, London , 01-DEC-00.
C.Harmon, M.Roche; (1998) The Distribution of Discrimination in Migrant Earnings, evidence from Britain 1974-93. [International Refereed Conference], ESF conference on Migration and Development, Espinho, Portugal , 22-APR-98.
*; (1997) The Economic Theory of Trade Union Membership: Open Shops & Private Goods. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Irish Economic Association Conference, Athlone , 05-APR-97.
with K'O Rourke, A.Hannan; (1995) Harmonizing Irish Tax Rates: a computable general equilibrium approach. [N/A], International Institute for Public Finance Congress, Lisbon 2. European Economic Association Congress, Prague September 2nd 19953. World Computable General Equilibrium Congress, Waterloo, Ontario November 15th 1995 4. Irish Economics Association Conference, Carrickmacross, April 15th 1995, Lisbon , 24-AUG-95.
with S.Bond, M.Devereux; (1995) Evidence on the effective incidence of local business taxes in Britain. [International Refereed Conference], International Institute for Public Finance Congress, Lisbon, Lisbon , 21-AUG-95.


Committee : NEREUS Scientific Advisory Board
Committee : NEW ERA
Committee : President's Research Awards
Committee : Social Science Research Council (Ireland)
Committee : An Taoiseach's (Prime Minister's) Ad Hoc Advisory Committee of Public Finance


Employer: Nuffield College
Position: Research Officer
Employer: Institute of Economics & Statistics, Oxford
Position: Research Officer
Employer: Institute for Fiscal Studies
Position: Senior Research Officer
Employer: Department of Economics
Position: Lecturer
Employer: UCD
Position: Senior Lecturer


Year 1983 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1984 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1986 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: MPhil Subject:
Year 1991 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: DPhil Subject:

Outreach Activities

I have given numerous interviews on radio and television as well as having my research discussed in the print media In Ireland and abroad.



Denny, K. Harmon, C. O'Connell, P.; (2000) Investing in People: the Labour Market Impact of Human Resource Interventions Funded Under the 1994-1999 Community Support Framework in Ireland. : ESRI. [Details]

Book Chapters

Kevin Denny, Darragh Flannery (2017) 'The Economics of higher education participation' In: John Cullinan, Darragh Flannery (eds). Economic Insights on higher education policy in Ireland. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. , pp.27-52 [DOI] [Details]
A Chevalier, K Denny & D McMahon; (2009) 'Intergenerational Mobility and Education Equality P. Dolton, R. Asplund and E. Barth (Eds), ' In: A Chevalier, K Denny & D McMahon; (eds). Education and Inequality across Europe. London: Edward Elgar. Available Online [Details]
K. Denny, C. Harmon; (2001) 'Ireland' In: (editors C.Harmon, N.Westergaard-Nielsen, I.Walker) Edward Elgar, London, 2001 (eds). Education and Earnings in Europe. London: Edward Elgar. [Details]
K. Denny, C. Harmon, S. Redmond; (1999) 'Wages and human capital: evidence from the Irish data' In: (editors Rita Asplund, Pedro Telhardo Pereira) (eds). Returns to Human Capital in Europe. Helsinki: ETLA. [Details]
K. Denny, S. Bond and M.Devereux; (1992) 'Investment and the role of tax incentives' In: (A.Britton ed.), March 1992 (eds). Private Investment as a policy objective. London: National Institute for Economic and Social Research, London. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

K Denny. W Zhang. (2016) 'In praise of ambidexterity: how a continuum of handedness predicts social adjustment'. Laterality, 2016 (March):1-14. [DOI] [Details]
Kevin Denny (2016) 'Are the effects of height on well-being a tall tale?'. Journal of Happiness Studies, . [Details]
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Kevin Denny (2014) 'The effect of abolishing university tuition costs: evidence from ireland'. Labour Economics, 26 :26-33. [DOI] [Details]
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Kevin Denny; (2008) 'Cognitive ability and continuous measures of relative hand-skill'. Neuropsychologia, 46 (7):2091-2094. [DOI] [Details]
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Published Reports

Doyle O, Denny K, Hyland M, O'Reilly P, O'Sullivan V. ; (2009) Evaluating the Impact of the UCD New ERA Widening Participation Initiative. Dublin. [Details]
K. Denny O.Doyle V.'O Sullivan P.O'Reilly; (2009) A profile of Higher Education Access Route Schools. UCD Geary Institute, Dublin. [Details]
Denny K, Doyle O, O¿Reilly P, O¿Sullivan V; (2009) A Profile of HEAR Schools 2008. UCD, Dublin. [Details]


K. Denny, C.Harmon, R.Lydon, I. Walker; (2002) An Econometric model of Burglary in Ireland. Reports [Details]
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(with C.Harmon, D. McMahon and S.Redmond); (1999) Analysis of the International Adult Literacy Survey for Ireland. Reports [Details]
*; (1999) Local Government Finance in Ireland. Reports [Details]
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Kevin Denny & others; (1992) Tax Options for 1992: the Green Budget. London: Reports [Details]
(with S.Smith),; (1991) Methods for Quantitative Assessment of the Distributional Effects of Environmental Taxes. Reports [Details]

Book Reviews

Denny, K (2000) Democratic choice and taxation: A theoretical and empirical analysis. Book Reviews [Details]

Working Paper

Denny K. Doyle O. ; (2011) Quasi-experimental methods for breastfeeding research: with an application to child BMI. Working Paper [Details]
Denny, K, Doyle O., O¿Reilly P, O¿Sullivan V; (2010) Money, Mentoring and Making Friends: The Impact of a University Access Program on Student Performance. UCD Geary Institute: Working Paper Available Online [Details]

Monographs:- Non Peer Reviewed

(with J.Hall, S.Smith); (1995) Options for Business Rate Reform. Monographs:- Non Peer Reviewed [Details]


Denny, K (2008) Big and tall parents do not have more sons. Letters [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

My current interests are various but broadly speaking are empirical and microeconomic with an interest in behavioural and life sciences.They include educational disadvantage, the costs of labour in maternity hospitals, inequality and educational attainment, social returns to education and attitudes towards  immigration.



Internal Collaborators

My current collaborators in UCD are :

Orla Doyle , Cormac ó Gráda, Mairead Cirillo, Vincent O Sullivan

External Collaborators

  Ali Skalli (Paris 2), Mairead Cirillo (Central Statistics Office), Vincent O Sullivan (Lancaster)