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Frank Walsh


School of Economics
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168697


I am a labour economist and have been a lecturer in the School of Economics at U.C.D. since 1995.  Prior to this I completed my Ph.D at the University of Iowa under the supervision of John Kennan.

I work primarily on imperfectly competitive models of the labour market, labour market policy and labour markets in developing countries.




Association: Social Science Research Council 1999-2001, Function/Role: Board member
Association: U.C.D. faculty of Human Sciences Postgraduate Studies Standing Committee 2003, Function/Role: Member
Association: Referee for: The Economic Journal, The Journal of Labor Economics, The Canadian Journal of Economics, The Journal of Money Credit and Banking and The Economic and Social Review, Function/Role: *
Association: Society of Labor Economists, Function/Role: Member
Association: American Economic Association, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Frank Walsh; (2009) Firm size and the informal sector wage premium. [Oral Presentation], IZA conference on Labour marlkets in developing countries, Bonn, Germany , 01-NOV-09 - 01-NOV-09.
Frank Walsh; (2009) The impact of minimum wages on hours worked. [Oral Presentation], Invited seminar Cergy Pontoise, Paris , 10-DEC-09 - 10-DEC-09.
Frank Walsh; (2007) The impact of trade adjustment assistance on the wage. [Oral Presentation], IAB conference on Labour market policy, Nuremberg , 01-NOV-07 - 01-NOV-07.
Frank Walsh; (2007) Union membership in Ireland. [Oral Presentation], Irish Economic association annual conference, Ireland , 12-APR-07 - 14-APR-07.
Walsh; (2002) The Applied Economics Workshop. [Oral Presentation], The Applied Economics Workshop, U.C.D , 01-MAR-02.
Walsh, F.; (2002) Presentation to Economic Theory Group. [Oral Presentation], Economic Theory Group, UCD , 01-MAR-02.
Walsh, F.; (2006) 'A model of the informal sector with evidence from South Africa'. [Oral Presentation], Invited seminar University College Galway, Galway , 01-SEP-06 - 01-SEP-06.
Walsh, F.; (2006) 'A model of the informal sector with evidence from South Africa'. [Oral Presentation], Applied Econometrics Association Conference, Naples , 01-MAY-06.
Walsh, F>; (2005) 'Wage premiums and reservation wages: Evidence from Ireland'. [Oral Presentation], Irish Economic Association, * , 01-MAY-05.
Walsh, F. With Sourafel Girma , Holger; (2005) 'Creating Jobs Through Public Subsidies: An Empirical Analysis'. [Oral Presentation], Applied labour Conference, * , 01-APR-05.
Walsh, F.; (2005) 'Dealing With Monopsony Power: The case for Using Employment Subsidies. [Oral Presentation], U.C.D Economic Theory seminar, * , 01-FEB-05.
Walsh, F.; (2004) 'The Impact of Minimum Wages and taxes Hours and Employment'. [Oral Presentation], Applied Econometrics association conference on Labour demand, Mons, Belguim , 01-NOV-04.
Walsh, F.; (2004) 'The equilibrium wage hours locus. [Oral Presentation], Irish Economic Association May 2004, * , 01-MAY-04.
Walsh, F.; (2003) 'The New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase and Hours per worker. [Oral Presentation], European Association of Labour Economists Annual Meetings, Seville Spain , 01-SEP-03.
Walsh, F., Eric Strobl; (2002) Applied Economics Workshop. [Oral Presentation], Applied Economics Workshop, U.C.D , 01-DEC-02.
Walsh, F., ; (2002) The Centre for International Labour Markets Conference. [Oral Presentation], The Centre for International Labour Markets Conference, Robert Gordon University , 01-JAN-02.
Walsh, F.; (2002) Dublin Economics workshop Conference. [Oral Presentation], Dublin Economics workshop Conference, Dublin , 01-SEP-02.


Committee : U.C.D. Faculty of Human Sciences Teaching and Learning Committee 2004-2005
Committee : Board member Social Science Research Council 1999-2001
Committee : Member of U.C.D. faculty of Human Sciences Postgraduate Studies Standing Committee 2003


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: College Lecturer in Economics
Employer: University of Iowa
Position: Lecturer and Research assistant
Employer: Davy Kelleher McCarthy Economic consultants
Position: Economist


Year 1988 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1994 Institution: University of Iowa
Qualification: PhD Subject: --none--
Year 1995 Institution: University of Iowa
Qualification: DPhil Subject:
Year 1986 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:


Client: World study of labour markets in Thailand

Other Activities

Contributor to "International Encyc lopedia of the Social Sciences " Editor in Chief,
William A. Darity. Macmillan 2006.

Referee for:

  • The Economic Journal,
  • Economica,
  • The Journal of Labor Economics,
  • The Canadian Journal of Economics,
  • The Journal of Money Creditand Banking ,
  • The European Economic Review,
  • The Scandinavian Journal ofEconomics
  • The Economic and Social Review



Peer Reviewed Journals

Walsh, Frank (2013) 'The Union Wage Effect and Ability Bias: Evidence from Ireland'. Economics Letters, . [Details]
Walsh, Frank (2013) 'Labour market regulation and migration in Ireland'. Economic and Social Review, . [Details]
Strobl, E,Walsh, F; (2011) 'The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on hours'. Labour Economics, 18 :218-228. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
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Walsh,F; (2003) 'Comment on Minimum wages for Ronald McDonald Monopsonies: A Theory of Monopsonistic Competition'. Economic Journal, 113 (489):718-722. Available Online [Details]
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Walsh, F.; (1998) 'Income Tax Cuts and Inflation in Ireland'. Economic and Social Review, 29 (3):223-231. Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

WALSH, PP, WALSH, FA, WOELGER, E, ; (1989) Economic and Social Review THE REAL WAGE GAP AND ITS DEVELOPMENT OVER TIME - THE IRISH EXPERIENCE 1960-1987 , pp.87-102 [Details]

Published Reports

Kevin Duffy and Frank Walsh; (2011) Independent Review of Employment Regulation Orders and Registered Employment Agreement Wage Setting Mechanisms. Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
P,P, Walsh Frank Walsh; (2005) Thailand Northeast Economic Development Report (labour market chapter). Thailand¿s National Economic and Social Development Board and the World Bank, Washington DC. [Details]

Working Paper

Walsh, Frank; (2005) Efficiency Wages and Bargaining'. Working Paper [Details]
Frank Walsh, Eric Strobl.; (2002) 'Dealing With Monopsony Power: Employment Subsidy vs. minimum wages.'. Working Paper Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Trade, labour markets, FDI and Econmic development
Start Date / End Date : 10-JAN-07 / 10-JAN-09