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Ivan Pastine

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Economics
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168395


Ivan Pastine earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Georgetown University in Washington DC. Before joining the School of Economics in UCD, he worked at the Division of International Finance at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in USA and at Bilkent University in Turkey as an assistant professor. He also lectured at the University of British Columbia in Canada as a Visiting Associate Professor. He served as a Research Affiliate in International Macroeconomics in CEPR, a London-based think tank. He contributes as a programme committee member to numerous conferences of professional associations such as the European Economic Association, and the Association of Southern European Economic Theorists. He served as a Local Organization Committee Member for the European Meeting of the Econometric Society Annual Conference and for the European Economic Association Meeting. Dr. Pastine has wide research interests contributing in the fields of public economics, industrial organization, economics of education and international economics. His recent research focuses on public policy and political elections. He publishes in leading international journals such as the Journal of Public Economics, International Economic Review, Public Choice, Economics Letters, Economics of Education Review and International Journal of Industrial Organization. His work on theoretic explanations of financial crises have been published in international journals such as Journal of International Economics and Economic Theory and are used as required reading in the Ph.D. programs at Harvard and the LSE. Ivan has been a handyman, a Boatswains Mate in the US Navy before staring his career in economics.






Year 1996 Institution: Georgetown University, DC.USA
Qualification: PhD Subject:



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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Conference Publications

Pastine, I. (2002) Panic, Boom and Bust: Excess Demand and Consumption Smoothing During Speculative Attacks . In: David K. Levine and William Zame eds. 2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society Available Online [Details]
Pastine, I. and Pastine, T. (2002) Coordination in Markets with Consumption Externalities: The Role of Advertising and Product Quality . In: David K. Levine and William Zame eds. 2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society Available Online [Details]


Ivan Pastine (2016) On Nash Equilibria in Speculative Attack Models. Articles [Details]
Pastine, I., Pastine, T. (2005) Signal Accuracy and Informational Cascades. London, UK: Articles Available Online [Details]
Pastine, I., Pastine, T. (2006) Social Learning in Continuous Time: When are Informational Cascades More Likely to be Inefficient?. Articles [Details]
Pastine, I., Pastine, T. (2012) All-Pay Contests with Constraints. Articles [Details]
Cole, Matthew T., Pastine, I. and Pastine,T. (2013) Incumbency Advantage and Campaign Finance Regulation. Articles [Details]


Research Interests

  • The Funding of Politics
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Game Theory
  • All-Pay Contests

Working Papers:

"Incumbent-Quality Advantage and Counterfactual Electoral Stagnation in the U.S. Senate" joint with Tuvana Pastine and Paul Redmond.

"All-Pay Contests with Constraints" joint with Tuvana Pastine.



Teaching Philosophy

I have great belief in students¿ potential and take pride in establishing an intellectual foundation for their future endeavors. My students hold positions of responsibility at large consulting firms/banks and do their PhDs at graduate schools such as UCLA & Northwestern and have become faculty at MIT & University