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Conor Galvin

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Education
Roebuck Castle
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167982


I am Director the MA in Education programme at UCD School of Education where I also Lecture on various education, ICT, public policy and research methods programmes. My research interests include social capital, professional knowledge, development policy in the global south, innovation transfer in an information age, e-learning,  schools ICT and the impact of new and emergent technology on learning and society. I was lead evaluator on the Diageo Liberties Learning Initiative and external evaluator on the EU funded DigEuLit project. I have also acted as Assessor on a number of EU actions relating to the Information Society - including eLearning and MINERVA - and have been National Delegate (Ireland) to an OECD summit on the Information Society & Education. I guest lecture on the DGov programme at IPA,  MScIT programme at Trinity College Dublin, on the BA(Ed) at National College of Art and Design, Dublin and on the MSc Learning Technology course at NCI. For the past three years I have been a member of the national advisory council on PISA, Ireland

Since 2009, I have been Coordinator for the Global Classroom strands of the UCD /TCD Masters in Development Practice programme - a unique, co-awarded programme with Trinity College Dublin. I also contribute to peace support education programmes at the UN School Ireland (UNTSI) where I direct field exercises for both humanitarian and military personnel preparing for PSO deployment. I was on the Steering Committee of the Centre for Global Development through Education, an Irish Aid funded initiative, 2008-11. 

I hold The President's Award for Teaching at UCD and used the research leave associated with this award to take on a research analysis of cutting-edge ICT projects in Ireland and to speak at various conferences throughout Europe on ICT / IST and policy related issues. This included an invited presentation to  the Irish EU Presidency conference on New Education Futures, in May 2004, where I was the only Irish university sector academic to speak. 

I have been Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, Michaelmas Term, 2000. And was the only non-UK recipient of an Economic and Social Research Council (UK) EU Scholarship in 1992 /1993. I worked as Director of the Graduate School at UCD College of Human Sciences, 2012-14.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2013.
Title: UN School Ireland (UNTSI) Award for Instructional Excellence & Contribution to Mission
Year: 2000.
Title: Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, UK .
Year: 2002.
Title: The President's Teaching Award at University College Dublin.


Association: Standing Council on Teacher Education, North & South, Function/Role: Executive Member & Chair of Research Awards Committee
Association: Political Studies Association of Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: Centre for Global Development through Education, Function/Role: Steering Group Member
Association: BERA - British Education Research Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: Educational Studies Assocation of Ireland ESAI, Function/Role: National President
Association: CESI - Computers in Education Society of Ireland., Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Conor Galvin, Anne McMorrough (2015) To Where Pathways Lead; Teacher Education and the Art of Policy Persuasion in Contemprary Europe. [Oral Presentation], European Conference on Education Research, Budapest , 07-SEP-15 - 11-SEP-15.
Conor Galvin, Anne McMorrough (2015) From Nothingness into Being; Teacher Education and Policy Persuasion in Contemporary Ireland. [Oral Presentation], British Education Research Association Annual Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland , 15-SEP-15 - 17-SEP-15.
Conor GALVIN (2016) Rethinking Teacher Education for the 21st Century. [Keynote Address], 2nd Internation Forum on Teacher Education, Kazan, Russian Federation , 16-MAY-16 - 20-JUN-16.
Conor Galvin, Anne McMorrough (2016) The Art of Policy Persuasion in European Teacher Education. [Oral Presentation], Education Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Maynooth, Co Kildare , 09-APR-15 - 11-APR-15.
Conor Galvin (2014) Policy and policy making for TEL in HE in Ireland: the need to re-evaluate and re-affirm future possibilities. [Plenary Lecture], GReAT 2014, Galway, Ireland , 15-JUL-14 - 18-JUL-14.
Conor Galvin (2014) Literacies as Owned Spaces in a Changing World; some reflections on two foundational challenges for libraries in interesting times. [Plenary Lecture], International Federation of Library Associations; Information Literacy Section, Limerick, IRELAND , 14-AUG-14 - 16-NOV-14.
Conor Galvin (2014) Digital Literacies & Classroom Teaching:some DOs, some DON'Ts and a few HELL NOs!. [Plenary Lecture], eTwinning Contact Symposium, Dublin, Ireland , 14-NOV-14 - 16-NOV-14.
Conor Galvin (2014) Plenary Rapporteur; TEL pillar. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Media & Learning Brussels 2014; Flemish Ministry of Education & Training, 14 Nov 2012, Brussels , 19-NOV-14 - 21-NOV-14.
Conor Galvin (2014) Plenary; where to next? Teacher Educaiton on the Island of Ireland, 2014-20. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Standing Conference on Teacher Education, North & South, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland , 21-OCT-14 - 22-NOV-14.
Galvin, C.; (2004) Better Public Policy making: next generation issues. [Invited Lecture], EMINENT Conference, Prague , 18-NOV-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) Partnership: making a worthwhile difference across the teaching career. [Other], SCoTENS 2004, Armagh , 11-NOV-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) Education ICT in Ireland, 1995-2004; some reflections on change. [Other], Norwegian Teachers' Association visit to UCD, Dublin , 10-NOV-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) The United Nations Global eSchools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI): a new departure in policy and practice for UN education intervention. [Other], BERA 2004, Manchester , 16-SEP-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) But all the wrong people are here': wired networks, social capital and the making of public policy in a digital age. [Invited Lecture], ECER 2004, Rethymnon, Greece , 22-SEP-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) Leaving the dim-moon city of delight; some reflection on the experience of the President's Teaching Award, UCD. [Other], UCD President's Award Forum, UCD , 20-MAY-04.
Galvin, C.; (2004) Championing Leadership in ICT-led change at school and community level ' the critical elements and supports. [Invited Lecture], EU Presidency Conference ' New Futures in Education, Dublin , 17-MAY-04.
Galvin, C.; (2006) MFL and Technology ' the affordances of eTwinning. [Keynote Address], eTwinning Scotland Conference, Edinburgh , 23-FEB-06.
Galvin, C.; (2006) Digital Schools: teachers, technology and a new education imaginary. [Keynote Address], Computers in Education Society of Ireland Conference, Dublin , 10-FEB-06.
Galvin, C.; (2006) Active Learning in the Education of Post-Primary Teachers. [Invited Lecture], Inspectorate of the Department of Education & Science (Ireland) Conference, Galway , 11-JAN-06.
Galvin, C.; (2005) Rewriting EU Education-ICT Policy: Creating the strategic conditions for change. [Invited Lecture], MINENT Conference, Paris , 08-DEC-05.
gALVIN, c.; (2005) Teachers, innovative learning contexts and eTwinning. [Invited Lecture], INDIRE Conference, Florence , 06-DEC-05.
Galvin, C.; (2005) Active Learning and Learning Style. [Invited Lecture], Inspectorate of the Department of Education & Science (Ireland), Symposium, Dublin , 16-OCT-05.
Galvin, C.; (2005) The RCBN Experience and Building Research Capacity in the UK: comment from an Ireland perspective. [Invited Lecture], ESAI/BERA/SCoTENS Conference, Dublin , 18-FEB-05.
Galvin, C; (2005) But all the wrong people are here' : wired networks, social capital and the making of public policy in a digital age. [Invited Lecture], BERA Executive Away-Days, ? , 10-FEB-05.
Galvin, C.; (2005) Communicate, Collaborate & Publish : some reflections on the power of blogging for eTwinning. [Invited Lecture], eTwinning Launch Conference, Brussels , 01-JAN-05.
Galvin, C.; (2006) Developing and supporting eTwinning in the UK. [Keynote Address], eTwinning UK National Conference, Nottingham , 16-JUN-06.
Galvin, C.; (2006) Education ICT policy and Ireland, 1995-2006: a tragedy with lighter moments. [Invited Lecture], EENet Policy Conference, Dublin , 31-MAR-06.
Galvin, C.; (2006) Tipping points & IT chasms: Teachers, technology and a new education imaginary. [Keynote Address], Microsoft Partners in Learning - Innovative Teachers Conference 2006, Tallinn, Estonia , 11-APR-06 - 11-APR-06.


Committee : PAG - Pedagogical Advisory Group of the EU Network of ICT Active Schools, Brussels
Committee : School of Education Teaching and Learning Committee
Committee : RDFTA - Distance Education Subcommittee
Committee : Human Sciences: Working Group on Teaching Infrastructure
Committee : UCD Working Group on Academic Policy for Split-Site PhD Arrangements and Collaborative Research Degrees, January ¿ April 2007.
Committee : Conference Committee, IST and MoBILE Technologies Conference, Dublin, July 2006
Committee : CAL07 Conference. Digital Citizenship and Education, Dublin March 2007
Committee : Course Validation Panel. Institute of Technology at Tralee, BSc Leisure and Physical Education Studies, 2005.
Committee : Course revalidation Panel. University of Ulster, PGCE programme Primary and Secondary, 2005.
Committee : NUI Assessment Subcommittee of the Higher Diploma in Education (NUI) Applications Centre.
Committee : Research training seminars for Education and Equality Sub-committees of the INTO National Executive, 1998. INTO Research Awards Adjudicator, 1998.
Committee : EU DG Education & Culture eLEARNING action 2002, MINERVA action 2001 & 2002.
Committee : Working Group 3 of the UN ICT Task Force on ICT and Development Education, 2003-2005.
Committee : Health Services Executive ¿ Midlands (Ireland) Education for Child Protection Project, 2001-3.
Committee : EBPP Associate, Economic and Social Research Council (UK) Centre for Evidence Based Policy and Practice, Kings College London, January 2007 - date.


Year 1983 Institution:
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1989 Institution: University of Canterbury
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1990 Institution: University of Cambridge
Qualification: MPhil Subject:
Year 1995 Institution: University of Cambridge
Qualification: PhD Subject:



Other Activities

eTwinning Symposium, Lanzarote - Workshop Leader/Lecturer. 27/04/2006 - 30/04/2006
eSociety Conference Dublin-Conference Committee and Strand Chair (Education and ICT) 12/12/2005 - 13/07/2006



Galvin, C.; (2010) eTwinning in the Classroom - A showcase of good practice (2008-2009). Brussels: EUN Aisbl. [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2002) Sharing Innovative Practice: The NCTE Schools Integration Project 1998-2000. : NCTE. [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2000) Words Alone; the teaching & usage of English in Contemporary Ireland. Dublin: UCD Press. [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2000) Dissolving Boundaries ICTs and Learning in the Information Age: edited proceedings of the Dublin Conference on ICTs in Education. : DES Research & Publications Unit. [Details]
Barrett, E. Barton, L. Furlong, J. Galvin, C. Miles, S. & G. Whitty . ; (1992) Initial Teacher Education in England and Wales: a topography. . : Goldsmiths' College/ESRC. [Details]

Book Chapters

Conor GALVIN (2015) 'Policy and policy making for education ICT in Ireland: some reflections on thirty years of promise, failure & lack of vision' In: Deirdre Butler, Kevin Marshall, Margaret Leahy (eds). Shaping the Future: How Technology Can Lead to Educational Transformation. Dublin, Ireland: Liffey Press. [Details]
Bates, D., Galvin, C., Swan, D. ; (2000) 'Teaching Reading Comprehension Across the Curriculum' In: Bates, D., Galvin, C., Swan, D. ; (eds). Words Alone: The Teaching and Usage of English in Contemporary Ireland. Dublin: UCD Press. [Details]
Conor Galvin (2009) 'Public Policy Making; an emerging policymaking modality and its challenges for educational policy research in Ireland' In: Sheelagh Drudy (eds). Education in Ireland; Challenge & Change. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. [Details]
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Galvin, C. ; (1994) 'Lessons unlearnt? Aspects of training licensed teachers' In: Reid, I. Griffiths, R. and H. Constable (eds). Teacher Education Reform: current research. London: Paul Chapman. [Details]
Galvin, C.; (1994) 'Licensed teachers and the charge of deprofessionalisation of teaching' In: Bottery, M. Brock, C. and M. Richmond (eds). Politics and the Curriculum. York: BCIES. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Galvin, C.; (2008) ''But all the wrong people are here...': the emerging policymaking mode and its challenge for academic policy research'. Cambridge Journal of Education, 38 (1):121-130. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Galvin, C. ; (1996) 'A promotion of teacher professionality; Higher Education in Initial Teacher Education'. Studies in Higher Education, 21 (1):81-93. [Details]
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Barrett, E. Barton, L. Furlong, J. Galvin, C. Miles, S. & G. Whitty; (1992) 'New routes to qualified teacher status'. Cambridge Journal of Education, 22 (3):323-336. [Details]

Conference Publications

Conor Galvin (2014) Literacies as Owned Spaces in a Changing World; some reflections on two foundational challenges for libraries in interesting times IFLA: Information Literacy Satellite Meeting, Limerick [Details]

Published Reports

Barrett, E. and C. Galvin; (1993) The Licensed Teacher Scheme; a Modes of Teacher Education Report. IoE, LONDON. [Details]
Galvin, C. Anderson, J. Gardner, J. Moyle, K. McMorrough, A. and S. Mitchell (2010) Valuing Education Technology in Schools in Ireland; North and South. A report for the Standing Conference on Teacher Education, North and South. SCoTENS, Belfast and Dublin. [Details]


Galvin, C.; (2000) Beyond Schools IT 2000: policy and practice to build on achievement. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C.(; (2000) International developments in technology in education: from computing to education ICT. Briefing Paper 1. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2000) Policy making for education ICT in Ireland: the uniqueness of our context. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2001) The Implementation & Impact of the LCVP / NCTE HyperStudio project: an interim report on the use of digital portfolios within LCVP. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2002) Current practice in the accreditation of teacher in-career development in Ireland: a policy analysis. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C. ; (2003) The Induction of New and Beginning Teachers to County Dublin Schools and Colleges: Capacity Building to Meet the Challenge. Reports [Details]
Galvin, C.; (2003) The LCVP / NCTE HyperStudio Project, 2000-01: an evaluation of the pilot project on digital portfolios within the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. Reports [Details]


Research Interests

(1) The use of new teaching and learning technologies in schools and higher education; ICT, TEL and pedagogy. (2) University/School relationships in initial teacher education; partnership and complementarity. (3) Development education - policy and practice. (4) The changing nature of public policy making, policy process and policy action. 

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Knowledge, Values, and Contestation in Contemporary Public Policy Making and Policy Governance in Ireland
Start Date / End Date : 01-SEP-15 / 31-MAY-17

Recent Postgraduates

Brigid Bennett Awarded PhD 2015
Deirbhile Nic Craith; Awarded PhD 2013

Current Postgraduate Students

Elena Revyakina, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Marie Fluskey, Goverance (DGov)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Niall Watts, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Donna Callan, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
John Kelly, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

Think | Read | Teach | Think

Modules Coordinated

201500   EDUC42760     Education: Writing for Academic Purposes
201500   EDUC40260     Education: ICT new TLTs(MEd/MA)
201500   EDUC50070     Education: Critical Discourse Analysis
201500   EDUC41990     Education: Global Classroom
201500   EDUC41160     Education: Research Design (MA)
201500   EDUC42570     Education: Qualitative Methods & Analysis
201500   EDUC41500     Education: Critical Policy Analysis
201500   POL41330     Politics: Global Classroom