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Terence O'Donnell

Senior Lecturer In Power Electronics and Control

School Of Electric, Electron & Comms Eng

Tel: +353 1 716


Terence O'Donnell received his BE in Electrical Engineering UCD in 1990.  In 1995 he received his PhD degree from National University of Ireland for research in the area of Finite Element Analysis of magnetic field problems. He joined PEI (Power Electronics Ireland) Technologies in the Tyndall National Institute in Cork in 1996 as a research officer, where he worked on industrial research projects mostly in the area of magnetic component design for application in power electronic converters. In 1999 he became a senior research officer and team leader for the power electronics team with a particular research focus on integrated magnetics for low power dc-dc conversion. His role involved directing the team¿s research activities in the area of integrated magnetics. He has worked on numerous research projects, both at national and international level, relating to design, modelling and fabrication of planar magnetics for power conversion and data communications, magnetic field sensors, inductive powering and energy harvesting.

From 2009 to Dec 2012 he worked with Enterprise Ireland, the Irish innovation and development agency charged with the development of indigenous Irish industry. In this role he co-ordinated Ireland¿s involvement in the Eureka network, a European programme which facilitates collaborative, industrial R&D between industry and researchers in Europe.

Terence is an author on over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals in the areas of inductor and transformer design, magnetic sensors and energy harvesting devices. He is a frequent reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Transactions on Power Electronics, and the Transactions on Power Systems.  He currently holds three patents.

Terence joined University College Dublin in January 2013 as a senior lecturer and is a principle investigator with the Electricity Research Centre, where he looks after the strand dealing with Interconnection. His current research focus is on the use of power electronics converters in power systems and in particular on the integration and interfacing of power electronics to the grid. Particular interests include the development of power electronics or solid state transformers and the application of power electronics in the interconnection of offshore renewable energy. 



Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Other Journals

Mathuna, S.C.O.; O'Donnell, T.; Wang, N.; Rinne, K (2008) 'Magnetics on silicon: an enabling technology for power supply on chip' IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics . [Details]



Current Postgraduate Students

Cathal O Loughlin, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Jonathan Ruddy, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor



Modules Coordinated

201300   EEEN30120     Electronic & Electrical Eng: Analogue Electronics
201300   EEEN40310     Electronic & Electrical Eng: Power Electronics Technology