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Anne Cleary


School Of Sociology
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168557


  • College Lecturer, UCD
  • Senior Social Researcher, Health Research Board
  • Senior Researcher, Eastern Health Board
  • Research Assistant, Health Education Bureau


Honours and Awards

Year: 2010.
Title: Fulbright Scholars Award
Year: 2001.
Title: IRCHSS Senior Scholarship
Year: 2000.
Title: Women's Health Council
Year: 2000.
Title: Katherine Howard Foundation
Year: 1999.
Title: Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs
Year: 1999.
Title: Focus Ireland
Year: 1997.
Title: AHMH/Combat Poverty
Year: 1994.
Title: Department Equality & Law Reform
Year: 2007.
Title: Walsh Fellowship (Teagasc)


Association: British Sociological Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: Sociological Association of Ireland, Function/Role: Member. Previously committee member
Association: Irish Association of Suicidology, Function/Role: Committee member

Conference Contributions

Cleary, A.; (1999) Social and Behavioural Health Research 1999. [Invited Lecture], First Annual Conference on Health Services Research, UCC Cork , 12-FEB-99 - 12-FEB-99.
Cleary, A.; (2005) Suicidal behaviour amongst young young Irish males. [Invited Lecture], International Association for Suicide Prevention, (IASP) Conference, Durban, South Africa , 13-SEP-05 - 17-SEP-05.
Cleary, A.; (1999) Homelessness and Mental Health 1999. [Oral Presentation], Homelessness and Health Conference, Dublin , 09-SEP-99 - 09-SEP-99.
Cleary, A; (2000) On being a man. [Invited Lecture], BA Student for a Day, UCD , 11-MAR-00 - 11-MAR-00.
Cleary, A.; (2005) The narratives of marginalised men. [Oral Presentation], Out of Vision Identities Conference, UCD Dublin , 11-MAR-05 - 03-SEP-05.
Cleary, Anne; (2009) Vulnerable masculinities: a follow up study of men who attempted suicide. [International Refereed Conference], International Association for Suicide Prevention XXV World Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay , 26-OCT-09 - 31-OCT-09.
Cleary, Anne; (2008) Men, masculinities and suicidal behaviour. [International Refereed Conference], American Association of Suicidology 41st Annual Conference, Boston, Ma, USA , 14-APR-08 - 19-APR-08.
Cleary, Anne; (2007) Challanges for men in contemporary society. [Conference Organising Committee Member], International Association for Suicide Prevention XXIV World Congress, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland , 01-SEP-07 - 05-SEP-07.
Cleary, A; (2007) Attitudes to suicide in Ireland. [International Refereed Conference], American Association of Suicidology 40th Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA , 25-APR-07 - 28-APR-07.
Cleary, Anne; (2007) Suicide in rural Ireland. [Keynote Address], Teagasc Conference on Rural Suicide, Teagasc, Athenry, Co. Galway , 28-AUG-07 - 28-AUG-07.
Cleary, A; (2006) Men, Masculinities and Mental Health. [Invited Lecture], Mind your Self: Men's Health Forum conference, Dublin , 14-JUN-06 - 14-JUN-06.
Cleary, A.; (2005) Main international conference on suicide. [N/A], International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) XXIV Biennial Congress, Durban, South Africa , 12-SEP-05 - 16-SEP-05.
Cleary, A.; (2005) Changing attitudes to suicide, euthanasia and abortion. [Chaired Session], Spiritual and Ethical Issues Issues of Suicide, Armagh , 05-OCT-05 - 07-OCT-05.
Cleary, A.; (2005) Male suicidal behaviour. [Keynote Address], Partnerships for Reducing Youth Suicide. IAS (Irish Association for Suicidology) 5th National Conference, Kilkenny , 07-DEC-05 - 09-DEC-05.
Cleary, A.; (2006) Factors affecting socio-psychological outcome for Irish Children. [Keynote Address], Annual Research Meeting: The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Trinity College Dublin , 13-AUG-06 - 13-AUG-06.
Cleary, A.; (2006) Suicide in older men. [Invited Lecture], Values and Norms in Ageing 36th EBSSRS symposium 'Aging in Europe', UCG, Galway , 20-OCT-06 - 22-OCT-06.
Cleary, A.; (2005) Factors affecting educational outcome for Irish children. [Invited Lecture], European Conference on Educational Research, UCD, Dublin , 01-AUG-05.
Cleary, A.; (2002) A longitudinal study of Irish children 2002. [Oral Presentation], Exploring aspects of children's lives: An ISSC seminar on child related research, (UCD) , 08-MAR-02 - 08-MAR-02.
Cleary, A.; (2000) Suicidal behaviour in Ireland - Conference inititated by President of UCD Art Cosgrove. [Oral Presentation], Understanding Suicide in Young People, UCD , 03-MAR-00 - 03-MAR-00.
Cleary, A.; (2001) Male suicidal behaviour 2001. [Oral Presentation], Health Services Interdisciplinary Group,, University College Cork , 02-FEB-01 - 02-FEB-01.
Cleary, A; (2000) Marginalisation, gender and health 2000. [Oral Presentation], Mental Health Perspectives Conference, UCG, Galway , 19-MAY-00 - 19-MAY-00.


Committee : Human Sciences Research Committee
Committee : Department of Children Research Ethics Committee for Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland
Committee : Department of Children Working Party on National Guidelines for Children's Research
Committee : Scientific Committee, International Association for Suicide Prevention XXIV World Congress
Committee : Executive Organising Committee, International Association for Suicide Prevention XXIV World Congress 2007
Committee : Irish Association of Suicidology
Committee : SPIRE (Suicide Prevention Information Research and Experience)Expert Research Advisory Group
Committee : UCD Ethics Committee
Committee : School of Sociology Research Committee
Committee : Heath Research Board
Committee : Health Research Board Health Services Research Funding Committee
Committee : Homeless Agency Research Projects Evaluation Committee
Committee : Health Research Board North-South Collaborative Research Projects Committee
Committee : Editorial Board, Irish Journal of Sociology
Committee : School of Sociology, Undergraduate Studies Committee
Committee : Irish Journal of Sociology


Year 1978 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BSocSc Subject: Sociology and Social Administration
Year 1985 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MSocSc Subject: Sociology
Year 2006 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject: Sociology

Other Activities

Editor: Special Edition of Irish Journal of Sociology 2005 (Masculinites).
Editor: Irish Journal of Sociology



Book Chapters

Cleary, A. (2001) 'The child, the family and disability' In: Cleary, A, Nic Ghiolla Phadraig, M. & Quin, S (eds). Understanding Children: Volume 2 Changing Experiences and Family Forms. Dublin: Oak Tree Press. [Details]
Cleary, A., Nic Ghiolla Phádraig, M., & Quin, S. (2001) 'Introduction' In: Cleary, A. Nic Ghiolla Phádraig, M. and Quin, S (eds). Understanding Children Vol. 1 State, Education and Economy. Cork: Oak Tree Press. [Details]
Cleary, A. (2001) 'Gender Differences in Mental Health' In: Cleary, A and Treacy, M (eds). The Sociology of Health and Illness in Ireland. Dublin: UCD Press. [Details]
Cleary, A. (1997) 'Madness and Mental Health in Irish Women' In: Byrne, A & Leonard, M (eds). Women and Irish Society. Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Cleary, A. (2012) 'Suicidal action, emotional expression, and the performance of masculinities'. Social Science and Medicine, 74 (4):498-505. [Details]
Cleary, A. & E.Nixon (2012) 'Early adult outcomes for Irish children with behavioural difficulties'. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 58 (6):643-651. [Details]
Canetto, S.S. & Cleary, A. (2012) 'Men, masculinities and suicidal behaviour'. Social Science and Medicine, 74 (4):461-465. [Details]
Cleary, Anne and Teresa Brannick; (2007) 'Suicide and changing values and beliefs in Ireland'. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 28 (2):82-88. [Details]
Cleary, A. Nixon, E. & Fitzgerald, M; (2007) 'Psychological health and well-being among young Irish adults'. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 24 (4):138-143. [Details]
A.Cleary; (2005) 'Death rather than disclosure: struggling to be a real man'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 14 (2):155-176. [Details]
Cleary, A (2005) 'Irish Journal of Sociology: Special Issue on Masculinities'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 14 (1):1-253. [Details]

Conference Publications

Cleary, A. (2011) Ethics and Children's Research European Child Cohort Network / European Science Foundation Conference: Surveying Children in Longitudinal Studies Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, [Details]
Cleary, A. (2011) Understanding Pathways to Suicide: A follow-up study of young men who attempted suicide American Association of Suicidology 43rd Annual Conference Portland, Oregan, , 16-APR-11 - 19-APR-11 [Details]
Cleary, A. (2006) Men, masculinities and suicide Partnerships for reducing youth suicide (IAS 5th National Conference) Kilkenny, Ireland, , 07-DEC-05 - 09-DEC-05 , pp.44-51 [Details]
Cleary, A. (2005) Changing values and beliefs in Ireland Spiritual and Ethical Issues of Suicide (10th Annual IAS conference) Armagh, , 05-OCT-05 - 07-OCT-05 [Details]
Cleary, A. (2005) Men, masculinities and suicide Partnerships for reducing youth suicide: The IAS 5th National Conference Kilkenny, Ireland, , 07-DEC-05 - 09-DEC-05 [Details]

Published Reports

Cleary, A. (2010) Young Men Who Attempt Suicide: A Follow Up Study. National Disability Authority, Dublin, Ireland. [Details]
Cleary, A., M. Corbett, M. Galvin & J. Wall (2004) Young Men on the Margins. Department of Social and Family Affairs & The Katherine Howard Foundation, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A., E. Nixon & M. Fitzgerald; (2004) From Child to Adult: A Longitudinal Study of Children and their Families. Government of Ireland/Stat Office/Department of Social and Family Affairs, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A. & S. Whelan; (1999) The Health Status of People Living in Sheltered Housing. Focus Ireland, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A. & G. Prizeman; (1999) Homelessness and Mental Health. Combat Poverty/Health Services Executive, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A.; (1996) Heath and Disability. Government of Ireland Stat Office/Department of Equality & Law Reform, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A.; (1988) A Study of the Social and Clinical Needs of Geriatric Patients. Health Service Executive/Eastern Health Board, Dublin. [Details]
Cleary, A.; (1987) The Resocialisation and Rehabilitation of Psychiatric Patients. Health Service Executive/Eastern Health Board, Dublin. [Details]


Research Interests

  • The Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Patterns of health and well being
  • Changing concepts and definitions of of health
  • Mental health
  • Socio-cultural aspects of suicidal behaviours
  • Men's health
  • Gender
  • Masculinities
  • Rural masculinities
  • Emotions
  • Changing emotional landscapes in contemporary society
  • Disability
  • Childhood and adolescence
  • Research methodologies
  • Ethics and bioethics

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : Food, Obesity and Families: Practices relating to food and body weight in Irish families
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-11 / 30-SEP-12
Sponsor : National Disability Authority (NDA)
Title : Suicidal Behaviour Amongst Young Men
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-08 / 31-JAN-10
Sponsor : Teagasc
Title : Rural Men and Suicide: Risks and Vulnerabilities
Start Date / End Date : 01-SEP-07 / 31-AUG-10


Internal Collaborators

Dr. Teresa Brannick, Business School, UCD 

External Collaborators

National collaborators
Dr. Ella Arensman, National Suicide Research Foundation, UCC, Cork.
Professor Michael Fitzgerald, Medical School, Trinity College Dublin
Dr. Elizabeth Nixon, Department of Psychiatry/Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin

International collaborators:
Professor Sara Canetto, Colorado State University, US. (Co-Editor)
Professor Margaret Alston, Monash University, Australia.
Professor Mairtin Mac an Ghaill, Birmingham University, UK.
Professor Howard Kushner, Emory University, Atlanta, US.
Dr. Chris Haywood, Newcastle University, UK.
Dr. John Oliffe, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Dr. Mensah Adinkrah, Michigan University, US.
Dr. Jonathan Scourfield, Cardiff University, UK.
Dr. Stephen Russell, University of Arizona, US